Malaysia Air (Operated by Cathay Pacific) – Starting at $548: San Francisco / San Diego / Portland / Seattle / Las Vegas – Hong Kong. Roundtrip, including all Taxes

Update 8/23/2014 @ 5:00AM Eastern – Persistence pays off. See reader Jennifer’s positive outcome.

Update 8/20/2014 @ 11:45PM Eastern – if you flights or segments are being canceled and its not what you were ticketed, you can file a complaint with the DOT here:

Update 8/18/2014 @ 10:25AM Eastern – FARE GONE.

Update 8/18/2014 @ 3:40PM Eastern – re: whether Malaysia and Cathay Pacific codesharing these flights. Per, these are scheduled to begin on September 1st (thanks Will for the codesharing info). So take our advice — be patient.  And as to whether or not you can trust’s info, we have found them to be very reliable.

Update 8/16/2014 @ 12:15AM Eastern – please do not call. If you want to confirm that your reservation is active, go to the site (Malaysia Air’s mobile site — copy and paste it). You cannot get a seat assignment with Cathay unless you are an Oneworld elite until 48 hours before the flight- there’s no point in calling them.

Update 8/17/2014 @ 3:25AM Eastern – our advice with deals like these is to wait. Wait and see what happens before booking any thing that requires a pre-payment.

Now $548 nonstop service to Hong Kong – cheap! You will be flying with Cathay Pacific — just the flight number will be Malaysia Air.

Update 8/14/2014 @ 5:10PM Eastern – This ticket allows you to combine it from other departure cities. For example, if you start from San Diego, it’s $562 when you just plug in the dates on CheapTickets.

Here’s what we found on CheapTickets:

  • San Diego [SAN] – $562
  • Portland [PDX] – $616
  • Seattle [SEA] – $572
  • Sacramento [SMF] – $742
  • Las Vegas [LAS] – $562
  • Salt Lake City [SLC] – $707

Los Angeles can be had for under $700 — but with the amount of sales from LA to Hong Kong lately, we think you should just wait for a full mileage earning fare. If you start in the cities above, the domestic segments can be operated by American, US Airways or Alaska.

(For these cities, ITA is not going to show the price, since availability is wide open, just go to CheapTickets and plug in your dates from departure city from September – October. We did not explicitly specify any airline when doing these searches on CheapTickets).

CheapTickets has a risk free 24 hour cancellation policy. Buy, then plan. This isn’t going to last.

Update 8/14/2014 @ 6:00PM Eastern – these are codeshare flights. What this means is that Malaysia Air is selling you the ticket under their flight numbers. However, its partner Cathay Pacific will be flying you across the Pacific as Malaysia Air does not fly between the United States and Asia. Here’s wikipedia entry on codeshare if you like more info.

Update 8/15/2014 @ 2:40AM Eastern – Booking via Firefox or Chrome seems best. We had reports of issues with Safari — just as an FYI if you are running into issues.

Update 8/15/2014 @ 4:30PM Eastern – try to view your reservation on the Malaysia Air site. That’s their mobile site — works on any desktop browser too. Copy and paste the URL.

H/T: bdawg4snow and calhk on FlyerTalk

Hong Kong at Night from Victoria Peak  Photo:Trodel, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Hong Kong at Night from Victoria Peak Photo:Trodel, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Sample Travel Date:

  • September 1st – 8th

Fare Availability:

  • Valid for travel from September – October 25th. Must purchase — this isn’t going to last, so NOW!

How to Search for Availability:

Fare Class:

  • S


  • SFO -HKG (Hong Kong) – SFO. These flights will be operated by Cathay Pacific with Malaysia Airlines flight numbers. If you are flying from other cities, the segments within the United States will be operated by American, US Airways or Alaska Air.



  • 13,830 miles or 4.0 cents per mile. Malaysia Airlines is a member of the Oneworld Alliance and American and US Airways partner. This fare will earn 50% mileage with both American and US Airways

How to Book:

  • Support us by using our CheapTickets link to book with dates found on ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search.



  • TripAdvisor - One of the leading hotel meta-search engines. Find the lowest hotel prices from 200+ sites.

Car Rentals

  • Rental Cars - One of the world’s leading car rental agencies. Includes all the major brands like Hertz, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise etc.

Activities and Tours

  • Viator – The world's largest marketplace for destination activities and tours

Background Information:

  • Visa: US Citizens – Not required. Other nationals, check the TIMATIC Visa Database
  • Currency: Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). $1USD = 7.8 HKD

Tips for saving when using credit cards at international destinations:

For more of the latest cheap Seattle Flight Deals:

For more of the latest cheap Portland Flight Deals:

For more of the latest cheap San Francisco / Bay Area Flight Deals:

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Comments (304)

  • Michael Wu 9 years ago Reply

    I managed to get $532 from SFO, maybe I got lucky with dates! The next cheapest was about $548 though

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Michael – awesome. have a great trip.

    Vic 9 years ago

    Are you able to confirm the booking with CX?

    Vic 9 years ago Reply

    Are you able to confirm the booking with CX?

  • David 9 years ago Reply

    ITA shows that there are available tickets for my dates. But when I tried to purchase the ticket on CheapTickets, I couldn’t find that ticket. :/

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @David – departing from? dates?

    David 9 years ago

    Sep 18-24

    David 9 years ago

    I tried to search +/- 3 days on cheap tickets. They show $548 on the chart. Yet, when I clicked the price, it showed that the ticket is not available.

    David 9 years ago

    Departing from SFO.

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago

    @David – sending you an email.

  • jack 9 years ago Reply

    I am having the same problem. Shows not flights after clicking chart.

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @jack – if you are on safari, switch to chrome or firefox.

  • Erik 9 years ago Reply

    Can’t seem to take advantage of a stopover either in SGN or MNL. I see the SFO-HKG price at 548 though still!

  • Shawn 9 years ago Reply

    Great deal! I’m trying to get the right times on this flight and I see it on Matrix, but it’s not showing up on cheaptickets!

    Can you help me? SFO-HKG, 10/3 (Dep: 1:00AM), 10/19 (Dep: 2:10PM)

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Shawn – works fine for us on Firefox and Chrome. Please try it with that.

  • Lillian 9 years ago Reply

    I got the ticket yesterday but I called CX to confirm – they are not able to pull up the passenger’s info. So I call Malaysia airlines, they were able to pull it up, but they advised me to call to ask them to give me a Record Locator and provide that to CX to check the reservation. I called and they called Malaysia Airlines again, and this time, MH said “the flight has been canceled” and told to give me refund back. I am not sure what went wrong – but it sounded like it was a false advertisement on MH’s part – that these tickets do not actually exist!

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Lillian — as we said to you on Facebook, be patient. what’s the rush?

    gus 9 years ago Reply

    Thanks for calling to kill the deal. STUPID!

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago

    @gus – no need for name calling. lets keep it civil.

    Ed 9 years ago

    While I agree that civility is in order here, it’s worth pointing out that the “do not call the airlines” warnings plastered ALL OVER the FlyerTalk forums (where this deal came from) are nowhere to be found in this article.

    Maybe TheFlightDeal should consider including similar caveats in its posts, so that it can educate its non-FlyerTalk following readers about the etiquette expected when fares that are likely mistakes, fuel dumps, etc.

    Antonio 9 years ago

    Why do we always have to be so preoccupied with not pointing out stupidity because it might offend someone? Its posted EVERYWHERE on the forums where this stuff is reported. If people aren’t willing or can’t follow simple directions, then they shouldn’t be looking for these kind of deals. If they can’t control their impulses or can’t handle the “stress” that they need 5 forms of reassurance when booking, then stick to going to the airline’s site and booking at whatever price they post. Too much allowance for people’s stupidity, laziness, and selfish behavior. Nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade.

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago

    @Antonio – we have no problem with calling out someone on anything. let’s just no use words like retarded etc.

    Vic 9 years ago

    I got the ticket confirmation from MH, but CX does not have any record when I called to confirm,. Shall I just wait and what is going on? Anyone please explain it to me.

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago

    @Vic – just wait

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago

    @Ed – updated.

    gus 9 years ago

    How about lets keep the deal alive? I think that is a better goal!

    Ed 9 years ago

    @Gus: Is there anything that I said that leads you to believe that I don’t share that goal (keeping the deal alive)?

    Goals require strategies if they’re ever going to move from fantasy to reality. While some may prefer to “cry over spilled milk”, others look at problems and ask “what can we do to fix/improve the situation so that the desired outcome is more likely to take place in the future?”

    Kudos to TheFlightDeal for adding “do not call” instructions to this post. Hopefully in the future, similar deals will be listed with a warning the moment they are posted.

    Frankly, I’d like to see the note go a step further and briefly explain WHY a one shouldn’t call the airlines until the deal is dead; people are more likely to follow instructions when they understand what’s at stake–both for themselves and for the entire deal-finder community.

  • DPATCHSF 9 years ago Reply


    First,thanks for the great deal!

    Has anyone been able to schedule a stopover?

    All of the stopovers I’ve pulled up costs $300++


  • Susanna 9 years ago Reply

    I just purchased my tickets SFO-HKG. I’m still a bit wary… So the confirmation details only list the Malaysia Airline flight and confirmation number, but nothing about Cathay Pacific was mentioned. Will I be checking in with Malaysia or Pacific? Also, I was only able to choose seat preference and not an actual seat. Does anyone know any information regarding my two concerns?

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Susanna – Malaysia Air does not fly between the US and Asia. These flights are on Cathay Pacific — they are partners. You will be checking in at the Cathay Pacific counter. As for seats, Cathay Pacific does not assign seats until 48 hour prior to departure unless you have status with an Oneworld airline (American, US Airways etc).

    Antonio 9 years ago

    I will say i didn’t know you could get seats earlier than 48 hrs with cx if you are elite ow. Being new to ow myself, i am curious how that works.

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago

    @Antonio – if your ff# is attached the reservation, they’ll know if you are elite or not. and based on that, they will be able to assign a seat moe than 48 hours out. otherwise, you pay.

    Antonio 9 years ago

    Yeah but without a CX PNR I don’t see any way you could actually get seats assigned. MH PNR is useless and everything indicates MH only, even though it is obviously CX metal. Elite number in original booking or not, I don’t know any way you could get CX to assign you seats without a CX record locator, even as a OW Emerald.

  • Jenny 9 years ago Reply


    How do you add a stopover with this deal? I’d like to do this route SEA->Tokyo (or Taipei) ->HK ->SEA


    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Jenny – that isn’t possible as Malaysia Airlines partners (JAL, Cathay, and American) does not have that routing. While the fare rule permit stopover, it does not necessarily exist. We believe the only stopovers are in the US (e.g., SFO)

  • jerry 9 years ago Reply

    can you helps to find yyz-sfo-hkg or nyc-sfo-hkg

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Jerry – the prices from the east coast are no better than a normal hkg sale from the east coast. we recommend that you just wait for one.

  • anita 9 years ago Reply

    just to be clear. i am buying my tickets with malaysia airline, but i am flying in the air with cathay pacific?

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Anita – yes. you will be flying with Cathay Pacific. If you are departing from SFO, you checkin with Cathay. Other cities, depending on who is taking you to San Francisco (American, US Airways, Alaska). In Hong Kong, you check in with Cathay Pacific. At no point will you be flying with Malaysia for these itineraries.

  • Amy 9 years ago Reply

    Can anyone confirm that these tickets are real? I bought three this morning (two from 10/2 – 10/9 and one from 10/2 – 10/8) through cheaptickets and got the Malaysia Airlines record locator #. However, when I put the record # on the Malaysia Airlines website, they can’t find my reservation.

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Amy – check on (its their mobile site — copy and paste it) per the post.

  • Vic 9 years ago Reply

    Can someone please explain why CX does not have record when I call to confirm?

  • Vic 9 years ago Reply

    I called CX, they said SFOHKG flights are not codeshared with MH. Why MH uses its flight number, it’s should be CX flight number. Anyone can explain?

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Vic – be patient.

  • Sarah 9 years ago Reply

    I’m actually from NYC. Do you think it’s worthwhile to book at this price and then just try to find a cheap NYC~SFO flight later? TIA.

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Sarah – you should wait for a sale from NY.

    Sarah 9 years ago

    Thanks. I shall wait then and continue to monitor your daily deals in the mean time, hopefully a NYC to HKG will pop up soon. Thanks again.

  • Philip 9 years ago Reply

    My friend work in cx (sf base) , He said the ticket will not work. because cx is not code share flight with mh in San Francisco. I booked the tickets and He couldn’t find my name in the system.

    Vic 9 years ago Reply

    Everyone who booked the ticket face the same problem. If it’s operated by CX, we should be able to find our info in CX system, otherwise, how can we check-in to CX flight? Looks like something is wrong.

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    Is there a chance the codeshare is a new thing starting September?

  • Susanna 9 years ago Reply

    I was able to plug in my booking reference number on the malyasia airline site after booking, and my itinerary showed up. However, I did it again today, and it said that there is no reservations to be found. What may be the problem here? I don’t want to book a hotel yet until I’m certain that my plane tickets are solid. Thanks!

  • SH 9 years ago Reply

    I was able to book the ticket yesterday but received an email from Cheaptickets this morning that they have cancelled my reservation. They said, “”We regret to inform you that, due to limited availability, the airline was not able to confirm the flights you requested. As a result, no tickets have been issued for this trip and we have reversed any credit card charges.”

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    Did you ever get an e-mail with eticket numbers or just the first email that says “Flight Booking Request”? The second one I got with eticket numbers and a record locator says “Flight Confirmation”.

  • Missha 9 years ago Reply

    I am new to miles. Is it better to use my miles for a flight from LA to HKG or jump on this deal?

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    I would jump on this deal rather than using miles. I like to save my miles for high season or when fares are usually higher. This is a deal and the value of the miles you would be spending on this leg with the price it’s available at wouldn’t be wise.

  • Missha 9 years ago Reply

    Also, how does a “full mileage earning fare” differ from the above deal

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    Full mileage earning fare would usually mean a more expensive ticket. It means you would get 100%+ of the miles flown with the fare you are paying.

  • Rick 9 years ago Reply

    SAN to HKG leaving Oct 15 and returning Oct 28 is $715pp. How are you getting $562? Have to fly on certain days?

  • Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    I bought yesterday….SFO to HKG, depart SFO 9/3, return 9/23. $548.10 per person .

    I got two confirmation e-mails from; I got a request for booking e-mail and then 5 minutes later got a Flight Confirmation with eticket numbers and a record locator for MH. I plan on spending some time in HKG but also using it as a gateway to Thailand and Cambodia. I’ll need to book everything else like flights to Thailand and accommodations there + Cambodia but I’m nervous after reading someone had their tickets canceled/refunded, etc. but don’t want to break the first rule of these deals by calling.

    My info shows up on the MH mobile website with the same e-ticket numbers. Does this mean it’s pretty solid and I’m good to book everything else? Super nervous! Thanks.

  • Vic 9 years ago Reply

    Does anyone who booked the ticket is able to confirm with CX? If we are not able to find our name in CX system, how can we check-in to their flight?

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    Don’t forget it’s the weekend in Hong Kong and Malaysia. They don’t run 24 hour reservation offices like we do Stateside. It may be that the information just isn’t updated/synced or whatever the proper terminology is…I know it’s hard but we should just be patient. I suppose the fact that we have e-ticket numbers and reference numbers are a good thing.

  • LILIAN 9 years ago Reply

    I called Malaysian Airlines and Cathay Pacific and asked for supervisors. They both know of the error and all tickets will be cancelled. They said to go to your booking agent for refund.

    Idiot named lillian 9 years ago Reply

    Lillian is an idiot

    call a spade a spade


    Stupid is as Stupid does

    Geoff 9 years ago Reply

    Are you the same Lillian as above? If so you are either a troll or just thick headed to not heed the advice given by numerous posters above. Actions like yours just hurt TFD in the long run by pushing these types of tickets further underground so people like yourself can’t find them. Please wise up and stop being so selfish, you’re taking a risk booking these flight so be prepared to accept that – it’s just like gambling.

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    SMH. Red text and warnings mean nothing, I guess! Well, there’s always this.

    Gus 9 years ago Reply

    Lillian, it’s people like you that make these deals harder and harder to find. Cheap flight deals are a gamble and they generally come about by an error in the airline systems. I have flown loads of such tickets. Round the World for $250, New York to Australia for $130 in Business Class, and Philly to LA for $14 in First Class. Want to know why people don’t hear about all these tricks? It’s because idiots like you would kill them by calling.

    I hope they cancel your ticket now actually.

    Have a great day knowing you helped kill a fare.

    LILIAN 9 years ago

    Well the flights were never to able available from what they told me. Why let cheaptickets to keep hold of your money for no reason. I have better things to do with my money than let someone else hold it interest free.

    gus 9 years ago

    Jeez some people just don’t learn, you really are stupid. The agent is feeding you bullshit. If you have a booking reference then you have a ticket and you are flying. It may take a fight but argue that when you need to. Calling them just gives them the chance to cancel it immediately and in their minds before you have made nonrefundable travel plans.


    Jennifer 9 years ago

    Based on DOT laws, if your credit card has been charged and/or you have received confirmation of the flights and the ticket, they must honor it. Being that the reservations all come up when you look on the MH website, this further confirms it. Cancellations by the airline(s) not allowed, price change not allowed. In this case, even if they say the flights did not exist, I believe they will still be upheld to get you tickets/that itinerary at that price with Cathay metal whether it be they buy the ticket and we cover the first $550 or so or we buy it and they reimburse.

    We could argue that Malaysia Air was not actually selling these tickets directly to us, did and they made the error. However, upon purchasing the tickets from cheaptickets, Malaysia Air confirmed these tickets and issued e-ticket numbers and PNR numbers which would have made them negligent.

    I think we may have something here. I’m about 2 weeks out from my outbound trip. I’m assuming that I won’t be flying but I’m darn sure that I’m going to argue for a ticket to HKG at that price with Cathay Pacific whether it is then or later on. I think canceling on your own and asking for a refund would be a shame. Assuming you booked on your credit card, you should also have a grace period to work with until you actually have to “pay” it unless you have low credit available and it is eating that up by holding a balance.

    Idiot named lillian 9 years ago

    Lillian You are a certified retard

    Maybe I’ll just call you Mo for short

    How much interest are you losing on <$600 bucks?

    Not only are you a complete moron (aka Mo) about these tickets, you are a complete financial idiot as well

    Mo, I hope you get to your destination and then you find out they are cancelled and you get stranded

    now that would be justice

  • David 9 years ago Reply

    seriously, can people just stop calling?

    Vic 9 years ago Reply

    The airline should have fix the issue if it’s a mistake in pricing, but Cheapticket still offers $550 flight as of thoday (8/17/)

    Most the people calling the airline to confirm because we all have our travel plan. No one wants to gamble on it and find out we could not travel at the last minute.

    I strongly encourage people to call the airlines to find out what is going on and share in this forum.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    If what Lilian is saying is correct it is not so much a pricing error as it is the flight doesn’t actually exist. I guess the flight DOES exist since CX flies from SFO to HKG but the actual codeshare may not actually exist or something. Anyway please read my above comment regarding what we may have to use as support for our “case”.

    gus 9 years ago

    I strongly suggest that you are also an idiot. If you can’t handle a gamble then DO NOT book these cheap tickets. These are always a gamble and you may be uncertain for a few days but once the deal is dead and if your ticket is still there then you are 100% flying. If there is issues showing up then you contact the airlines and threaten to take action against them. Either way you calm the fuck down now and you will fly later.

    Call now and you are just a douchebag killing the deal for everyone. I hope you never find another amazing mistake deal again. Flyertalkers will just take the deals even more underground than they already are.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    I strongly agree with your sentiment.

    Vic 9 years ago

    A great deal is something that is valid and proven, NOT taking advantages of pricing error. If so, I would choose to be an idiot rather than a cheater like you.

    If it is pricing error, most airlines void the bookings, even some might honor, we should not risk our vacation plan for a few hundreds.

    Gus 9 years ago

    Airlines honour pricing errors more often than not! I flew Boston to Sydney to Pholadelphia in Business Class the entire way for only $128 and it was honored. Don’t try and tell me that wasn’t a pricing mistake!

    LILIAN 9 years ago

    It is not a pricing error from what I was told. They said it was an error in the computer systems and cheaptickets also improperly made these nonexistent flights available.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    Clearly, you have no idea what your rights are that DOT has worked so hard to ensure that you have as a consumer. Price mistakes must be honored as set forth by DOT. This is the law and any airline operating within the United States must abide by it. Call it taking advantage or cheating but the DOT supports the consumer on this.

    The above has also been valid and proven. Examples have been made (e.g., fares that were issued in error) in the past and all the airlines have had to abide by honoring it. It’s either that or a huge penalty in the tens of thousands. An idiot can tell you the decision is easy–go with the solution that will cost your company less money.

    The same does not go for airlines operating outside of the US. What other countries choose to do for their consumers is up to them but as a carrier operating and dropping/picking up passengers in the US, they agree to these regulations and rules in exchange to be allowed to provide service here. The DOT didn’t just spring this on them–they know this.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    Cheaptickets puts the tickets up for sale based on what MH tells them to. When it is bought, the tickets are confirmed and issued by MH so the party to blame here is MH, not cheaptickets if anything is wrong. The fact that it is showing as valid on the website proves they have dropped the ball if you have spoken to them and they said it is invalid.

    There are still regulations in place for issuance of tickets; you can’t just say oops sorry. It’s not that simple and easy, lucky for us.

    Gus 9 years ago

    Fuck off Lillian. You are an absolute idiot. You can’t listen to the helpful advice given here so I hope your flight is canceled and you don’t get to go, even better if you lose out on prebooked hotels.

    Just fuck you!

    Vic 9 years ago

    @GUS, be polite, Lilian just share the info she got. Wish you luck if you did book the flight!

  • Lee Tong 9 years ago Reply

    Go away Lilian!

  • aria 9 years ago Reply

    It looks like Cheaptickets pulled the fare.

  • rockanh 9 years ago Reply

    Unable to find the fares on Cheaptickets, but they still appear in ITA Matrix Search. I’m assuming the fare has been fixed.

  • Vic 9 years ago Reply

    UPDATES: this is an invalid ticket from MH. Don’t wait till you check-in at CX counter and get rejected.

    MH does not codeshare with CX on these routes. The ticket number is from MH flight which does not exist and CX will not honor that ticket.

    Good luck to you if you don’t take any action and MH does not cancel you ticket!!!!

    Will 9 years ago Reply

    MH doesn’t codeshare with CX on the routes yet. MH begins codesharing with CX on 1 September. I have a hard time believing that either (a) MH would cancel these tickets knowing full well about previous airlines’ experiences with DOT 399.88a or (b) MH would cancel a codesharing agreement outright with CX to get out of honoring these fares.

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago

    Here’s the update on Malaysia and Cathay Pacific codeshares from the United States to Hong Kong scheduled to begin on September 1st.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    This is helpful, thanks.

    Wouldn’t CX technically still have visibility to the reservation system or reference numbers with the MH code share passengers and the code share info now even though it hasn’t started yet?

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    Same with MH…they should see a valid flight instead of telling Lilian it isn’t valid. Just because it hasn’t started means they don’t have visibility would be silly.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    Thank you to you and TFD. The question is when we will get confirmation on the flight from CX’s end or when they will be able to see us in their system as passengers. Hopefully not 9/1!

    I need to make plans for the rest of the trip then. Think I should just go ahead?

    gus 9 years ago Reply

    Great another fucking idiot. Fuck off douchebag!

    Will 9 years ago

    Did you even read what I wrote? I’m just providing some context around the codeshare agreement and said that MH would probably NOT do something stupid like canceling the tickets. Learn to read before insulting people.

    Gus 9 years ago

    I am clearly insulting Vic. Your info is helpful. Vic is just an idiot.

    Jay 9 years ago

    Thanks for the info Will, let’s hope its true.

    I think Vic and Lilian are either the same person or married to each other

  • Faith 9 years ago Reply

    Does fare gone mean that they cancelled everything? Or just sold out. Or removed that specific pricing?

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Faith – fare gone means it is not bookable at the price anymore.

  • John 9 years ago Reply

    Has anyone checked their ticket on today? I still see my booking and flight number but my e-ticket number is gone now.

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply


    My eticket numbers are gone as well. Only shows passenger name, record locator, and outbound SFO-HKG itinerary now, no inbound HKG-SFO. I took a screen shot of it with everything before, thankfully.

  • WM 9 years ago Reply called and informed my husband that our flights is cancelled because Malaysian airlines cancelled our flights ! we never called or anything, was just patiently waiting, and even have a record locator number from malaysian airline. What should we do? do we have any rights? please help.

    Rob 9 years ago Reply

    Yes they are required to honor it since you were charged and a ticket was issued. You may file a complaint here:

    John 9 years ago

    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for the info above. Might need to do that to secure my tickets. Luckily I’m flying in mid October so I still have time to take care of this before it’s too late.

    Faith 9 years ago

    Did everyone get the cancellation call? I have you to get it, but I assume my flight will be cancelled as well. Should I preemptively file a complaint?

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    Nothing yet.

    John 9 years ago

    Nothing for me either

  • Brian 9 years ago Reply

    I also rechecked today and the e-ticket # is gone but the PNR is still there. The return segment is gone as well from the flight information below the PNR.

    I did retain the original page from showing e-ticket/PNR numbers as well as the cheaptickets confirmation. I guess we need to wait to see what happens.

    CHARLIE 9 years ago Reply

    The same thing happened to me. I wonder if the price was meant for a one way ticket so they are just canceling all of our return tickets?

    Gus 9 years ago

    A one way ticket to Hong Kong would be more expensive than the standard one way fare so that is certainly not the case. I think MH is just once again proving how badly they handle stressful situations.

    CHARLIE 9 years ago

    I see, I guess we’ll just have to be patient…

  • Candy 9 years ago Reply

    Is the deal from SFO to HK still available in Sept?

  • Anthony 9 years ago Reply

    My flight at flymas.movi was showing the whole flight, but last night it kept returning an error and saying the record number wasn’t valid. This morning my account was finally charged and I checked the status again on the mobile site. The trip shows up again, but as someone else mentioned, the return flight from HKG to LAX is missing.

  • Emma 9 years ago Reply

    Yeah…. my e-ticket number is gone too… and the inbound flight from HK to SFO is gone too.. so sad!

    David 9 years ago Reply

    When I check on AA, through which I was flying one leg of the itinerary…. the whole trip shows up. When I booked my trip on Cheaptickets I added my AA ff number. and when I look at my aa account every segment is there….

  • Ralph Unger 9 years ago Reply

    CheapTickets informs that the flight has been cancelled due to “Fare Filing Issue.” Cheaptickets continues to ask me to accept a refund. First Yvonne offered this, then Sandy, a supervisor offered $200 credit from CheapTickets and the refund.

    My ticket was confirmed, booked, and my card was charged. Now CheapTickets is saying that Malaysian airlines never confirmed the flight. But they charged my card.

    I am not going to agree to a refund. CheapTickets and/or Malaysian Airlines needs to honor this fare of ~$560 from SFO-HKO-SFO that they advertised, that I purchased, and that they confirmed.

    Faith 9 years ago Reply

    At least you got the offer of a credit. I’m definitely going to have to push for that myself. I spoke with someone at cheaptickets for over an hour (inclusive of them calling malaysia airlines and speaking to 3 different people there) and it sounds like Malaysia airlines told them to rebook my flight from SFO-HKG on their end. In theory I would’ve been able to have my flight rebooked due to their “schedule change” but because they seem to never have been planning on starting flights from SFO-HKG they do not consider themselves responsible for this issue and do not compensate on their end. So Malaysia airlines is going to claim that they can’t honor this fare because they don’t have any flights to honor it on.


    My plans are to definitely file a complaint as well as try to get a credit from cheaptickets at the least. We are allowed to argue this point until the day of flight before refund is no longer able to be requested.

    David 9 years ago Reply

    Did they contact you or did you contact them? I haven’t heard anything with regards to my tickets.

    Doug 9 years ago Reply

    What date and time did you book your tickets?

  • Wii 9 years ago Reply

    So for those of us who purchased the tickets, got charged on cc (transactions posted), received email confirmation from cheaptickets regarding the flights, etc., but have NOT been contacted by cheaptickets regarding this issue – would you suggest we sit tight untill after Sept 1 to see what happens? Theoretically – if we haven’t contacted Malaysia airlines or used their mobile site, we wouldn’t have known that our eticket numbers are removed and the leg from HKG back to USA was gone. Unless we are reading this forum, we wouldn’t have known this. It seems too early to file a complain since we haven’t even been informed that the ticket has been cancelled or changed.

    Susanna 9 years ago Reply

    They will be sending out the notification emails soon. I called and they said ALL flights to HKG by Malaysia Airline will be CANCELLED.

    WESLEY 9 years ago

    @SUSANNA: Did you call or MH?

  • David 9 years ago Reply

    I just received a call from cheaptickets informing me that they have to cancel my ticket. And they offered a refund or a rebook of the ticket with them or MH. Since I was at work, I wasn’t able to talk to the representative for too long. Prior to receiving this call, I already had filed a complaint to DOT. And I just received an email regarding the case, and they said that they would continue to investigate it. I read some reviews online saying that the staff from cheaptickets aren’t that helpful. Should I continue to talk to cheaptickets before I receive any further reply from DOT?and is there anything else I can do at this point?

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    Make them rebook for you at no additional cost to you. Don’t let them negotiate out of that one. Tell them no refund. You booked, you received confirmation with booking reference numbers and eticket numbers. Tell them they need to fix it and that if it was an error it is their fault and they need to make it right.

    Doug 9 years ago Reply

    I’m curious when did you book? A lot of people booked tickets, but I’ve only seen a handful or reports of cancellations.

  • Wii 9 years ago Reply

    Was anyone able to rebook flights with no additional cost?

  • G 9 years ago Reply

    Got the call and email from cheaptickets telling me that my tickets have been cancelled. I told them I will not accept a refund and asked the cheaptickets rep to find that fare and flight for me in accordance with DOT law (as I have been charged, have a record locator #, and have airline ticket confirmation #).

    Basically have the same as you Jennifer.

    I’ve filed complaints through DOT and am awaiting next steps from the cheaptickets rep. Any thoughts on what I should do next?

    Also – fairly new to this, what does PNR mean? Thanks.

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @G – PNR = Passenger Name Record. Basically record locator. Its more important to have the 13 digit ticket number. As for what to do next, your option now is to wait for resolution since you have already filed with the DOT

    Doug 9 years ago

    Tip: The site showed my ticket number initially but they later removed it. But I did find the ticket number on the charge to my American Express card, it’s in the billing details.

    G 9 years ago

    Thanks – I do have the 13 digit ticket number. What is the common experience working with DOT?

    Does DOT have the authority to force MH/CX to honor these tickets?

    Should we be working with cheaptickets at all?

  • Peter 9 years ago Reply

    Cheaptickets just cancelled my family’s(3 of us) flight from SFO to HKG on Labor Day…does anyone have any idea of what to do? We already refused to accept the refund because everything is already booked/scheduled for our trip and I just pay earlier this week to get my visa for China..

    Flights from LAX/SFO to HKG/CAN are about $300 more per person, and paying an additional $900 is just out of the question. We also don’t mind the layovers as long as they aren’t for more than a couple of hours.

    We already filed a complaint with the DOT…do I just wait for their replay? I am total lost now.

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Peter – since you already filed with the DOT — its just waiting for resolution now.

    Peter 9 years ago

    @theflightdeal – Thanks for your reply, I’m just worried because there’s only 6 business days left to resolve the issue and the ticket prices will only go higher and higher.

    WESLEY 9 years ago

    @PETER, are you waiting for Cheapticket or DOT to resolve the issue?

    Peter 9 years ago

    @Wesley – I’m waiting for the DOT to resolve it because there is nothing that Cheaptickets or Malaysia airline can do right now. We keep going around in circles….

    Doug 9 years ago Reply

    Unlikely you’ll get a resolution from a bureaucracy like DOT a week after you file a complaint.

    Hopefully you can cancel the other accommodations you booked for this trip. For the visa, I would see if you can place a hold on it so you can use it in the future for the next time you do visit China.

    Peter 9 years ago

    @Doug – Yeah, I don’t even know what to do anymore since people are saying that it takes 45 days to get a refund…We are going to call the credit card company tomorrow to see if they can help us with a resolution or to at least get the refund back in a more reasonable time. This is turning into a nightmare. I should of questioned myself again when the offer looked too good to be true.

    Doug 9 years ago

    It was certainly a worth a try, while your flight may be canceled in the short term, I think in the long term CheapTickets or MA will pay for violating DOT regulations by not honoring this transaction.

    If they have canceled the flights, I see no reason you would need to pay for that item on your credit card bill since you did not receive what you paid for. 45 days for a refund is ridiculous.

  • H 9 years ago Reply

    Malaysia Airline pulled a fast one on us. Charged all our credit cards but it takes 45 days for the full refund. Basically borrowing money for us

    cw 9 years ago Reply

    @H: Sounds like you are agreed for the refund, if that’s the case, just contact your credit card company instead, file a dispute, you may receive your credit within 10 days.

  • WESLEY 9 years ago Reply

    Anyone please share your resolution with or DOT reply regarding cancelled tickets. I would like to know how should I handle it if I got a call from Thank you!

  • James 9 years ago Reply

    I also received a call from cheaptix. I refused their full refund offer and I am on the phone with them now. They are trying to conference me through to Malaysian Airlines to find an itinerary for me. If there is no resolution, I will just refuse their offer and wait. Their codeshare agreement with Cathay is starting on Sep 1. I do not think they can/will cancel their agreement due to this flop. My best guess is that they are trying to get as many people to accept a full refund now, before the flights are actually put into the system. This way, they can try to avoid the “raising the price” DOT violation when the flight is not “cancelled”.

    I suggest everyone to just wait and refuse their offers and wait. According to, the codeshare flights will be available in booking systems soon. By that time, they cannot claim the flights are “cancelled”.

    Doug 9 years ago Reply

    So there was actually a choice in your case? It seems they just told people they would be canceling their flights from the other reports.

    WM 9 years ago

    Yes, that’s what cheapticket rep will try to do to you. They will just call and “inform” you that the tickets has been cancelled by Malaysia Airline and there’s nothing they can do. They will not be taking any responsibility or assist / direct you to anyone else. My husband unfortunately just accepted the refund so we got the refund right away. So def refuse the refund and don’t buy into what cheaptickets rep tells you, but do filed a complaint !!!

  • WM 9 years ago Reply

    So I did filed a complaint with DOT and received the below email, FYI

    “Thank you for your correspondence regarding the reservation you made with Cheaptickets for travel on Malaysia Airlines.

    We are investigating the circumstances you described. If you have evidence that your credit card was charged, please send us this information as soon as possible. Please note that an itinerary or “confirmation for reservation” is not evidence that your credit card was charged.

    We will forward your complaint to the airline and will ask the company to respond directly to you. If you need to contact our analyst assigned to your case, you may leave a telephone message on our Aviation Consumer line at 202-366-2220. Please include your name and case number (see above). We will make every effort to reply to your message within one business day.

    We have entered your complaint in our computerized industry monitoring system, and it will be counted among the number of complaints filed against this airline in our monthly Air Travel Consumer Report. This report allows consumers and air travel companies to compare the complaint records of individual airlines and tour operators. The data in this report also serve as a basis for rulemaking, legislation and research. Consumer information for air travelers, including the Air Travel Consumer Report and our pamphlet Fly-Rights, a Consumer’s Guide to Air Travel, can be found on our website, Thank you for taking the time to contact us.


    Norman A. Strickman
    Director, Aviation Consumer Protection Division
    Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings

    WM 9 years ago Reply

    Please do file complaint and build up our case my fellow “flight deal” people !

    James 9 years ago Reply

    How come all the monthly reports’ complaints are about dogs?

    Anthony 9 years ago Reply

    I filed a complaint today as well, just as a preemptive strike. I haven’t receive a call from cheaptickets as of yet.

  • amanda 9 years ago Reply

    I’ve been calling cheaptickets everyday and today’s story was that Malaysia Air suspended all their flights due to the Ukraine situation. I’m like ehh that happened last month and you sold me ticket just this week.. how does it relate? They kept pushing a refund on me but I refused and told them that I’ll wait for dot to respond.

    G 9 years ago Reply

    Bravo. Had the same story today. Quoted DOT 399.88a word for word. Rep told me the only thing he could do was provide a full refund, which I refused again. I tried to get to someone in the cheaptickets corp office (instead of their Manila call center) but the best I could do was [email protected]

    Replied to DOT rep today and still waiting for his response.

  • james 9 years ago Reply

    Haven’t heard a thing from cheaptickets, but my flight is slated for October. Should I start panicking and complaining now?

  • linda 9 years ago Reply

    I too just got a call today. After waiting 20 min on hold w/ a cheaptickets rep, I was told the flights were “canceled” because of a codeshare issue and that my only option is to get a full refund. I refused the refund and asked for an alternative and the rep said I could call back on Monday to see if there was an update on this situation.

    My flight is Oct. 1-5, I’m imagining I should try to wait it out? I just filed a complaint w/ DOT too… I’m curious to see what all we could do. I see the credit card charge on my account already for the flight & have a confirmation on the malaysia airlines site. Not sure what to do at this point besides wait and hope?

  • Fred 9 years ago Reply

    For anyone who purchased the optional travel insurance at checkout, do you know how they would handle the situation where the airlines cancels your ticket?

  • Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    Hi, folks.

    I was only offered a refund and $100 voucher for future use (haha!) which is no consolation prize for the 7 hours on the phone I have spent with them, mostly hold time. However, the agent I was in contact with heard about my lack of luck with the other agents that I had been speaking with then worked out a deal with MH where I could fly SFO–>YVR–>NRT–>HKG. I would depart SFO on 9/3 and arrive in YVR, then depart 9/4 for NRT and arrive at 10:00PM or so in HKG. That’s 2 days of travel. Each way. 4 days. They said I could do the same routing on the way back and this would not cost me anything additional. They are basically using all of their partner airlines to make it happen.

    In any case, I declined. I don’t have 4 days to burn and when you have something like that, the lost luggage and delays/missed connections would not be worth it to me. I haven’t authorized the refund yet but I am looking to see about getting some travel vouchers for future use. Call me greedy, I don’t care, but $100 is not worth the nightmare this has been so far.

    I have heard excuses like “fare filing issues”, “schedule changes”, “invalid routing”, “cheaptickets confirming without having confirmed with CX”. It’s different each time depending on who I talk to.

    WESLEY 9 years ago Reply

    It seems we cannot fly with CX no matter what.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    Someone’s relative had luck rebooking with CX on FlyerTalk. They got a stopover in Japan on the way back…Not without jumping through some hoops, of course.

    I’d also like to add that I don’t think the flights they are offering me are online connections. Someone correct me if I am wrong? Either way, all I see with that itinerary is more money spent on a hotel in Vancouver both ways, 4 days burned, and mass chaos is we miss a flight or something is delayed….Or lost luggage. The savings from buying a ticket would be offset so quickly. Lastly, if they aren’t online connections, then that would mean I would have to drag myself to luggage claim and then re-check in and pay bag fees for each leg, then go through security again each time. Who has time for that?

    I asked if there were any one stop or direct flights on dates close to it if not on that day. Let’s see what happens .

    Milkman J 9 years ago Reply

    When did you order your ticket initially? I ordered mine on August 17th and have yet to recieve any communication

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    Aug 14 or 15?

  • Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    Oh, and FYI…..This is what DOT had to say about it when I explained it in more detail with a gentleman named Douglas.
    In the United States, airline reservations, schedules, fares, seats, and mileage programs are not regulated by the Federal government, but are controlled by the airline independently (Airline Deregulation Act of 1978). When you purchase an airline ticket from a travel agency, or directly from an airline, you are agreeing to the Airline Contract of Carriage. In the contract of carriage, “airlines” do not guarantee their schedules, or assume liability for damages. . I have provided a link to your airline contract for you convenience. I hope this information is helpful.

    In your case, you are agreeing to two separate contracts, (1) Cheap Tickets Contract, and the Airline Contract of Carriage. If CheapTix issues you ETickets on Malaysia Airlines ticket stock, using a codeshare partner Cathay Pacific (Operating Carrier), you should have an airline ticket number (or you do not hold confirmed airline tickets). If you paid your money to Cheap Tickets, I would demand confirmed airline tickets, with ticket numbers, or ask for a refund.

    Airline schedules, and seats are never guaranteed by “airlines” and can, and do change.

    Cheap Tickets Contract of Carriage

    Don 9 years ago Reply

    I too spoke with cheaptickets and there is nothing they can offer except a refund. Remember codeshare starts on sept 1, why do you think cheaptickets is so anxious to settle? Comes sept 1 when the flights do exist then they’ll have to honor and will be fine by DOT. They made a mistake by probably offering the price for round trip instead of 1 way which would explain why Cathay pacific would charge double the price. Everyone should wait for a week and if they cheaptickets wanted to refund or cancel, they could’ve done it already. Why ask for permission to refund? If it’s within their contract then they would go ahead and refund. I will wait if your flight is not scheduled in the 1st week of sept.

  • DnF 9 years ago Reply

    Good news everyone.Just talked to a representatiive from Cheap Tickets and WAS ABLE TO CHANGE MY TICKETS to other airlines on the network (in our case American airlines and Japan airlines) but with layovers going there and back. @theflightdeal- do you think that was a good decision or should I (along with everyone else) wait for Sept 1st when supposedly CX will have the codeshare with Malaysian Airlines (per the article)?

    Emma 9 years ago Reply

    I think you have made a very wise action!

  • Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    Update. still doesn’t have e-ticket numbers but instead of only showing SFO-HKG and no inbound flight, it now shows this:

    From: San Francisco (SFO)
    To: Tokyo (HND)
    Flight: MH0001
    Depart: Wed, 03 Sep, 19:35
    Arrive: Thu, 04 Sep, 22:20
    From: Tokyo (HND)
    To: Hong Kong (HKG)
    Flight: MH6321
    Depart: Fri, 05 Sep, 10:00
    Arrive: Fri, 05 Sep, 13:35
    From: Hong Kong (HKG)
    To: Tokyo (HND)
    Flight: MH0026
    Depart: Tue, 23 Sep, 15:15
    Arrive: Tue, 23 Sep, 20:25
    From: Tokyo (HND)
    To: San Francisco (SFO)
    Flight: MH0002
    Depart: Wed, 24 Sep, 00:05
    Arrive: Tue, 23 Sep, 17:45

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    UPDATE!!! I got really curious and called MH about this. I thought I was hearing things she said it was confirmed. I asked her to e-mail me a copy of the itinerary. I got it and there are record locator numbers for JAL (Japan Airlines). I went to JAL’s website and entered it in along with the other information…


    ……IT SHOWS!!!!!! Holy. Effing. Crap. Everyone, please check your data. This is what tipped me off. And folks, if you happen to be on the same flight as me….we need to have a drink in the sky together. Seriously.

    Emma 9 years ago

    I would totally get drinks with you, not just a drink… But I will be flying out when you arrive at SFO! Lol! Have a blast!

    Jon 9 years ago

    What phone numbers did you use to call MH? I’ve looked on their website and all the numbers I can find lead me to busy tones… Very suspicious.

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    As of right now, I am able to make seat selections on JAL’s website.

    Emma 9 years ago

    How were you able to find out your JAL flight number? Or what did you use?

    Jennifer 9 years ago


    Call MH and give them your MH booking reference number. They will then tell you what your itinerary is and confirm it. Request that they send it to you in e-mail. The e-mail will then show equipment info, dates, airline, metal, etc.

    Emma 9 years ago

    Which record locator did you use?

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    I called JAL for more options on seating. The agent said the ticket is confirmed and we hold the seats, but it is not yet ticketed. Strange, as my e-mail from Malaysia Air with the itinerary says it is ticketed. I contacted MH, and it is apparently known that everyone is rebooked. He said that they canceled the code share with Cathay and so everyone got rebooked. The reason why it is not “ticketed” per se is because the changes were made and they are waiting for our approval.

    Out of curiosity, I asked if they had anything that was more direct. He gave me options with Cathay Pacific so I took them. It’s worth asking and not just settling for whatever they gave you. I wanted to avoid the overnight in Haneda, Tokyo. One of the legs I was interested in was fully booked coming out of HKG->SFO but since they have two flights a day I picked the other one. Unfortunately, it is the weekend right now and they can’t confirm the ticket right away because it’s the weekend so they won’t be able to issue the record locator for Cathay but told me to check back on Monday or directly with Cathay.

    Upon going to the website, I am now seeing the changes that I made. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to send me the itinerary through e-mail. This would be consistent with what the JAL agent told me. If it isn’t “ticketed”, they can’t send it.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    I forgot to add; please note that when you access your flight information on, the flight numbers that are posted there are correct; however, the carrier prefix is not correct. e.g., MH0001 is not correct. It is indeed JL001. My new itinerary reads MH0873, but it should be in fact CX873.

    I hope this helps everyone. Call them 🙂

    A 9 years ago

    I checked on, and it showed a new inbound flight with flight numbers that correspond to CX ones. I called MH, and the agent sent me an itinerary and gave me a CX record locator but no ticket numbers (saying I needed to ask CX).

    When I checked Cathay Pacific’s site to manage the booking, the booking status is confirmed for the outbound with a seat assignment, but the inbound is “On Request”.

    Additionally, an alert pops up that says:

    “Our records indicate that you have not issued a ticket for this booking. Please contact your travel agent to issue the ticket. Otherwise your booking will be invalid and will automatically be cancelled without further notice.
    If you have already issued your eTicket, please ignore the above message.”

    I’m a little worried since I don’t have confirmed ticket numbers.

    Emma 9 years ago Reply

    I would totally get drinks with you, not just a drink… But I will be flying out when you arrive at SFO! Lol! Have a blast!

  • Amanda 9 years ago Reply

    I did my daily call to cheaptickets today and again the agent told me that there’s nothing they can do but offer a refund. He didnt even want to call Malaysia airlines to see what they can do but I insisted that they call and see what MA would do. After 30 mins on hold, Cheaptickets connected me with a MA agent and he confirmed my original flight going and it’s on Cathay and said he can not confirm coming back yet because Cathay’s office doesnt operate on weekends and told me to call back Monday. I proceeded to ask about what would happen if the flight returning is not confirmed, he said they’ll try to find me another flight on the same day with a different carrier or on a different day…or better yet I can get a full refund for the ticket. He said my tickets will not confirm until I have both a outbound and inbound flight, and that’s when they’ll do seat selections for us.

    So sit tight guys and dont give into a refund.. there might be a light at the end of the tunnel!
    Will report back once I call next week…

  • CW 9 years ago Reply

    I just received a call from CT and informed me that MA has cancelled their flights and he needs to obtain my authorization to cancel my booking, I told him I will not accept whatever reason it caused, unless cathay pacific’s flights has cancelled which I totally believe it won’t happen. He asked me to contact their customer service center for rearrangement , but refused by me, I don’t want to deal with them for couple hours since all he has mentioned were not my problems .

    I have stated the follow points to the rep from CT.
    – I received email confirmation for the booking and the eticket number from CT, later it shows on the MA site as a confirmation with eticket number( I have the screenshot), the fare was charged to my cc account.
    – for whatever reasons to cancell my booking, I don’t care, it’s not my business, but I clearly remind the caller that you should know that’s not the way you are doing your business in the United States ! I will show up to the airport as scheduled which were confirmed for days; I might contact the media too! (Which is true, we can contact “7on your side”)
    – I will not change my plan because of you made the mistake.
    – I will not contact their customer service center, since it’s not my fault.
    – last I stated don’t even try to cancell my booking, the only option to you is fix your problem , inform me the updates as i have scheduled .

    Now I just got another voice call and ask me to contact their customer service center, will see what I am going to do next, Don’t feel want to deal with them on my weekend .

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    Call MH directly. If they don’t want to help you directly because you bought from CT, call CT back and talk to a supervisor only. Then kindly ask the supervisor to call MH because that’s what they asked you to do when you called. Tell them you know they have been rebooking folks. Get them to conference call. They will do it. Just be nice and don’t take it out on the agent from CT.

    CW 9 years ago

    Also got an email asked me to call, so I did.

    I was on phone with them about 25 mins, feeling good from the call, I was told that my outbound flight was 9/3 at 1am has to be changed to the afternoon flight, which is okay, the return flight would be the same as I booked.

    However no email for confirmation is able to provide at this time, she asked me to call back next week for the confirmation number for cathay, she mentioned 3 days later, not sure it’s because of the weekend.

    Still a good sign for a move.

    CW 9 years ago

    My both flights are back on the now, with the flight number MH0879 and MH0872
    Oc, without the eticket number

    CW 9 years ago

    Seems like the reason CT called me today because of my original outbound schedule on 9/3 @1am was full, and asked my permission to change to 9/3 @1:45pm. When I ask what about my inbound flight? They said no problem at all.
    So for those haven’t receive calls, wish you the best luck, chances are ok if you don’t accept their offer for the refund.

    Jennifer 9 years ago


    When you go to the CX website and look up the bookin, what does it say for the booking status?

    CW 9 years ago

    @ Jennifer,

    I don’t have the booking number yet , unless I call MA, CT asked me to call back in 3 days later to provide me with the CX booking number.
    One thing is clear that, after my phone call today, both inbound and outbound flights were restored to site.

    CW 9 years ago

    I just now check back to the and noticed that, they have changed my inbound flight MH0872 on 9/14 @ 00:30am to 9/15, flight MH0870 at 2:10pm.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    CW–Check your itinerary on Checkmytrip. Does it show you as confirmed for 9/3 or waitlisted for the afternoon flight?

    cw 9 years ago


    finally obtained my confirmation number ad verified to both CX and, both shows as confirmed and seats assigned.

  • Cynthia 9 years ago Reply

    I booked on August 14, and the money was charged to my cc that day. Only just got the “Problem with your flight reservation” call & email from CheapTickets last night, August 22. Called them today (August 23 at 4pm EST) to inquire, and the agent says the CX portions were cancelled (I’d booked AA LAS-LAX, CX LAX-HKG, CX HKG-LAX, AA LAX-LAS) and presented two options: 1) cancel and accept full refund or 2) wait until monday for re-accomodation when the airline offices re-open.

    I’d like to see if I can hold off until September 1 for a better chance at keeping my original flights; taking a rebook on JAL through Tokyo would take way too much time away from my plans in Hong Kong. Only the AA nonstop from DFW or the CX nonstops from LAX would work, but of course I can’t do the AA DFW without they rebooking my entire itinerary. We shall see.

  • Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    I got my locator info for the CX flights. I went to CX and it shows in the manage booking section. Woohoo! The status of ticket says it has been requested. Cathay needs to approve first I suppose. Overall, fine. Anyone else going 9/2 1AM or coming back 9/23 2:10 CX direct?

  • Dan 9 years ago Reply

    For those who got rebooked on CX, what is the class of the new ticket? I want to make sure we can get at least 50% miles to AA as originally booked with MH.

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    M. 100% accrual.

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago

    @Jennifer – if it is CX coded M (e.g., no Malaysia air flt number), it earns 0% with AA, but 50% with Alaska. If it is MH coded CX flt, then its 70% with AA.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    I thought it said 100%….maybe only with CX?

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago

    @Jennifer – yup, 100% with CX’s Asia Miles. But due to fuel surcharges, even at 50%, better with Alaska.

  • Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    Everyone, please check your flight info on The crap about needing to wait for CX to confirm the tickets because it is a weekend is bogus. It is because we are all on wait lists. Click on each leg you see and check if it says waitlist in green. My tickets show as being wait listed on checkmytrip. When I called Cathay they confirmed this and said flights were booked solid except for premium economy but the wait list would not dump into that class. With 2 less than weeks out I can’t afford to be wait listing. The most aggravating part?

    I was confirmed on JAL just didn’t have issued tickets. They were waiting for my approval. I asked if there were any more direct flights and MH said yes then put me on these CX flights. Had I known that it was wait listed I would not have given it up. Common sense here. Now calling to change it and agents are inconsistent. Won’t change it so now I am again on the phone with CT conferencing with MH explaining this crap to MH. CT totally understands but can’t change anything because mh does not give them the power to per their Agreement and setup. Some airlines let them (CT) change it themselves but not MH.

    Kj 9 years ago Reply

    What is the direct # to Mh? I get the la office which is closed. And ct said no one answering when they tried connecting me

    David 9 years ago Reply

    What record locator do you use to pull up you reservation. The MH one is too short and the AA is not pulling up anything. When I check on the MH mobi site, now all my flights show up. I don’t fly out until Oct 16th, so I have some time to figure this out.

    Milkman J 9 years ago Reply

    I saw the same thing using my cathay pacific record locator. To get your cathay pacific record locator you need to call MH at +1 800 552 9264.

    You’ll need to provide them with your MH record locator and an e-ticket number (shows on credit card statement)

  • Milkman J 9 years ago Reply

    Called malaysia air [10 minute call] to get the Cathay pacific record locator. Confirmed my flight shows up on the CX’s site.

    All looks good, except there’s a message that says a ticket hasn’t been issued for my booking. Working through that now..

    David 9 years ago Reply

    What phone number did you use to call them?

    Milkman J 9 years ago

    I used this 1-800 number:
    +1 800 552 9264

  • hoi 9 years ago Reply

    good news!! i have been on the phone with cheap tickets for almost 2 hours, and they have been talking with malaysian airlines, and now they can finally confirm with me that our new tickets have been confirmed and issued by cathay pacific…

    don’t give up! please keep calling them and good things will happen!

  • Faith 9 years ago Reply

    So— I checked the flymas site and it looks like they actually changed my flight time without letting me know or asking me. I personally had to call cheap tickets last week and they tried to issue me a refund, and Malaysia airlines told me the same.
    I personally am not okay with them changing my flight time, and I’m pretty annoyed that they didn’t even notify or email me. I assume it’s because they never had the 1AM departure availability which is very important to me.

    What are the odds that they would be okay with me pushing my flight from leaving on 10/4 returning 10/25 to 10/24-11/16 (3 weeks back)? (& I checked the flight on cathay, and the 10/4 at 1AM flight WAS open on the cathay site… so they definitely didn’t run out?)

  • cw 9 years ago Reply

    Ok Good News!! I called CT (about 10 mins) and obtained my CX confirmation number, then checked CX website and, both showed my reservation is confirmed and seats assigned.

    I was instructed by CT that to check in online (48 hrs prior to my departure) and print out the boarding pass.

    **they have changed my inbound flight from Sunday 9/14 at 12:30am to 9/15 @ 14:10pm without my knowledge, since I am okay with that, so i didn’t argue. I noticed the change was made on yesterday shows on the site.

    cw 9 years ago Reply

    not sure if we need to call back CT later about the eTicket receipt, I see this message:
    You have not issued the eTicket(s), Please contact your travel agent to issue your eTicket(s)

  • G 9 years ago Reply

    Very frustrated… Already had flights confirmed and had seats on an outbound Sept 12 SFO -> HKG flight. Called MH to confirm and the agent then changed my outbound flight to Sept 13 (thereby canceling my already confirmed outbound and placing me on the waitlist).

    When I asked him how to undo this, he told me to call Cathay and get a confirmation # from them. After calling Cathay and looking up my record locator #, they said they did not have any airline ticket # from MH and that I was not confirmed for either flight (and couldn’t pull any information since the booking is not confirmed).

    They told me to contact MH and get them to provide an airline ticket # (my original # from cheaptickets didn’t work). Now the MH agent is repeating the party line and saying that I am on the waiting list, when one of their agents TOOK ME OFF a confirmed outbound flight with seats and moved me to a different flight on the waiting list.

    Also, my return flight is “confirmed” but no seats have been issued.

    Can anyone help or provide some guidance on what I should do here? Thanks.

    G 9 years ago Reply

    I guess one good thing is I can find my itinerary on checkmytrip. It’s just that the outbound is “waiting list” and return is “confirmed”.

    I can’t believe I had my flight and seats confirmed on the outbound flight and they changed it when I called!!!!

    Doug 9 years ago

    This is one reason I am hesitant to call them about anything.

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    I asked about availability on a more direct flight and the agent said yes there’s room. He didn’t tell me that it was a waitlist and I went from a confirmed flight to a waitlist with less than 14 days until travel. I had to pull a lot of teeth and wait on hold for hours to get this fixed. I had a walkaround with an agent from MH saying that they can’t change it and then I said, well, they changed it the first time and so why can’t you do it the 2nd time? The idiot that takes me off a confirmed flight and puts me onto a waitlist….good grief!!!!

    I ended up not having luck explaining and talking to anyone at MH, even a supervisor, so I called CT and explained it to a regular agent. They called right away and had it fixed. Good luck!

  • David 9 years ago Reply

    I have no idea about what is going on right now. I got a call from CT telling me they had to cancel my ticket, and I said no. I haven’t been able to call them back since then because I have been very busy. Last night I checked my itinerary on, and I found that they changed the date of my itinerary and gave me the exact CX flight numbers for both flights, but with no t-ticket number. Is this a good sign? Should I call CT or MH to fix the problem?

    CW 9 years ago Reply

    You should call CT or MH, obtain your booking number for CX, you will able to see if your booking on the CX site.

    David 9 years ago

    Thank you CW. I just called CT and they told me that my return flight is not confirmed yet. I am calling MH right now to reissue my flight ticket.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    If it isn’t confirmed it means you are waitlisted. use; it will tell you if you are really confirmed or waitlisted. I have learned not to rely on the MH folks for information; they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Also, if they issue and tell you it won’t show for at least 24 hours, it’s bogus. It wasn’t done right. Trust me, I got it issued on the 3rd time and when done correctly and if there are no problems it is right away. If it doesn’t post it means something was rejected or went wrong. HTH

    David 9 years ago

    Just called MH as soon as my flights were both confirmed. Yet, MH said CX has not updated my status with them, so they cannot issue an e-ticket number for me. They assured me it will be fine, and I have to call back tomorrow to get the e-ticket number.

  • CW 9 years ago Reply

    Guess that’s why we should all ask for the eticket number, seems like without the eticket issued, CX still has the right to move us around!

    I will contact CT again today to request an eticket receipt for my confirmed reservation .

    Thank you for sharing, useful information !

    Wii 9 years ago Reply

    ok everyone, Call Malaysia airlines directly at 1-800-552-9264 to have your new tickets reissued (regardless of your waitlist status or what not). It turns out, in order to reissue tickets to fly on Cathay Pacific, they require your passport number. If you do not have your passport number stored on your CheapTicket profile when you first bought the tickets, MH cannot reissue tickets on Cathay, and MH or CT do not automatically contact passengers to inform them about this. I just called MH (because I notice my flights show up without e-ticket numbers on the MH mobile website) and they say there’s no eticket number because they can’t reissue tickets without passport details. So I gave them the details and they processed the tickets on the spot (did take about 10 minutes though) and then they emailed my new confirmed ticket info (along with the CX record locator #, etc) on the spot and verified that I got the info before hanging up. Then I immediately check my flight status on the Cathay Pacific website and wa la, everything is there with “confirmed” status.

    Don’t even bother calling CT to have tickets reissued. I did that first in the morning and they just put me on hold for 40minutes, and then come back and say MH is not answering the phone and there’s nothing they can do but to call back at a less busy time. So I called MH directly and the issued my tickets on the spot.

    G 9 years ago


    Was on the phone with cheap tickets and MH for a couple hours last night. Cheap tickets worked directly with MH to issue me new ticket numbers.

    This morning, when I check my reservation in Cathay Pacific record locator, I see both outbound and return flights confirmed and I was even able to select my seats.

    HOWEVER, I tried to enter the MH eticket number into Cathay’s site to update my travel docs and the MH ticket number does not work.

    Who is responsible for providing the Cathay eticket number? Seems like this is different than the reissued MH ticket numbers I was provided this morning.

    Doug 9 years ago

    I don’t understand if WIl and G are the same person. Should we definitely call Malaysia airlines to add passport number or not? So far I have heard nothing from my CT so I assume my flight in Oct is fine, so I’m a bit hesitant to call.

    Wii 9 years ago

    I and G are not the same person. I called MH and it sounds like G called CT to resolve this.

    A 9 years ago

    I called MH earlier, and they reissued MH ticket numbers when I asked for CX ticket numbers. Adding passport information means that MH will issue CX ticket numbers? Am I understanding that correctly? Thanks!

    Doug 9 years ago

    Were we even prompted to enter the passport number during the original CT checkout process? I don’t recall seeing that field at checkout. I believe I’ve always been prompted to enter my passport number for international flights I’ve booked using other sites.

    BTW I don’t see anywhere in my CT profile to enter a passport number either so I don’t think they even store that info?

    David 9 years ago

    I just called MH and they said that I have to wait for a day to reissue my ticket since I am currently on the waiting list. Then I offered to give them my passport number, and they said it was unnecessary at this point. Is that normal?

    Wii 9 years ago

    i gave them my passport details and they issued the ticket on the spot..maybe I wasn’t waitlisted then? they didn’t tell me anything about waitlist or not. I just said I dont’ see my eticket numbers and want to confirm my flights. Then they say they need passport details in order to issue new etickets. So I did and got the tickets.

    Wii 9 years ago

    I also jsut called cathay pacific to confirm and everything looks good. I requested for seats and special meals and they said I am good to go.

    A 9 years ago

    Did MH issue you CX ticket numbers?

    David 9 years ago

    Updates: MH told me to call them later today to see if CX has confirmed my return flight. The agent assured me that everything should be fine and I shouldn’t worry about that. Also, as of now, they only gave me the e-ticket number for MH. They said e-ticket number will be available once my flight is confirmed.

    Lisa 9 years ago

    I tried what Wil recommended (calling Malaysia arilines and giving them passport info) but she was not able to issue e-ticket to me, she said to call travel agent for that. So I guess YMMV based on what agent you get. I did get the Cathay Pacific booking number from her though, with that you can get your flight status at

    Raphael 9 years ago Reply

    Called MH directly and waited for 20 mins. They changed my outbound date and I am fine with it. Got my e-receipt from MH. Also called CX to confirm my booking and seat assignment. I got the M class which is eligible for AsiaMiles. Don’t bother to call CT.

  • William 9 years ago Reply

    Confirming that the tickets are CX (SFO-HKG-SFO) and good to go, here are the steps you need to do.

    1. Check MH mobile website ( to see the flights that they have put you on. I had flight s assigned (CX) but no eticket number <- more on this later

    2. Call MH (1-800-552-9264) using the reference number from mobile website

    3. For me, the original time I picked on CheapTickets was no longer available, hence the tickets are not issued (no eticket number). Agent gave me another time (Still CX), I confirmed and tickets issued.

    4. Request the agent to send you the itinerary to your email, this will contain another Booking Reference Number for CX

    5. Go back to MH mobile website, the eticket number should now show up

    6. Go to Cathay's website and log in using that new Booking Reference Number and pick your seats

    Note: I did not have a eticket number from Cathay, the one from MH does not work. I called Cathay about this, since tickets are not booked directly from them their website, there is no eticket number. She said everything is fine though and we can just login and checkin online using the CX's reference number. Is this the same for anyone else?

    David 9 years ago Reply

    They told me my ticket would not be issued and I would not receive my e-ticket number until my return flight is confirmed. But then the agent from MH told me not to worry too much.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    Not confirmed means waitlisted. Check to confirm this.

    David 9 years ago

    Yeah I understand that. But then agent from MH told me I should not worry about that too much.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    I talked to a CX agent and when that was the case for me it was made to sound like I should worry. She strongly urged me to call MH and my agency to find something confirmed. Don’t forget waitlist has priority for flyers with status and higher fare classes. It isn’t first come first served. CX is the one with pull and with most accurate information not MH IME. MH just manages it because it is issued by MH. FWIW I don’t take anything MH says at face value because if I did I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have.

    John 9 years ago Reply


    I am on the same boat. I called CT though and the agent did help me out with the process and MH reissued a new eticket for me with email itinerary confimation. I have a CX record locator that I’ve used on their site and it worked. I also picked my seats. I might wait a day or two and call MH again just to see if they have a ticket number issued from CX for me. They told me everything is fine too, once I get to the airport just check in at Cathay Pacific.

    Brian 9 years ago

    To my understanding, CX does not issue separate e-ticket numbers. I fly SFO-HKG about 8 times a year as an American Airlines codeshare. I always call to get the CX record locator but the AA ticket number will not work on CX’s website because its AA stock. Downside is you cannot input your passport details, but this can be done at checkin 72 hours out. As long as they are showing on CX as confirmed you are good in my opinion..,..unless CheapTickets starts unilaterally changing flights again.

    John 9 years ago


    I believe they shouldn’t have separate e-ticket numbers either. I will attempt to call either CX or MH again tomorrow to see if anyone has an e-ticket corresponding to CX for me. My flight isn’t til October so I still have time to call around. Just don’t want to show up at CX counter and end up being rejected with a MH e-ticket number lol.

  • James 9 years ago Reply

    Contact MH directly. CT is just a waste of time. They do not do what a TA is supposed to do. They just try to get you to accept a refund or forward you to MH and wipe their hands. I am not going to use CT in the future.

    I spent TWO 3-hour calls with CT (and conference to MH), it was MH who fixed the issue in the end. CT’s agent even dropped off, or disappeared after “forwarding to a supervisor” during a conference call with MH.

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    YMMV in this instance. I wasn’t able to get very far with MH and relied on CT to get something done. Standard procedure things like issuing tickets but also troubleshooting and also fixing a problem that an agent created. I found CT very helpful considering the circumstances.

    CW 9 years ago

    For my case, CT is very helpful so far.

    CT called me again this afternoon, asked if I’m okay with the inbound flight changed, I told him that I am fine with that, only waiting for my eticket number. He told me not to worry, an email will be followed from them for the eticket number today. I haven’t receive yet, I will call them when I home with my passport info since some of you have mentioned just incase.

    I will post again if I received my eticket number.

    cw 9 years ago

    I called CT try to request the eTicket number, after the rep verified and confirmed of my trip,(they noticed my schedule was changed by MH after CT contact me 2 days ago), then she call the MH to issue the ticket, (total wait time about 20 mins).

    After the eticket issued, i am able to make seat changes to CX site, also the new eticket number is now shows on the site. the message of “need to contact your agent to issue the ticket” is gone.

    somehow the eticket number on the CX site said “it’s invalid, please check and reenter”, since i am able to make changes now, so i think it may okay.

    James 9 years ago

    You are the lucky ones. Most people in the comment sections had issue with CT.

    1) In my first 3-hour call, after the agent failed to convince me the refund was my best option (I told her it was CT’s best option not my best option. I just wanted to fly to HK) – CT conference called MH, and MH told CT is authorized to re-issue the ticket with CX directly as long as it is the same cabin, and MH also provided CT with a waiver code. CT CSR dropped off in the middle and luckily MH agent stayed on, and I conference called back to CT with ANOTHER CT CSR. That CT CSR made the reservation, and told me CT had issue with the system issuing the tic with CX at the moment, and she would issue it next day, give me a call back and send an email about what she agreed on the call.

    After 2 days, guess what? No call. No email. No ticket issued.

    2) So I called CT back spent another 3 hours with them. Of course I had to brief the CSR the same thing from the the beginning, and he said he didn’t know what to do and we conference called MH. MH told him that they already authorized CT to re-issue the ticket, and he should just go ahead and re-issue the ticket. CT’s CSR now says they are not allowed to re-issue and need MH to issue it. MH’s agent was ok, and tried to issue a ticket for me. But I am already double booked on the same itinerary because CT already had me confirmed (without issuing) in my previous call. At the time I had 2 record locators with CX, same itinerary. MH noticed it and asked CT to cancel the original booking so MH can re-issue. AND CT’S AGENT SAID HE DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I asked him to transfer to a supervisor, and of course, the call dropped during the transfer.

    3) After the CT agent dropped off, the MH agent talked to a higher supervisor and issued the ticket on the newer record locator anyway, and I finally got a the ticket issued.

    I must be crazy if I send a dime towards CT in the future.

  • Lisa 9 years ago Reply

    I booked October flight. My credit card shows ticket number, had ticket number but it was later deleted, both my flights shows up though, just no eticket number. CT has not contracted me. Do I need to take any action or not?

    John 9 years ago Reply

    Yes do take action otherwise they will automatically cancel your booking. I read something like that on Cathay Pacific site before my eticket was reissued.

    Lisa 9 years ago

    Okay so I called MA, I asked why my status did not show a booking number, she said to contact travel agent. From the previous posts by other users, contacting CT seems like a waste of time however this MA agent did not seem like she could do anything for me.

    From reading another post, I asked to add my passport info to my information. She did that but that really did not do anything. I asked if she could issue my e-ticket now but she again said I must contact the travel agent as she could not issue the e-ticket.

    Last thing I asked for is the Cathay Pacific booking reference number which she gave me. I then used that number as the Reservation number at From that site, I was able to see my departing flight has a status of CONFIRMED while my return flight has a status of WAITLIST.

    So what do I do now?

    cw 9 years ago

    @ Lisa,

    for me, CT was very helpful so far, i would say doesn’t matter who do you call, just fine the person can solve the problem.

    Lisa 9 years ago

    It appears like I will need to get booked on another flight for the return flight since i”m waitlisted. Does MH have the power to do that? Or is CT the only one who has that power?

    cw 9 years ago


    I believe MH is the one to make the final decision, everytime when I contact CT, they need to put me on hold then they call MH.

    I would suggest you to call MH again, chances you may talk to other Rep from MH, can help you to confirm your inbound flight instead of waitlist.

    Lisa 9 years ago

    UPDATE: I called MH again, the agent I got this time was able to issue my e-ticket number for all my flights!!!!! You don’t need to provide any more info, this isn’t a missing passport number issue, she just had to press some keys to get this done after I asked. I think CheapTickets just did a poor job here as their booking with MH was not complete.

    So if your MH agent won’t issue you an e-ticket and says to call your travel agent, call again until you get a competent one who will issue it.

    Just to reiterate my experience, while I was supposedly wait-listed on my return flight (which I only found out by checking on after getting my cathay reference number from MH), I checked Cathay’s site and tickets were still being sold for that flight which I was waitlisted for?! So the flight I was wait listed for (mid October) was not actually full.

    Once the agent re-issued the e-ticket, my booking status on CX’s site and is confirmed for all the flights. I did NOT need to change the flight I was waitlisted for to a different flight, the MH agent just did something to make the booking go through. So don’t assume the flight is full if you see waitlisted. Check to see if seats are available, CheapTickets may have just screwed up like they did in my case.

  • Emma 9 years ago Reply

    Has anyone been ticketed yet? Anyone of you are on the American Airline flight?

  • James 9 years ago Reply

    For those interested in what actually happened. This is the story I heard from a 2nd line MH representative (supervisor) during my 2 x 3-hour conference calls with them and CT. Take it for what it is worth.

    The code share is real and is happening. MH will sell flights from the US (SFO/LAX etc) to KUL/Penang etc, with HKG being the connecting point. The segment from SFO/LAX to HKG is indeed a code share with CX (with MH flight numbers on CX metal). The segment from HKG to KUL/Penang etc will be MH flights.

    However, MH does not have the flight right/agreement to sell an itinerary from SFO/LAX to HKG by itself – unless it is part of a connection with the final destination being Malaysia. Whether it is their agreement with USA or Hong Kong, I have no idea.

    You know the rest of the story. Their system somehow put the SFO-HKG segment by itself online and sold a bunch of tickets. They just couldn’t let people use the tickets whose final destination is HKG instead of Malaysia, or they would be in violation of some serious international flight laws. They aren’t even worried about the price as they are definitely eating a lot of cost now by booking into real CX flights.

    The experts can comment whether this story makes sense or not.

  • James 9 years ago Reply

    When searching for alternate dates that won’t be wait-listed, go to CX’s website, select one-way, enter the date and “fixed travel date”. It will tell you whether the flight is full. Do it for the inbound and outbound, and tell MH exactly the itinerary you want. If it is not full, MH will re-book you. They will re-book you to any CX econ rate code. If the flight is not full, they can confirm and issue a ticket.

    Get the CX record locator from them and ask them to email you the receipt with ticket number. If everything is ok, you can select a seat on CX’s site with CX’s record locator. If it doesn’t let you select a seat, or have the message “your ticket has not been issued”, it means you won’t be flying. CX’s usually cancel these “non-issued-ticket” reservations ~3 days.

    MH re-booked me with econ H which will earn miles on AA or AS.

    Doug 9 years ago Reply

    I have e-ticket number and status of confirmed at CX’s site for both flights. However on return flight, I can’t select a seat. I get this message: This flight sector does not allow seat request in advance. For flights operated by Cathay Pacific and Dragonair, please check in online to select your preferred seat up to 48 hours before your flight. If you are not eligible to check in online, please proceed directly to airport for check-in.
    For other flights, please contact the operating carrier’s reservations office for any enquiry.

    Should I be concerned?

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago

    @Doug – Check the fare class. In order to do advance seat assignment more than 48 hours in advance on CX, you have to meet the following criteria:

    Members of The Marco Polo Club (Silver tier or above) and oneworld Ruby tier members or above
    All First and Business Class passengers
    Customers holding tickets on eligible fare types – Y, B, H, K, L, M, V, W, R, E

    Colin 9 years ago

    Can we ask MH to rebook our flight into a different fare class?

    I have the same issue above (i’m on S fare class, which means I can’t choose my seat and no mileage accrual)


    Doug 9 years ago

    Thanks, my fare class is Economy (S). I don’t get full Asia miles either for that flight. I’ll see if I can get that changed.

    GS 9 years ago Reply

    I called MH and they reissued the ticket and gave me a CX PNR, except my original return flight is full. It shows full when trying to book on Cathay’s site and KVS shows zero economy seats on all fares. Cathay’s site shows my return as on request and checkmytrip says I’m waitlisted.

    I pointed that out to MH and they claim my return flight is confirmed and I’m not waitlisted and refuse to budge on booking me on a flight that’s actually open. Not sure if I should just keep calling and bothering them until I get someone who will rebook me or just hope CX clears enough upgrades that economy seats will open.

    Also I got rebooked on M which earns no miles. Sigh.

  • William #2 9 years ago Reply

    So I followed William’s instructions.

    I called MH and received e-ticket numbers for my wife and I. I had the itinerary emailed to me, where I received my CX record locator number.
    I can find the booking on CX and the status is confirmed. I can pick seats, but cannot do much else.

    However, there is a warning at the top saying, “Our records indicate that you have not issued a ticket for this booking. Please contact your travel agent to issue the ticket. Otherwise your booking will be invalid and will automatically be cancelled without further notice.
    If you have already issued your eTicket, please ignore the above message.”

    I call Cathay and they say, “We are currently honoring the booking, but you do not have tickets issued”. The rep does not seem confident that we will be able to fly because there is a discrepancy between the reservation at CX and the ticket from MH. She suggested calling CT.

    William #2 9 years ago Reply

    I called MH and they reissued tickets and gave me a new E-ticket number. The warning at the top of the CX booking page is gone now. I will be calling CX tomorrow to make sure I have been issued a ticket.

  • Simon 9 years ago Reply

    Hello. Where am I suppose to go within the Sorry my level of competency is lower than the more advanced users here.

    Doug 9 years ago Reply

    Click the EN link at the bottom to get it changed into English if it’s not already, then click on My Booking.

    Simon 9 years ago

    Ok. It only displays my outbound flight. No E-ticket number shown. What would be my next steps?

    Doug 9 years ago

    Call Malaysia Airlines at 1-800-552-9264. I recommend reading the posts above where people report their experiences with them so you’ll know what to expect.

    Simon 9 years ago

    Is there any direct line to a department that is handling this or some superior we should ask for? Or do we just punch through the general customer service?

  • David 9 years ago Reply

    Both of my flights are confirmed on CX. But when I called MH to issue my ticket, they said their system has not updated yet, and I need to wait for 48 hours to receive the e-ticket number. Would calling CT help facilitate the process?

  • WM 9 years ago Reply

    For those of us unwillingly accepted the refund not know what happened with, and filed the complaints with DOT, can we still contact malaysian airline and ask for our flights?

    William #2 9 years ago Reply

    Yes, both my friend and I have done so separately.

    WM 9 years ago

    hi william #2,

    Both Malaysian Airline and cheaptickets stated that they cannot reissue my ticket (even thou it’s still showing up at malaysian website) because the tickets has been voided by cheaptickets.

    Were you able to get your tickets reissued? if so, how?

    any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

    William #2 9 years ago

    Did you get ticket confirmation from cheaptickets as well as charges on your credit card?

    As long as you did not accept a refund, you should have some sort of record.

    Since mine still existed, I dealt with mine through Malaysia Airlines. Sounds like you might have to find a rep who can help you at cheaptickets

    cw 9 years ago

    Hi WM:

    CT trying very hard to approach everyone to cancel the tickets, telling because the flight has been cancelled, that’s why some of us accepted their refund offer.

    I would suggest you to call CT tell them which was misleading! when you purchasing your ticket, their website clearly stated it’s “operate by Cathay Pacific”, MH has no outbound flights from SFO, so it’s nothing to do with the MH cancelling their flights.

    CT first contact me on 8/23, had the same argument as others from here, but i was lucky, with 3 calls to CT, things were settle.

    good lucky

  • Lawrence 9 years ago Reply

    Okay, just called, took about 2+ hours because of hold time
    1. Called CT, they said they were waiting on MH an can’t do anything
    2. Called MH and they said they were waiting on the travel agent to get the waiver #
    3. Called CT again, got the same story, but this time I said I Called MH and they said you need to call them. So we did a phone conference. During the hold time, CT explained they got a memo offering a refund to everyone (but no idiot would take this).
    4. They had to cancel the MH ticket and rebook CX ticket. I made CT give me the new record locator which shows up as confirmed CX flight on
    5. A headache but I’m happy. CT is hit or miss depending on the reservationist.

    Now to go to the chinese embassy to get some visas! If anyone is on outbound CX879, on 10/06 at 1:45 SFO-HKG lets grab a drink midair.

    WM 9 years ago Reply


    were you tickets cancelled initally by cheapticket or you never accepted the refund? because Malaysian Airline will not reissue my tickets coz its been cancelled by cheaptickets.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Dan 9 years ago Reply

    You do not need to visa to go to Hong Kong (assuming USC), but do need one to go to China.

  • David 9 years ago Reply

    OK. Looks like I am set.

    I call CT… twice and they contact MH to reissue tickets. Long time on phone… 1.5 hours each time.
    I got email confirmation with new ticket numbers. Cathay and CX show me confirmed. Only downside is that tickets are booked as Code S, so I can’t pick seats on Cathay until 48hrs prior. If anyone know how to get around that, please let me know.

  • Dan 9 years ago Reply

    Ok, just a data point. My ticket is in mid-October. I have not received any communication from MH or CT after the ticket was purchased. I kept a look at my ticket status though.
    Sometime over the past weekend, MH quietly changed the flight number and rebooked me onto CX flights, the same ones as my original booking. Today, I called MH today and asked the CS lady to reissue the ticket, which she did, and received an email with both MH and CX record locators. It took about 10 mins total.
    Now I can see the reservation on CX website and select my seat. The only thing is that the fare classes are not AA-accrual. Hope this helps.

    William #2 9 years ago Reply

    My scenario is the same. You might want to give CX a call to make sure you have been issued a ticket. If it has not been issued, you may need to contact MH and make sure the fare class listed on your MH itinerary matches the fare class listed on your CX reservation.

    Wii 9 years ago Reply

    When you go back to the Cheaptickets website under “my trips” do you see still your reservation?

    Should we worry if it no longer shows under “Cheaptickets” but we have been ticketed my MH and flights shows confirmed on CX website. Can or will cheaptickets go back and cancel the tickets later?

    William #2 9 years ago

    Nope, can’t seem to access my booking in CT either. I have not been contacting CT at all. As an agent, I don’t see why they would go back and change anything. Maybe try calling CT after you get ticketed for your flights?

    I called CX and I am ticketed. Unless someone (MH) goes back and changes anything, I don’t foresee any problems.

    Dan 9 years ago

    No, I don’t see the trip on CT website anymore. But I think since MH already reissued the ticket, it’s good to go.

    Jennifer 9 years ago

    Yes. Mine appears as normal.

  • WM 9 years ago Reply

    Lesson learned ! DO NOT under any circumstances accept the refund !

    My husband was informed that he can only accept the refund and have agreed to it.

    I contacted Malaysian Airline, this is what they said:
    1. All tickets should be reissued by the agents (so DO NOT accept refund from cheaptickets, once accepted, tickets are voided, and they cannot reissue)
    2. When flights are full / cannot be reissue, then agent should offer refund

    This is what cheaptickets said:
    1. They were instructed by MA to cancelled all flights and give refund
    2. Since the tickets are now voided, there’s nothing they can do.

    I have already filed a complaint with DOT and they will have Malaysian Airline contact me, but cheapticket is the one who cancelled my tickets, so Malaysian Airline cannot reissue. I will continue to update DOT and file complaints against cheaptickets ! They are not taking any responsbility as of now.

    Any advise?

    cindy w 9 years ago Reply

    my friend also was worried and took the refund. he actually bought a hotel + air package thru CT and they refunded his hotel but the airfare refund still hasnt posted so i told him to call MH. he got MH to reissue him his tickets, and everything is confirmed. keep calling and dont give up!

  • Brian 9 years ago Reply

    I too called MH directly and requested them to re-issue the tickets. Initially the outbound flight was not showed as confirmed. I called MH again and said Cathay stated that fare class is waitlisted and no more inventory in that fare class. As long as there are seats available, MH can book you into other classes. I called back MH and told them what Cathay told me and they changed the fare class to one higher (still economy). Checked back on Cathay website and both now show confirm. As other posters stated, confirm that the MH confirmation e-mail they send you the fare class matches what is on the Cathay website.


    1) Call MH to Re-issue ticket

    2) Request them to send you a confirmation. The ticket numbers will be different.

    3) Check on Cathay Website to see if the flights are confirmed

    4) If not, call MH to rebook into another class for the unconfirmed flights.

    David 9 years ago Reply

    Both of my flights are confirmed on CX website. However, MH said they are still waiting for CX to notify them before MH can reissue the ticket. Should I keep pushing MH to reissue the ticket even though they said it would take 24-48 hours?

    David 9 years ago

    MH just issued my ticket ticket. But I think I still have to contact CX for e-ticket number. My number is to keep pushing MH until they issue the ticket for you.

    David 9 years ago


  • Wii 9 years ago Reply

    For those with confirmed flights on CX and have eticket confirmation numbers/email from MH, does your reservation still show up on “my trips” under “Cheaptickets”? Should we worry if it no longer shows? Do you think cheaptickets will go back and cancelled the confirmed etickets?

    David 9 years ago Reply

    It does not. It shows an error message instead. This is likely due to the fact that ticket numbers changed since the reservation was purchased. I am not worried. CT worked with MH to reissue tickets.

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    Mine still shows.

  • Simon 9 years ago Reply

    I have new reissued MH eticket numbers. How do I confirm with CX?

    David T 9 years ago Reply

    I gave them a call; they stated I do have a flight and am confirmed to fly- though they said since we did not book with them directly we aren’t issued tickets through their website, etc. and will need to check in at the airport. I am hoping I don’t find out I’m out a ticket that day but it all appears good.

  • David T 9 years ago Reply

    I also have read through everything and concur, do NOT contact CheapTickets (CT), they are essentially useless and will push for you to ask for a refund.

    I contacted MH as everyone stated, got the ticket issued and asked for itinerary sent; that made it show up on the MH website with ticket number.

    Now it’s not giving me the error message on the CX website so I feel a bit more reassured but I am on hold now with CX regarding my e-ticket number (I have one for MH, but none for CX)

    Wii 9 years ago Reply

    Did they tell you that you will actually receive a CX eticket number? I know there’s a CX record locator number , and MH eticket number, but wasn’t sure if there should be a CX eticket number accessible to us?

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago

    @Wii – since MH is ticket issuer, the eticket number will be on MH. If it is issue correctly, CX will be able to see it and you should be able to load it up on the CX site with the CX locator.

  • H 9 years ago Reply

    SIGH I was one of those idiots that accepted the refund because they threatened me that it will take at least 45 days for the refund if I don’t take it now. So i accepted the refund. It’s there any way I can still fight this and still get the same fare to Hong Kong like I did before? any help would be great

    cindy w 9 years ago Reply

    if it didnt post on your cc, i would give them a call. my friend took a refund but it hasnt posted and he called MH and they reissued him a ticket. you have nothing to lose by calling

    WM 9 years ago Reply

    Hi H!

    Yes, you can still get your tickets back !

    I’ve been through this whole thing and finally got it taken care of tonight!

    1. Make sure you file a complaint with DOT at and attached your credit card statement that you were charged by CT. Also include your record locator from malaysian airline and ticket number if you can find them in your credit card statement

    2. Someone will get back to you via email and will forward your complaints to malaysian airline.

    3. Be patient and wait, i tried contacting malaysian airline and cheaptickets and both saids theres nothing they can do for me because the tickets were voided.

    4. You will received an email from someone of higher position from malyasian airline and they will tell you that it’s regarding your case with your case number. This email will also be cc to other people of malaysian airline as well as the officer that’s handling your case at DOT.

    5. Communicate to them via email and ALWAYS cc everyone on that email list (explained to them a summary of what happened – booked on CT, got a call and offered option of refund only, and CT will not reissued tickets again)

    6. Someone from Malaysian airline will act in your behalf and take care of this whole mess and issued the tickets back to you. (it took about 10 emails back and forth, but it’s worth it !)

    Let me know if you have any other questions ! I’ll be glad to help =)

  • Han 9 years ago Reply

    My tickets are all set.

    I first contacted MA which said CT needs to reissue the tickets.
    Contacted CT. CT contacted MA to get the tickets reissue on CX. ( 1 hour )

    You can then check on the CX website and select your seats. After 24-hours it still shows my e-ticket wasn’t issue yet. Contacted CT again to tell them to get the e-ticket issue. ( 30 minutes )

    Checked the CX website again and it doesn’t complain about not having e-tickets.

  • David T 9 years ago Reply

    Also, update: I confirmed via eService Support (through their Feedback Comments form on the website) in regards to my ticketing and they confirmed and gave me the eTicket info and they said to check in at the airport, the day of. Give that a shot if you don’t want to be on hold all day.

    David 9 years ago Reply

    I just called CX. The agent said we can check in online 48 hours before departure.

  • Ed 9 years ago Reply

    The phone numbers for MH office in LA are no longer in service. Is the office officially shut down?

  • John 9 years ago Reply

    Not sure if its bad news…

    Ralph 9 years ago Reply

    I searched a few dates including the dates of my confirmed tickets and I couldn’t find any SFO-HKG flights at all on Malaysia Airlines website. Hmmm.

  • Wii 9 years ago Reply

    i wonder for those who booked/confirmed to fly out on 9/1-9/2 if they are able to take off or not…

    Jennifer 9 years ago Reply

    I got rebooked and made it to Tokyo with the new itinerary and confirmations. They didn’t have direct flights left on the short notice I got this sorted out. My flight with JAL was booked Y class. I checked my bags all the way through to HKG with CX. All is well so far. Just spending the night in the airport. My flight to HKG leaves in 5.5 hours. I left SFO on 9/3 on JL001 7:35 PM.

    CW 9 years ago Reply

    My trip from 9/4, returned on 9/15, everything went well, except they changed my schedules from evening to daytime departure, which I had agreed prior to the tickets issued. Both were direct flights by Cathay.

  • Anonymous 9 years ago Reply

    Can someone give me step by step instructions on what I should be doing? Which number am I supposed to call and how do i navigate the prerecorded messages?

    My itinerary flight number has changed from MH to CX but I don’t have a CX record locator or a CX e-ticket, I only have ones for MH. Also, Does my flight number being changed matter if I don’t have a CX record locator or CX e-ticket?

    Am I set for my flight in mid-october or do I need to have MH or CX reissue my tickets?

    Anonymous 9 years ago Reply

    Called MH, got my CX booking reference and checked their site for my status. My seats are confirmed.

  • MS 9 years ago Reply

    So I booked back on 8/14 and gotten charged and email confirmation with ticket # and locator#. I went to check on my booking on CT yesterday and was not able to access the trip. I then went to MH site and my schedule was not found. I was in PANIC mode since this tix is for my grandpa and he’s traveling with my uncle and aunt!

    I called CT today and the CS rep told me that my ticket was confirmed on CX for my roundtrip. I told them how I couldn’t access the trip and they told me that my flight is booked under CX and gave me the CX record #. I made them stay on the phone with me and looked up the schedule on CX site, was able to locate it and everything is confirmed!

    On the CX site, I did noticed that the flight is considered as “Redemption flight”. So not sure if CT just auto rebooked my trip due to the # of complaints that ppl had but glad that original flights were kept!

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