US Airways: Free 12 Miles to Extend Mileage Expiration & A “Hit” for Grand Slam Promotion

We were concerned a few weeks ago whether or not Audience Rewards trivia miles would count as a “hit” for the US Airways Grand Slam promotion. US Airways has posted the bonus miles for the Grand Slam promotion and it is a hit. So this is an easy and free hit. It also extends your mileage expiration by 18 months.

Go here to answer for the trivia questions

  • What song from Follies contains the line “not to fetch your pills again, every day at five”? Could I Leave You?
  • What is popularly considered to be the most well known song from Porgy and Bess? Summertime
  • True or False? Avenue Q was originally conceived as a television series. True
  • To what Off Broadway theatre is Freud’s Last Session transferring to in October, 2011? New World Stages
  • True or False? The movie version of Rent featured many of the original Broadway cast members. True
  • In Voca People, what color costumes do the actors wear? White
  • Which Disney musical has had a North American tour but never performed on Broadway? High School Musical (This is a 20 miles question, which only some will see.)


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