Monday Travel Hack: Marrakech, Morocco. Save up to $280

We used this travel hack last year from New York to Marrakech. Marrakech is definitely something that everyone needs to experience in their lifetime — the souks, the medina, the history, the architecture and the dichotomy with the new. It is all very interesting.  Any African destination from the United States is usually expensive — let see how we can help you save some money going to Marrakech.

A Fruit & Nut Stall in Marrakech, Morocco. Photo: austinevan, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

We used Wikipedia to look up the airlines that serve Marrakech from Europe and found Madrid was the best option to use as a base to go to Marrakech. But before we even look at flights from Madrid to Marrakech, let’s see how much it cost to fly from New York to Marrakech.

Let use a week in January as a basis of comparison. Using to do all the searches, we found that for a trip from January 12th – 19th, the lowest fare is with Iberia for $1,058.

Now using Madrid as a base. Let see what New York – Madrid & Madrid to Marrakech would cost individually. The trip to Madrid would be $617 with a connection and $665 without a connection. Let use the $665 as it saves a few hours of travel time.

Next, we use — a very good fare search engine that includes low cost carriers to see what it would cost to fly from Madrid to Marrakech.

The lowest option is $93 Roundtrip. However, we recommend the $117 option with both flights on EasyJet — which we like better than RyanAir.

All in with this simple hack, the cost is $778. A savings of $280, which can go a long way in Marrakech. In Marrakech, here’s some places we recommend:

  • Hotel: We stayed at the Riad Lotus. There are 3 of them, 2 of them in the Medina and 1 outside. Stay with the 2 inside of the medina for character.
  • Food: Outside the medina, Al Fassia Restaurant is a must. Their lamb was off the charts good! The best meal we had in Marrakech. Not cheap by Marrakech standards (approximately $40 US per person) but it was just so good.

We really recommend that you also stopover in Madrid, go have some food and see some museums. Well worth it!

Background Information:


  • Visa: US Citizens – not required.
  • Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD) – $1USD = 8 MAD


  • Visa: US Citizens – not required
  • Currency: Euros – $1USD = 0.78 Euros.

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