Giveaway – Three 10% off American Airlines Discount Codes

Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Perry Platypus, we have a three 10% off American Airlines discount codes to giveaway. The giveaway is simple – to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post (not Facebook, not Twitter); one comment per person please.
  • Include a valid email address so we can reach you should you win (we won’t use it for anything else)
  • And let us know what was the best deal that you took advantage of out of the 3,500+ deals we have published in the last 20 months
  • Enter by June 12th @ 11:59PM Eastern.
  • We will pick the winners on June 13th using and notify winners on June 14th


Terms of the 10% Discount Certificate:

  • Must travel by July 16th
  • Blackout from July 3rd – 7th
  • Must purchase on AA.COM
  • Only for American and American Eagle flights

These coupons were from an USO event.  Please consider donating to what is a worthy cause.


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169 Responses to "Giveaway – Three 10% off American Airlines Discount Codes"

  1. Paul says:

    Hi, I’d like one please. Thanks so much for offering them.

    • Dave Ellison says:

      I REALLY look forward to receiving The Daily Flight Deal Newsletter in my inbox each day. It’s sort of a shame that AA is being so stingy with the deals lately, esp out of BOS.
      Please sign me up for the drawing for one of these coupons.

  2. AR says:

    Found this site only recently, so the $150ish SJC ATL deals!

  3. TheBeerHunter says:

    The deal I took advantage of was one of the SIN deals. Thanks for all your awesome posts. 🙂

  4. Steve M says:

    AA to China from Chicago (ORD) for $854

  5. mel says:

    i grabbed the business class roundtrip fares form mexico to santiago with a weekend on easter island. thanks so much for that tip!

  6. MR says:

    Site is great. Just purchased $195 from BWI – PHX 🙂

  7. Nickman says:

    The best deal I have taken advantage of was buying that LAN Business fare from TIJ to IPC last week! That rocked! Thanks guys!

  8. Eric says:

    Great site… enjoyed a few great deals in the ~$200 range from SEA to PHL as well as ~240 deals to Florida. Great work!

  9. Jennifer Q says:

    the hawaii deal around $250ish from JFK to HNL 🙂

  10. Betty says:

    I love the Flight Deal! The discount will definitly come in handy.

  11. Fobinator says:

    Its a toss up between JFK-TLV for $400 or JFK-MAD for $380 =p

  12. David says:

    Love the site!

  13. Nate says:

    A couple recently…the $1,100 business class fare to Easter Island (and Lima/Macchu Picchu on the way) as well as one from a couple weeks ago between Miami & SFO where I got a ride on the 787 in business class on one of the legs.

  14. Juan Ruiz says:

    Would love the discount. =)

  15. Sophie says:

    Double QUALIFYING miles, double POINTS!! Come back!!

  16. Stella says:

    From NYC to ORD in April for $150!!

  17. Sri Santhanam says:

    Would love one for an upcoming trip. Thanks in advance

  18. Max says:

    The flights from NY to Anchorage, what a great find!

  19. Samantha FH says:

    DC to istanbul for just $400!!

  20. flytastic says:

    I flew from Dallas to ANC, stayed 1 hr, then flew right back for $425, thanks to The Flight Deal, thank you. I’d love to use the discount percent off, as I am Exec Plat on AA and I travel every week and live on airplanes and in hotels and I pay my own airfares & expenses and do not get reimbured. Thank you

  21. Brian says:


  22. Natasha says:

    The IPC fare and the SFO-Martha’s Vineyard in the summer!

  23. Jay Moore says:

    Thanks for giving these away. Trying to hit EXP again so these would help!

  24. Mike says:

    to sjc for $110

  25. Valarie says:

    Thanks for offering these. Yay USO!

  26. Leigh says:

    $260 SFO-MKE. It’s a little more effort, but so much cheaper than Sacramento to Chicago!

  27. Penny Kim says:

    Thanks to your real-time efforts, I got to snag a sweet nonstop last weekend to LGA from DFW for only $180! Thanks Flight Deal, for all your hard work in making travelers’ lives better.

  28. Angeline says:

    haven’t taken advantage of a deal yet, but i want to! would love to win these! thanks for doing an awesome job!

  29. David Schachner says:

    I booked two trips from SFO -> DCA to visit college friends and family I don’t get to see nearly enough for under 5 cents a mile. Thanks!

  30. Lizz says:

    I’d love one! 🙂

  31. Jennifer Gastorf says:

    We utilize the deals on this site that fit our needs. 🙂

  32. HB says:

    Great site! LAX to PEK for $858 (lowered to $758).

  33. Harlan V. says:

    Definitely the $1000 biz class fare to IPC! Thanks for posting these deals!

    (Also got in on NYC-ANC for $350, that was pretty sweet as well!)

  34. Manny Montejano says:

    TradeHelm relies on the Flight Deal to help us find the best deals when we need to travel. We’ve used more than one deal including a great deal from the U.S. to South America. Keep the deals coming!

  35. Tiffany says:

    Took advantage of a roundtrip LAX-MCO fare for $200!

  36. HIS says:

    Best deal was US-South Americam in Business on LAN this spring for just over $1000.

  37. Matthew says:

    My best deal was SLC-LIM this spring for $513 a.i. Thanks!

  38. FP says:

    Me please!
    NYC to ORD in April for $150

  39. ab says:

    Like and visit the site since I came to know about it. The phila boston deals (60-80) are great on the website…

  40. Daniel Stewart says:

    Thanks for the offer. I check Flight Deal every day.

  41. JT says:

    Generosity is much appreciated. I get a lot of useful info from this website as well.


  42. Ellen says:

    Best deal and best weekend vacation trip to puerto rico.

  43. Greg says:

    I would like one to surprise my daughter who is taking summer school at college.

  44. kar says:

    <$200 RT deal from SF to miami.

  45. Bill Amicus Capital says:

    I would like one, thank you.

  46. charles alan satterwhite says:

    I’d like one of the codes!

  47. Michelle says:

    I bought the PHL to PDX for $145 rt deal on United a month or so ago. Love this site! Thanks!

  48. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the offer!

    I was able to grab a great deal to EYW-DUB (less than $750) thanks to this theflightdeal!


  49. Adam says:

    PHL > BOS

  50. Evelyn Rosemore says:

    I love the NetSaaver fares!
    NYC to ORD : $150.00

  51. Yannick says:

    Have to go to Paris in short notice; I love on of those code.
    Your site rock ! Thanks

  52. Alison says:

    SANTIAGO – Business – JFK-MIA-SCL – $900 RT. OVER THE TOP (!!) 🙂

  53. Cory C. says:

    Hook it up! I mean, keep up the good work!

  54. Donna G says:

    I would love to win 10% off. I travel American all the time. Thanks.

  55. Aaron Hurd says:

    I took advantage of the UA Bahrain fares. Going there in November!

  56. Kevin says:

    Brazil: We jumped on the ~$400 deal from Orlando to Rio de Janeiro (bought a repositioning ticket from New York; $500 all-in). Spent some quality time on the beaches of Rio and in Sao Paulo. Tickets were nearly 3x as much last time I went to Brazil!

  57. Annie says:

    Vegas, baby!!!!!! Got a great fare for October. Can’t wait! Thanks Flight Deal!

  58. Reea says:


  59. Marty says:

    I took advantage of the LAX-IAD fares in low $200s in January thanks to the flight deal website. Thanks again.

  60. Yiming Lin says:

    I would go to LA!!!

  61. weekendroady says:

    Because a roady has to hit the air sometimes…

    An Easter Island deal brought me here – most memorable trip I’ve ever taken.

  62. Aristo says:

    Hook me up!

  63. Marc Timoteo says:

    Thanks for sharing these….I hope I win one!

  64. Martin C says:

    The most recent deal I took advantage of AA deals (as I try to only fly AA/Oneworld) is from ORD-ATL for $149 – actually I’m flying out next weekend.. 🙂 But since then, you guys rarely have AA deals anymore from ORD… :\

  65. Lorena Viñoly says:

    Madrid -Miami!!!


  66. Kenneth M says:

    Love AA, would be awesome if I win this!! Thanks for the opportunity…

  67. franci says:

    Love seeing your posts! we took AAdvantage of Chicago to Beijing ….thanks for the heads up!

  68. Neel says:

    I also used the AA to China from Chicago (ORD) for $854

  69. Tom M. says:

    Great deal on UA to ATL via IAH from SNA in August for $157 = 3.9 cpm.

  70. Ross says:

    Mexico City to Easter Island with stop in Lima BUSINESS CLASS for $1100!!!

  71. Roman Goubin says:

    I could really use a discount code for future travel on AA. I am traveling next week,and this could be a really good start to my vacation!

  72. Cara says:

    Your site is the best! Thanks for the $350 tickets to Israel and my upcoming $850 flight to Japan 🙂

  73. Jill says:

    I took advantage of the AMAZING El Al pricing error that got me to and from Tel Aviv for $400. The Price was unheard of and I would never had found it had I not been following this website. Love this site! Thank You!

  74. Roman Goubin says:

    Could really use one

  75. Christopher Murphy says:

    lax-hnl was a great deal!

  76. David says:

    Discount for IAH to JFK back in Apr with bonus miles! thanks

  77. Gabriel says:

    Back in march I took advantage of AA MCO-GIG for $380 RT! I know, WOW! Thanks

  78. AKB says:

    JFK to LAS for $270 RT!

  79. Jlowe says:

    I was referred to TFD by a friend who travels frequently, so I’m new to this and haven’t taken advantage of a deal yet. I’m definitely planning on it though and 10% off would be great!

  80. Nick says:

    Great site. Delta deals always appreciated!!

  81. Hyim says:

    This site is awesome! My favorite deal was the ORD-TLV on United for $650 earlier this year.

  82. N. K. Chokshi says:

    I’d like an AA pass, please!
    Keep up the great work, TheFlightDeal!

  83. moses says:

    hi i like this website that have a lot of times promotions from nyc to lax also that from ord to tlv was a good one

  84. Scott Wilson says:

    Just discovered this site a little over a week ago so haven’t had a chance to book any flights yet!

  85. Johnny says:

    Did a LAX – BOS flight in February 2013 for less than $150 RT.

  86. Mike says:

    I really like this site, though I only discovered it about 3 weeks ago so I haven’t yet purchased a deal. However, I am sorely tempted to purchase the deal to Easter island from Mexico city! Keep up the great work



  87. Q Y says:

    From Dallas to ANC for $425. Thanks FlightDeal!

  88. JR says:

    The Flight Deal always has great deals…..and so does AA with flights to Belize! These codes would be handy for upcoming summer vacay. TFD had awesome LAX-SFO prices recently!!

  89. Joy says:

    Would love a discount please!

  90. Geoff says:

    MCO-GIG…great long weekend! Thanks

  91. Beatrice Morlan says:

    I was able to book a trip to the Virgin Islands from SLC to STT for $149 rt/ai because of this site! This website is the best 🙂

  92. keith says:

    SEA-MIA on UA in Spring!

  93. Jia Lin says:

    I got the $120 jetblue september fare from sfo-> nyc, psyched to go see my friend in NYC!

  94. anita says:

    lax to china loved it what a deal.

  95. RAHEEL says:

    So nice of you.

  96. Monica says:

    I could REALLY use this deal! Am taking my pregnant daughter and 5 grandchildren FLL-SEA to visit their uncles (for the 1st time!) and any savings is greatly appreciated. Thanks for offering this deal!

  97. Di says:

    $79 PHL-LAS one way

  98. Grey says:

    $96 BWI-MIA RT

  99. BM says:

    Wonderful site! I love it. Thanks for the generous offer.

  100. Britt says:

    The great business class fare between JFK and SCL was the one I took advantage of. Round-trip in business for $900… who could pass that up?

  101. TS says:

    From BOS to ANC in this coming Labor Day! Thank you for all your efforts!

  102. Emy Barsley says:

    I love The Flight Deal website is great! Even though I miss the deals I always hope for a great deal to my home country Brazil!

  103. AJR says:

    I love coupons

  104. Wendell says:

    Going to Austin!

  105. Janice del Castillo says:

    I covet these discounts, make the most of them. My best deal so far was a round trip Boston SJU on United for $147…. Unheard of price and getting to spend time with my Mom on get 83rd birthday… Priceless ….

  106. Ryan H says:

    TLV mistake fare on EL AL last August. Best one I’ve taken!

  107. Marcus says:

    Love your e-mails. Used them to purchase trip to Brazil last month.

  108. Hyacinthe Raimbault says:

    Hopefully I can score one!

  109. Ginny says:

    HNL-NYC for sub $400! Did a couple of those! Thanks!

  110. Jon Crenshaw says:

    Paris in January. Thanks for the entry.

  111. Ralph says:

    We are working on items for an adoption that my son is working on in S Korea and this might be something he can use.

  112. Nikki Crenshaw says:

    Paris in January too!

  113. smitty06 says:

    booked a pseudo-mileage run from chicago to shanghai.

  114. Leon says:

    Pick me, please!

  115. Philip says:

    Need it for some mileage runs 🙂

  116. Kumar S says:

    Susan G Komen promo code for Nashville destination

  117. Amy says:

    Seen a lot of great deals but haven’t been able to take advantage of one yet! wud love to use the coupon for my next trip! 🙂

  118. Tracy S says:

    I have a late-breaking need to fly the second week in July, a discount would be fantastic.

  119. PS says:

    Early May bargain to SJU! Thank you!

  120. Michael H. says:

    SNA to ATL, RT $157 – best deal I’ve ever gotten from all the way west to east coast!

  121. Esther says:

    Hi! San Jose to Washington for $248! Thanks so much for posting these deals! I’m always on this site!! 🙂

  122. Jeff R says:

    I used American: Los Angeles – Atlanta $202 RT (listed April 16, 2013). Thank you!

  123. Bill H says:

    I read the site multiple times daily. I’m just about to pull the trigger on one of those great UA SIN fares.

  124. Doug says:

    I’m in Austin and there’s not many deals from AUS but I jumped all over the AUS – PHL $121 fare a few weeks back…that was amazing!

  125. Mike says:

    $1100 to IPC in Business! Thanks!

  126. Vish says:

    $237 LA -> SJU. I had never seen price this low to Puerto Rico!

  127. bill says:

    I would appreciate a 10% AA discount. Thanks toThe Flight Deal, I flew AA/JAL cvg-jfk-hnd-sin last year at an unbelievable $650 fare. Ok now all you have to do is get AA to repeat! Thanks for a great website

  128. Christopher Scott says:

    Love your site! Found my trip Ft. Lauderdale – Peru on JetBlue for $320.

  129. Julie says:

    scored one of the LAN biz class trips to Easter Island – great deal!

  130. asar says:

    Thanks for the $800 PDX HKG deal

  131. Ankit says:


    Thanks for your generosity!

  132. Anjali says:

    Thanks a lot. I need to travel to NYC and this would be a great help.

  133. Jay says:

    LAX-PEK was a real deal!

  134. Gaurav Jain says:

    Love this site! Check it everyday for great deals as my wife and I like to travel. The best deal I have gotten is a round-trip ticket to Miami from Baltimore for $90. Cant beat that. Had no plans of going, but could not miss out on the great deal! Just returned from the trip last week, and it was great!

  135. Kevy says:

    I took advantage of $266 r/t, SEA-MCO last month. It’s a rarity to see a sub-300 transcon fares these days!

  136. AC says:

    I booked 3 MR, LAX-MKE for $185 on AA! Wish there are more AA deals that seems to dry up in past few weeks.

  137. greg w says:

    yes please!

  138. neel says:

    summer deal to dublin! thanks!

  139. Edwin says:

    IAD-IST for $399 earlier this year

  140. cindy says:

    I like the Air Berlin current sale LAX to Europe. Not booked yet but considering…..

  141. Feroze says:

    I would love to win 10% discount…every bit helps specially for me as I fly a lot for business. Hope to find more deals out of TPA. Lets see what New American brings 🙂

  142. Roshni says:

    ATL-SJC for 157, just recently found the site! Love it and have been sharing it with everyone I know!

  143. Andrew says:

    Love your blog and already booked a few flights thanks to the tip from here (TPA, EYW)!

  144. SFOPhD says:

    SFO-SDF for less than $200. Got to see Churchill Downs!

  145. Karen Brantzeg says:

    great website!!

  146. Alex N says:

    Love this site – I purchased the $120 LAX-IAH – actually three of them…

  147. Martin says:

    Zfv deals work for me!

  148. Niya says:

    Thanks for the deal tip to SFO – got a great flight in May! This coupon would be great, I could use it for a flight to Europe this summer which is currently quite elevated due to high season. My first real vacation in 14 years!

  149. Carl says:

    Hi –

    I second the deal to the Amtrak PHL train station. I am using it for an upcoming trip.

    I have come to open the email every day, it gives a good overview of what is out there.

    Nice job.

  150. Drin says:

    Got the Turkish Airline deal from DFW to IST….Thanks!

  151. Lagiwalk says:

    I check this site DAILY! The best flight deals can be found here, but you have to act fast when you see a deal. They usually end soon after posting. Looking forward to the New Zealand trip I booked thanks to “The Flight Deal”!

  152. Matt says:

    I would love to give this to my mileage running friend!

  153. Andrei Chahine says:

    Just bought tix from Chicago to Abu Dhabi to visit my dad! Love the site.

  154. DM says:

    LAX-IAH on AA for $129. Thanks!

  155. Jonathan says:

    I love The Flight Deal and would love to get an AA discount code.
    I check your website everyday for great deals and have taken advantage of the New York – Nagoya deal!

  156. Max says:

    Great! Thanks!

  157. JamesP says:

    Thanks for the contest again. I could really put one of these to good use!

  158. Carlo D says:

    10% off sounds awesome for a trip I’m planning from July 10th to the 16th. Pick me! Pick me!

  159. Nicholas says:

    BOS-SJU for $238!

  160. Bo says:

    Would love one. Love anything out of DFW

  161. Brandon says:

    I went to SFO to have lunch at the French Laundry. Needless to say, the airfare to SFO was about 1/3 of the per person lunch cost.

  162. AAU says:

    Flight deals for LAX-CUN starting at $369 posted just yesterday are absolutely awesome. In the meantime, a 10% off AA code would come in handy for our travel to Central America next month!!

  163. Tim C says:

    Went to LAX for the day from NYC thanks to your post on May 7th. Would LOVE a 10off code for next mileage run. Tx!

  164. Michael M says:

    JFK-Madrid last February on the Alitalia coupon fiasco. Can’t complain about europe roundtrip under $300.

  165. Rene Garcia says:


    Chicago – Dubai x 3 = 695.00 each!!

    Awesome site!

  166. Alex says:

    The recent deal to Istambul was one of the greatest thing I found. Can’t wait to use the AA discount now!

  167. Yamira Monroy says:


    Chicago – Cancun!

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