US Airways: Grand Slam Promotion. Up to 110,000 bonus miles

US Airways is running their annual Grand Slam Promotion. What is the Grand Slam Promotion? It’s US Airways’ way of rewarding its members for using US Airways Dividend Miles partners. The promotion runs from September 14th to November 14th.

US Airways Grand Slam Promotion

Here are the rules for the promotion: Grand Slam Promotion Rules. The smallest bonus is 3,000 miles for 4 unique partner activities to 110,000 miles for 40 partner activities. Each activity is considered a hit. Get it? A hit? Baseball? Grand Slam?

It’s unlikely most of us will get to 40 partner activities or hits because it requires spending money, staying at hotels, expensive subscriptions, renting cars or have variations of the US Airways credit card. We’ll focus on getting to at least 4 hits for 3,000 bonus miles under a penny a mile. And then 8 hits for members who don’t mind spending a little money, or have other points or time to get the 10,000 miles.

Let’s get the logistics sorted:

  1. Sign up for an US Airways Dividend Miles account if you don’t have one.
  2. Register for the promotion: US Airways Grand Slam Promotion Signup

Now let’s get those partner activities for 4 hits:

  1. Download the Dividend Miles Toolbar and perform three searches to earn 1 hit. Download Toolbar Here. Cost = FREE.
  2. Shop at US Airways Dividend Miles Shopping. Link: here. The cheapest item is iTunes which we wrote about a few weeks ago. Cost = $1. If you are an Amazon addict, read our post about receiving miles with US Airways — that will also count as a hit. All merchants at the Dividend Miles Shopping count as 1 hit. So only use the Dividend Miles Shopping once for this promotion.
  3. Sign up for US Airways Dining here. Find a restaurant close to your office/home, buy lunch. Cost = $5-$10 that you would’ve spent anyways. Or spend $25 and receive a bonus 1,000 miles with a review of the restaurant. If you and your family members need to earn a hit, split the check and pay with each dining program registered credit card. If you have all your credit cards registered with other dining programs already, unregistered one and use that one for this promotion.
  4. Like Thanks Again on Facebook here, then enroll in their program (make sure you pick the US Airways one) for 100 free miles.  This will NOT last, they are up to approximately 3,500 likes and the promotion only extends to the first 10,000.

That should give you 3,000 bonus miles for basically activity that would’ve had done anyways. But assuming #2 and #3 are not things you would’ve normally done, the 3,000 miles would’ve cost you $6 – $11 or 2/10th of a cent to 4/10th of a cent to buy.

Activities that you already do or easy are done. Let’s try to go for 4 more activities for 4 more hits for 10,000 bonus miles:

  1. Use miles that you earned from above (dining, shopping via Dividend Miles Shopping, what not) and order a magazine from Mags for Miles. The cheapest is 400 miles for Cigar Aficionado. Many also available for 500. If you have US Airways miles, do this first to make sure you get the cheapest magazines! They run out fast.
  2. Buy 9v Battery for $10 all in from SkyMall – It is a rip off, but it will count as a hit. Search 9v to find it – it’s 99 cents, but SkyMall wants $7.25 for the shipping. You will receive 6 miles for this transaction in addition to being a hit. You have to use the SkyMall above to receive credit for your purchase — any other link will not work.
  3. The promotion terms and conditions has not stated whether or not the free miles from Audience Rewards Trivia Questions with US Airways count as a hit. You should do it just in case. Trivia questions here. We will provide the answers tomorrow afternoon.
  4. Use to exchange 1 mile into US Airways. Login to Points, then go to “Trade, Exchange and Buy”  then click “Get more into a Program” choose US Airways and then 1 mile. Some exchange ratios:
    1. 4 American Airlines AAdvantage Miles = 1 US Airways Mile (You have have 25,000 miles in your AA account to initiate the transfer if you do not have elite status)
    2. 2 Air Canada Aeroplan Miles = 1 US Airways Mile
    3. 3 American Express Membership Rewards points = 1 US Airways Mile
    4. 4 Alaska Air Miles = 1 US Airways Mile
    5. 4 Continental Miles = 1 US Airways Mile (You must have 10,000 miles in your Continental account to do this transfer)
    6. 3 Best Buy points -> 1 US Airways Mile
    7. There are many more partners and this transaction assumes that you have some miles to transfer. If not, read on. There are more activities that will get you at minimum 8 hits for very little money.

That should give you a total of 8 hits and 10,000 bonus miles. Total cost from the first 4 hits = $11. The next 4 hits = $10. Or $21 for 10,000 bonus miles assuming the Audience Rewards miles counts. At $21 for 10,000 miles, that’s 2/10th of a cent per mile. Two of these hits are iffy, so let’s go and add some more partner activities to guarantee at least 10,000 bonus miles.

Here’s two more hits to ensure that you will receive the 10,000 bonus miles.

  1. Bischoff – The cheapest is Anna’s Trial Size Assortment for $8.47 plus $5 shipping. You will earn 286 miles for this purchase in addition to being a hit (250 bonus miles 1st purchase + 4 miles per $ spend).
  2. E-Miles – E-Miles is a survey site that is partnered with US Airways. In order to receive a hit, you need 500 E-Miles in order to transfer them to US Airways. You get 5 miles per survey, however, new account signups can receive up to 275 miles for completing your survey. 500 – 275 = 225 miles needed before you can transfer, 225/5 = 45 surveys. Sign up now if you plan on doing this and it is a lot of work and difficult to do 45 surveys in 2 months, but it is free. If you are signing up for an account, make sure you select US Airways as the Sponsor.

Net cost of approximately $35 for 10,000 miles = 3.5/10th of a cent per mile. That’s a fantastic deal. We’ll post another article next week on this for some more inexpensive hits.


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