Delta – $541: Philadelphia – Bali, Indonesia. Roundtrip, including all Taxes

Don’t believe we have ever seen Bali on sale for this cheap that is full mileage earning from the US. At least not in the last 3 years since we been up and running.

It is never easy getting to Bali. But once there, worth it. The $730 price is for Monday through Thursday departures ($740 on ITA, but Orbitz will price it at $730 based on our checks). Friday through Sunday departures are about $60 more ($790).

Update 10/14/2014 @ 11:00AM Eastern – if you stay more than 14 days, the fare is $541. It is $760 for stays under 14 days. Thanks to Robert for this.

Rice Terraces, Bali, Indonesia - Photo: William Cho via Flickr, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Rice Terraces, Bali, Indonesia – Photo: William Cho via Flickr, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Sample Travel Date:

  • Old: November 17th – 25th
  • New: November 17th – December 2nd

Fare Availability:

  • Valid for travel for travel until November 30th and mid-January, 2015 – April, 2015. Must purchase at least 3 days in advance of departure
  • Please note that while this fare is valid at time of posting, if this post is more than two days old, the fare is likely gone.

How to Search for Availability:

  • Use ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search and use the following search criteria:
    • Departing from: PHL
    • Outbound Advanced Routing Code: atl,msp,dtw,jfk nrt tpe
    • Destination:  DPS
    • Return Advanced Routing Code: nrt tpe dtw,atl,msp,jfk
    • (Click on Advanced Routing Codes link to enable advanced routing code input)
    • (For travel after February, 2015 — on the Advanced Routing Codes, use “f? dl f?” without quotes instead)
    • Select “See calendar of lowest fares”
    • Length of stay “12-19” (This is just a sample, you can use any 7 day date range like 3-10, 7-14 etc)
    • You cannot buy tickets using ITA. To buy, follow our instructions below.
  • Beginner’s Guide on How to Use Matrix by ITA Software
  • How to Read Airfare Rules and Use It to Your Advantage

How the ITA screen should look like:

First set of ITA codes

First set of ITA codes

2nd set of codes

2nd set of codes

Fare Class:

  • V

Elite Qualifying Dollars:

  • Old: $633.20
  • New: 435.20


  • Old: PHL – DTW (Detroit) – NRT (Tokyo) – TPE (Taipei) – DPS (Bali – Denpasar) – TPE – NRT – JFK (New York) – PHL. Some segments will be operated by China Airlines under Delta flight numbers
  • New: PHL – DTW (Detroit) – NRT (Tokyo) – TPE (Taipei) – DPS (Bali – Denpasar) – TPE – NRT – DTW – PHL. Some segments will be operated by China Airlines under Delta flight numbers



Delta will be revenue based mileage earning starting January 1st, 2015. Miles will be earn base on elite qualifying dollars multiple by 5 as base level earning and up to 13 for Diamond level members who purchase with a Delta co-branded American Express credit card. We will be showing the 2015 base mileage earning for all Delta fares going forward to show how negative the changes are for a majority of Delta flyers.


  • 2014: 20,830 miles or 3.5 cents per mile.
  • 2015: 3,166 miles or a difference of 17,664 miles.


  • 2014: 21,110 miles or 2.6 cents per mile.
  • 2015: 2,176 miles or a difference of 18,924 miles.

How to Book:

  • Support us by using our Orbitz link to book with dates found on ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search. Make sure you select “Additional Search Options” and then “Narrow the search to my preferred airlines” and select Delta. If the flight options resulted back by ITA are not all Delta flight numbers but include flights on Garuda Indonesia, Korean Air or China Air, then add that carrier on Airline 2 on the “Narrow the search to my preferred airlines” with Delta being Airline 1.





  • TripAdvisor - One of the leading hotel meta-search engines. Find the lowest hotel prices from 200+ sites.

Car Rentals

  • Rental Cars - One of the world’s leading car rental agencies. Includes all the major brands like Hertz, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise etc.

Activities and Tours

  • Viator – The world's largest marketplace for destination activities and tours

Background Information:

  • Visa: US Citizens – Visa on Arrival. Other nationals, check the TIMATIC Visa Database
  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) – $1USD = 11,455 IDR

Tips for saving when using credit cards at international destinations:

For more of the latest cheap Phoenix Flight Deals:

* The Flight Deal will receive a commission if you use the Orbitz, accommodation, car rental, activities, or travel insurance affiliate links to make a booking or apply and is approved for a credit card using our link above. Thank you for your continuing support.


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Comments (32)

  • Robert 7 years ago Reply

    I received an even better price. I am traveling Feb 5-19 for the price of $566.84!

    The Flight Deal 7 years ago Reply

    @Robert – that’s even better. nice.

    maddie 7 years ago

    hey Robert could you possibly help me search the flights please? The routing codes aren’t working for me. Thank you!

    maddie 7 years ago

    nevermind i got it! thanks!

    Robert 7 years ago

    Glad you found them. I changed my dates to April to try to avoid the rainy season. The fares were the same price.

  • Just a reminder that the China Airlines segments will only earn 50% MQM and 50% RDM and no Medallion bonus miles. 19,520 MQMs is possible at $730 for 3.74cpm, but 3.4 or 3.5cpm is not possible with these CI segments.

    The Flight Deal 7 years ago Reply

    @John – actually, these are all DL coded. 100%.

  • Candice 7 years ago Reply

    I followed the instructions and ITA is saying there are no flights at all! Any ideas what might be happening?

    The Flight Deal 7 years ago Reply


    It resulted fine for us — on the advanced routing codes, did you enter:

    Outbound: atl,jfk,msp,dtw nrt tpe
    Return: tpe nrt atl,jfk,msp,dtw

    Outbound: f? dl f?
    Return: f? dl f?

    We tried both variations and it resulted fares fine.

    Candice 7 years ago

    Thanks, I tried a different browser and reloaded a bunch of times – sometimes it worked and sometimes it came out with $10,000 flights. Must be an issue at ITA.

  • Keeks 7 years ago Reply

    @The Flight Deal
    Using the exact entries you provided there are no fares available, for both you provided. Any other suggestions?

    Eric 7 years ago Reply

    Same here, Keeks. I only saw flights for $10,000.

    The Flight Deal 7 years ago

    And our other screenshot for the first set of ITA codes ITA code set 1

    The Flight Deal 7 years ago Reply

    @Keeks –
    Here’s our screen 2 for the second set of ITA codes and it also worked fine. ITA code 2

    If it is resulting nothing back and your screen looks like ours, then we do not know why.

  • Ray 7 years ago Reply

    Can I credit this flights to AS?

    The Flight Deal 7 years ago Reply

    @Ray – yes, but the flights in Asia will be non-mileage earning with AS as they are DL codeshares. The flights from US to first Asia port will earn mileage with AS.

  • Jason 7 years ago Reply

    I have spent the past several hours trying to book, but haven’t had any success. I found plenty of flights on the ITA matrix, but, despite my best efforts, haven’t been able to get one to price out on orbitz or hipmunk.

    I would love to spend a few weeks in Bali! To those who have been able to book the flight, do you have any suggestions/secrets?

    Robert 7 years ago Reply

    Jason, goto and search the fares using the “flexible” search option. The fares are still there.

    The Flight Deal 7 years ago Reply

    @Jason – we tried a bunch of dates and were able to book on Orbitz fine. Did you explicitly specific Delta as the airline as per the booking instructions?

    Jason 7 years ago

    Thanks for your help guys. I was trying to book for 30+ days leaving this month, which was showing up all over ITA as available, but nowhere on Orbitz, even with Delta or Delta and China Airlines selected. I assumed that maybe the fare had disappeared. BUT, after your replies, I shortened my stay and was able to find fares that would book. I was even able to route using Delta metal the whole way into singapore, so that I could credit the 20,000+ miles from that portion to my Alaska account. (The original China Airlines portion, even though DL coded, would not credit to AK because the flight number is not within the permitted ones)

    I really appreciate your taking the time to reply. If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t be backpacking around Bali for a few weeks. Thanks again!

    The Flight Deal 7 years ago

    @Jason – have a great time in Bali. one of our favorite places in Southeast Asia.

  • scott/joe 7 years ago Reply

    best price i can find on delta is 617. not bad, but these are LONG flights. instead of usual 30 hours, these flights are 50 hours. also 13 hour layovers. this is so tempting, i can’t stand it. i wonder how long these fares will be available.

  • James 7 years ago Reply

    I found 532 — how can I add a stopover in BKK.. I am having trouble getting that to work with dates Feb 2-Mar 26?

    The Flight Deal 7 years ago Reply

    @James – no. BKK is not a legal stopover. Seoul, Taipei are options.

  • James 7 years ago Reply

    Can you show me? I am confused adding Seoul.

    The Flight Deal 7 years ago Reply

    @James – its really manual. read our stopover guide and see if it helps. but we cannot help you on building a stopover. sometimes it takes a minute, and sometimes it takes hours to find. just not scalable for us to handle that type of particular request. sorry.

  • Lisa 7 years ago Reply

    Are Seoul and Taipei the only Asian stopover options? That’s fine, I just wanted to confirm! And with this fare, you get 1 for free, so it shouldn’t make the price go up when you enter it into multi-city? (Haven’t tried yet, but wanted to confirm in advance.) Thanks! 🙂

    The Flight Deal 7 years ago Reply

    @Lisa – free stopovers means the base fare won’t increase. you will pay additional taxes and fees (like immigration fees etc) for entering a new country (depending on the country, it can be a few dollars to hundreds of dollars). the taxes in asia are usually very reasonable — but if its the UK for example, can be hundreds of dollars.

    Lisa 7 years ago

    Thanks, that makes sense!

  • James 7 years ago Reply

    Whenever I tried to do the stopover, the rate shot up to above $800. On ITA the two dates showed as the same rate, so technically it should only charged me added taxes, right?

    The Flight Deal 7 years ago Reply

    @James – plug those dates into ITA with the stopover and see how its pricing it. with the stopover in Seoul or Taipei, should be around $600 vs 800.

  • M 7 years ago Reply

    Just booked this as of this post and its still live! $538. stop over in korea for a day was only $30 more and that changed the icn to dps flight to korea air instead of GA

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