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The Flight Deal team loves to travel. We never have a particular destination in mind, but always are willing to pack our bags and head anywhere…if the price is right. We combine true wanderlust with our passion for practicality. In the last year we’ve taken advantage of some good deals and found ourselves exploring the islands of Stockholm, hiking the ruins of Macchu Picchu, shopping the souks of Marrakesh, and devouring tapas at La Boqueria in Barcelona.

We had long been disappointed by the various fare alert sites available on the web. Sure, they deliver us  fare sales, but we kept finding that we could cobble together amazing trips more efficiently on our own. It’s nice when a site sends an alert that a fare is cheaper by 20% compared to last week…but even at 20% off, the “deal” that is being offered still costs a lot out of pocket (i.e. $700 to Barcelona from New York). We needed a site that did more than track fares.

We asked ourselves, “When is a fare a great deal?” By breaking down a fare and assigning a price per mile traveled, we’ve established our baseline for price comparison. We will only publish fares that meet a simple criterion: 6 cents per mile or less. This means a nonstop roundtrip from New York to Barcelona should never be more than $425.

The Flight Deal experience isn’t just about inexpensive travel — it’s also about getting the most from your miles traveled. We provide tips and tricks on maximizing frequent flyer accumulation for miles traveled, web promotions, customer reward points and wise redemption of these awards.  That’s what we decided makes a deal truly great.

We look forward to sharing these truly great deals with you.


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(We apologize in advance, pitches for commercial services will likely not receive a reply from us)

-The Flight Deal Team

“Just because it’s a great fare doesn’t mean it’s a great deal”