Giveaway: Five 10% Off American Airlines Codes

We don’t like complicated giveaways. You don’t have to like our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter to win anything. To have a chance of winning one of these American Airlines 10% off promo codes, our process is simple:

Leave a comment on this post (not on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social networking site that we are on) and let us know whether or not you have taken advantage of any deals that The Flight Deal as posted.  We’d love to hear where you’ve traveled to with our help.  Please leave a valid email address so we can email you the code if you win (your email address will only be used for notifying you in case you win). Comments must be submitted by March 9th at 11:59PM Eastern.

The Prize:


Terms and Conditions of the Promotion Code:

  • Purchase Date: Feb 15, 2013 – May 15, 2013 (11:59pm CT)
  • Travel Date: Feb 19, 2013 – May 19, 2013
  • Valid for up to 6 passengers
  • Valid for AA destinations worldwide, excluding codeshares
  • Must be booked and purchased on
  • Valid for new one way and round trips destinations
  • Blackout dates: March 8-11; March 15-16; March 22-24; March 29-April 1

These coupons are available as a result of a partnership that American Airlines has with Citymeals. Please consider donating.

The Selection:

We will select the winners on Monday, March 11th, 2013. We will use to pick the five winners based on the number of comments.


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174 Responses to "Giveaway: Five 10% Off American Airlines Codes"

  1. Angelina Aucello says:

    Could definitely use one of these! Thinking of booking a DC-SJU trip for fun in the sun 🙂

  2. Rainbowfriend says:

    I took advantage of the Costa Rica first class deal recently; as well as the SFO – MIA $160, SFO-BWI $160 deals. Thank you very much!

  3. Michelle says:

    I have taken advantage of a few deals – thank you! I went to San Diego late last year and I am going to Los Angeles this weekend because of the Flight Deal!

  4. Andrew Tamanaha says:

    I haven’t gotten to use any deals yet, but it’s been great for planning purposes. Helped a friend get from DFW-REC on the cheap.

  5. Jay Moore says:

    As an EXPLAT this would definitely come in handy. Appreciate the newsletter regardless.

  6. Andrew says:

    Used a Virgin deal from DC to Los Angeles that I’m taking tomorrow! Thanks The Flight Deal!

  7. Jason Spears says:

    I was just introduced to the site, and therefore haven’t used any of your deals, but I now check everyday and surely will be using one of your deals soon!

  8. Alex Lian says:

    I have a trip for the entire family to BKK. Can so definitely use this code as the fare is really steep. Thanks!

  9. Ellen says:

    Booked BOS-SJU because of the Flight Deal Daily Dealsletter!

  10. cl says:

    love this

  11. Betty says:

    Love the site! 10% would come in handy. 🙂

  12. Gil says:

    I love the daily e-mail, I’m always on the lookout for travel bargains. Could def. make good use of the 10% off code.

  13. Hae Eun K says:

    I took advantage of Virgin’s flights to SF back October 2012 (for $260 rt)

  14. belinda says:

    Haven’t taken advantage yet personally but pointed my sister to take advantage of one of the cheap SFO-JFK fares!

  15. Danny Garcia says:

    I look every single day and took AAdvantage of a few of the deals! Look forward to getting this email every day 😉

  16. Gene says:

    I’ve grabbed some killer fares from SFO to SJU thanks to The Flight Deal!

  17. Brandon B says:

    I was able to go from SFO – JFK for $210 recently. Thanks for all your hard work!

  18. bill t says:

    Could definitely use one of these!

  19. Chaim Cohen says:

    I check the site daily, and booked a trip to Miami and San Francisco over the past few weeks. You guys are great!

  20. Brian C. says:

    Booked a trip to Tel Aviv last year. Had a great time!

  21. Stella says:

    Haven’t found a deal that work with my schedule but I read your email and check all the deals! One of these days 🙂

  22. rocky says:

    I have found many deals on this website! Thanks so much! keep it up!

  23. TheBeerHunter says:

    I took advantage of the AA GRU deal that just happened. Thanks!

  24. Ginny says:

    HNL-NYC worked for me several trips in the last month.

  25. Lindsey says:

    I haven’t taken advantage of a deal yet, but I did forward along the newsletter to a friend who did!

  26. Angeline says:

    hello there! i haven’t found a deal that would work for me either, but i check your site religiously everyday and i also get your emails. i am subscribed to your facebook too.

    keep up the good work! hopefully i can get one of the codes! thanks !

  27. Grant says:

    I went to ABQ due to your deal, wish I could go on all of these deals. Someday….

  28. Sonya says:

    Would love to use this for an upcoming trip to HOU

  29. Cheryl Argento says:

    Would love one of these, have some great trips to book!

  30. Glenn says:

    Haven’t been able to take advantage YET of any of the great deals you post, but this extra 10% off would definitely facilitate my ability to do so this year!

  31. joseph mansour says:

    would love one of these!

  32. Dave says:

    I started reading the deals recently & signed up for the newsletter. If I get a discount code, I’d like to travel to either HKG or ICN with it. Thanks.

  33. kar says:

    Used the one to go to PIT from SFO ($140 deal)….

  34. Bri says:

    in 2012 I used your tips to go to Manila and Beijing. This year Madrid and Easter Island. Thanks!

  35. lance says:

    You guys supplement my points obsession with a daily fix 🙂 I could sure use one of your 10% off for a trip have comming up to Asia. Thank you guys for what you do!

  36. kar says:

    Used the one to go to PIT from SFO ($140 deal)

    I actively follow it through twitter and am almost addicted to it 🙂 It makes my adrenaline rush when I see an awesome deal(for a price i COULD NEVER IMAGINE)

  37. Adam says:

    Consider this my entry. 10% off would be useful.

  38. Harlan V. says:

    Absolutely. A couple of times! Being in NYC has its perks.

  39. Matt says:

    Hi, I have recently taken advantage of the SEA-NYC deal. With my regular business trips and vacations I accumulate 70k to 80k miles every year, and this newsletter is helpful to find good deals as I need to do mileage run to reach 100k to qualify for EXPLAT. Thanks so much!

  40. Brian says:

    Want! Want!

  41. CJ says:

    I haven’t had the chance to take advantage YET of any of the great deals, but I often forward to friends and I know some of them have really scored!
    So many adventures to have, so little time!!

  42. Heath Clayton says:

    I take advantage of your deals ALL THE TIME. Two weeks ago I flew Turkish from IAD to CMN for $496 RT and I am currently in Buenos Aires because you all tipped me off that OneTravel still had availability for the TAM fares $590 RT. Next, I am pondering the JFK to Kazakhstan trip on KLM for $740… need to pull the trigger on that one. Thanks guys!

  43. Rekha says:

    Took advantage of the deals on AA/LAN from Dallas to EZE business class! Thanks for the tips!!

  44. Shawn says:

    Your sharing of this information is just flat out awesome! I feel lucky to get the Flight Deal email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys ROCK!

  45. Shawn says:

    the fact that you guys share this information everyday is awesome! I feel lucky to get the email everyday and want to say that you guys flat out ROCK!

  46. Shawn says:

    You guys ROCK! It just had to be said again.

  47. Len says:

    Definitely! I used it for three trips to SF (from BWI) for under $200, and booked a sub-$200 fare to Austin last week. Thanks guys!

  48. Ryan says:

    I just booked the cleveland deal on American you posted yesterday!

  49. Brian says:

    Haven’t yet, but the LAX-Hawaii deals were definitely tempting! I might have to jump on the next one.

  50. Jerry says:

    Not yet but will likely at some point.

  51. B-Rad says:

    So far: Tel Aviv, Peru, and San Francisco 😀

  52. Jonathan says:

    Booked 3 JFK-TLV tix for me and my daughters last year for $350 each!!! We just traveled on these tickets (over their Feb school break no less!) to Israel and had an amazing time. We never would have known about this obvious mistake fare had it not been for TFD. Thanks guys!!!

  53. Sam Collins says:

    Love this site just booked MIA-GIG for the cheapest price I have ever seen >$600 thank you thank you !! Leaving on April 11 and can’t wait. Look out Ipanema 🙂

  54. Mike Chan says:

    Hey! still havent used any deals i found from this site, but plan on soon! Must leave NYC!

  55. Adam Mussell says:

    Booked a Virgin America flight to LAX from PHL last month. Great stuff!

  56. Michele says:

    I’m new to your site, so I’ve not used any deals yet. (would love a 10% off coupon because we looking at booking an AA flight.)

    Thanks! 🙂

  57. Wardell Minor says:

    I purchased a discounted fare to Santiago, Chile in Business class for early April thanks to this website!

  58. Adam says:

    A comment.

  59. Andrew L. says:

    I would like to use this one for my up coming Dallas – Istanbul, Turkey. $704. Roundtrip, including all Taxes.

  60. KR says:

    I’m headed to HNL in June thanks to TFD’s post last October with deals from PHL. Thanks!

  61. Adam G says:

    I have not yet but definitely want to. It is a matter of scheduling with a full time job and a 3 year old.

  62. Brad says:

    I check the site regularly but haven’t been able to take advantage of any deals due to my current location. Looking forward to hopefully taking advantage of them soon.

  63. Myron says:

    Haven’t been able to use any deals yet – but I love seeing them.

  64. Kevin says:

    Thanks to you, I feel like I can go anywhere and save money! I’ll definitely be going to Puerto Rico thanks to your latest tip (even though its during Hurricane season)

  65. Monica says:

    Still trying to find a deal from MIA-EZE…Please, I def. could use an AA promo code

  66. Rookie10 says:

    Really enjoy your site. Thanks.

  67. AKB says:

    Thanks to you, I flew to Las Vegas and SFO from NYC for under $280 rt each.

  68. K says:

    I love your deals. Recently i took advantage of the club carlson and virgin america things you posted. I also monitor your flight deals religiously. Would have taken advantage of the Chile business class flights deal, but unfortunately couldn’t get the days off work.

  69. Eddy says:

    Was close to doing SJC –> OGG but couldn’t quite make the schedule work.

  70. Sara says:

    Not yet! I have been having trouble (they sell out by the time I can afford them, or go too quick). But I just recently found you about a 2 months ago.

  71. Rui N. says:

    Haven’t booked any deals yet!

  72. Phuc Nguyen says:

    me me me

  73. WP says:

    I haven’t had the chance to book any flights. I’m still looking for a deal from NY to HK! Hopefully I can take advantage of this 10% and book a flight for my mom.

  74. Lee Kowarski says:

    I’ve used a couple of the deals, but most are unfortunately too short notice for my schedule

  75. wolfgang says:

    Found and booked cheap fares to Brazil this week!

  76. ZZZZAAAA says:

    NYC -> Austin at 5 CPM!

  77. marcus says:

    been following this site, but haven’t pulled the trigger on any deals yet

  78. Lina says:

    The Turkish airlines fare to Copenhagen from DC. Absolutely love you all and am definitely spreading the word!!

    Would use this discount code for the DC-SJU fare you shared with us.

  79. David says:

    Several deals utilized… this website is depleting my vacation hours

  80. Eric says:

    This could be the first deal I’ve taken advantage of. *fingers crossed*

  81. Trang says:

    I scout every deal posted, but not much in my area lately.

  82. Terena says:

    I used your PHL-LON deal to go visit my friends in London for the weekend in January! Had an amazing time!

  83. Kevin says:

    I could use one.

  84. Jim says:

    Booked DFW-SJU for $134 on United for memorial day weekend. Super cheap trip! Thanks for all the deals!

  85. Marc Timoteo says:

    I havent yet, but I am anxiously waiting for one! Please keep them coming!!!

  86. Brad Wallace says:

    I love following you guys on Twitter. I am always looking for the next great deal. I took advantage of a mini fare war you guys posted about last fall to take a quick 3 day fishing trip / mileage run from DFW-OGG this fall! Thanks for feeding my travel and points addiction!

  87. Cheryl Johnson says:

    I haven’t yet but I check back every day! I’ve got a lot of weddings and related festivities this year and you guys will be lifesavers.

  88. Alex says:

    Booked incredible low fare Biz Class ticket JFK-SVO Finnair for $1,500 roundtrip.
    Thanks to TFDeal posted notification update.

  89. Tebow says:

    Nothing yet

  90. Wills Thomson says:

    I am planning a trip to Miami in April…Flight Deal is an essential website for browsing the best fares! 🙂

  91. p agarwal says:

    haven’t yet – still looking!

  92. P T says:

    Not yet, but I keep looking. I would love it if you keep scouring the deals for remarkable business class fares, especially from the west coast.

  93. Tiffany says:

    Took advantage of a great weekend February lax-mco deal for only $202! Was able to visit Disneyworld for cheap because of this blog 🙂

  94. Beatrice Morlan says:

    In the last several weeks alone I have booked a $149 ticket from SLC to STT and my roommate and I booked $553 tickets from SLC to LIM thanks to this site! Thank you so much!!!

  95. AC says:

    I have use the deals from the Flight Deal to do a MR from LAX-MIA, LAX-MKE and LAX-FLL.

  96. W Brian Duncan (AKA IPBrian) says:

    I could totally use one of these to fly to NRT!

  97. Eddie says:

    Took advantage of SFO-SJU fares that came up. I check your site daily. Thanks for your help!

  98. W Brian Duncan (AKA IPBrian) says:

    and I am constantly getting updates from your site for deals. Headed to SA in Business Class soon!

  99. Gabriel says:

    I booked JFK-SJU last fall for only $189

  100. Patrick says:

    So far San Juan and Anchorage! Thanks.

  101. Yi says:

    Have not won before.

    Did take several AA fares out of Miami to qualify the Executive Platinum .
    the total cost was brought down to 4.5 cents / mile.

    Thinking of one ticket to Seattle some time soon

  102. Chris says:

    Round trip SMF-STT $147 all in! AA for my birthday in April. Amazing…thanks TFD. Friends are coming too.

  103. Dave Williams says:

    I’d love one I have a trip on hold now.

  104. Keith says:

    I follow your blog regularly and enjoy reviewing the great deals, even if I’m only traveling vicariously!


  105. Andrew P says:

    This site is exactly what I’ve been looking for for a long time. Thanks for making it a place to visit nearly every day. Haven’t bought anything yet, but just visiting everyday makes me a little happier.

  106. Matthew says:

    Booked SLC-LIM from the airfare wars post. Thanks!

  107. James L says:

    Haven’t yet but I share the deals all the time. My friend booked the JFK-IST deal for Presidents Day!

  108. Philip says:

    Yep, I took advantage of SNA – NYC. Thanks!

  109. Ron D says:

    I’ve been salivating over some of these deals. especially the ones from SFO/LAX to Puerto Rico! Unheard of low prices! BUT, I am unemployed and might have to relocate back to SoCal so I had to pass on them. ;–{

  110. Janice says:

    The Flight Deal shows some great bargains and trying to keep my mileage up with AA this 10% coupon will be appreciated. No longer have direct options from Boston to SJU or London on AA so have to be creative about trips and Flight Deal makes me want to fly every day when I see the bargains !!

  111. Brandon says:

    JFK-SFO for the weekend to have lunch at the French Laundry. Needless to say, the $200 airfare was about the third of the per person cost for lunch. Both were worth it!

  112. Theresa says:

    I’m a follower on twitter! Have taken advantage of flights to the East Coast from SFO and am desperately hoping a last minute one pops up for one to DC in a couple of weeks.

    Have a flight on hold to China/Japan so would love the 10% off.

  113. JamesP says:

    Yes, I’ve landed several great fares from your posts! My next trip is to SJU.
    Thanks for the contest.

  114. Steven Chu says:

    I got a $99 one way flight from NYC to LA on Jetblue after I read your guys’ post on mystery sale promo codes!

  115. Feroze says:

    Flight Deal is excellent and I have saved few $$$ .
    Any discount is great. Could use it between TPA and SFO next month!!

  116. Adam says:

    We took the $600 flight to Istanbul. It’s a place I would have never thought to visit if not for The Flight Deal and we ended up loving it. Thanks!

  117. Globus says:

    Not yet but am following and reading the Flight Deal. Getting 10% off, even once, would be great!

  118. Carla says:

    I’ll be 10% closer to Seattle!!!!!!!

  119. Srikana says:

    Went on a fabulous trip to Spain, Thanks to timely fares from the flight deal.

  120. Erik says:

    Haven’t travelled yet on a flight deal bargain, but waiting for the right deal to the right destination.

    Any chance you’d post more business class or better deals as they come about?

  121. jianqing he says:

    I miss the $500 deal from NYC to BKK which post in NOV 2012. I received the email in the office but when I get back to home, it is gone for my select date.

  122. Jenny says:

    Flight Deal gave me an amazing deal to Hawaii – a trip I surprised my parents with! Thanks!!

  123. Maureen says:

    Love Flight Deal & check it every day. I am going to EZE via your alert on DFW-MIA-EZE 1st/Biz $920 fare: WHAT A DEAL! Also booked a few OCT-NOV, SFO-SJU MR’s from another of your alerts. A 10% AA discount code would be a great bonus that I could combine with another of your AA deal alerts! Thanks!

  124. Joel says:

    Going to Easter Island thanks to you guys!

  125. Alan says:

    Just booked a trip to Brazil on American based on the post on west coast cities to Brazil sale. Thanks!

  126. Larry says:

    Booked an sju and Doh mileage run, thanks guys

  127. Cheryl says:

    Yep the SCL one. Looking at the SJU ones though.

  128. Molly rae says:

    I used this website to go from La to san juan, puerto Rico for $302. Awesome!!

  129. Laura says:

    We are about to book a flight to PBI see my brother’s new baby. I’m going to be an aunt!

  130. Mike says:

    I booked the JFK to SCL deal in business class so I can hit platinum on an AA status challenge.

  131. Tristan says:

    I went from LA to Miami in January for less than $250 to get some good Cuban food. Noms.

  132. Scott says:

    AA codeshare on MAS?

  133. Eric says:

    Lax-Mad.. Yes!!

  134. Craig says:

    BDL to DFW to visit my daughter. Thanks.

  135. Jonathan says:

    I’ve traveled JFK to SAN with your help.
    Love you guys!

  136. hutch says:

    You guys rock!
    We’ve bought the boston to paris, Tokyo, and anchorage deals.

  137. Kyle says:

    I just found this site about a week ago but I added it to my RSS reader and I love when the American deals show up. I’ll be booking very soon.

  138. Bill H says:

    Just found the site a few weeks ago. I promise to use the code for a mileage jog using one of your deals!

  139. M. Asgary says:

    Took advantage of AA: DTW-GIG roundtrip for $570. Thanks!

  140. David R says:

    I have used codes from you to LA LGA and EWR this year . I will be going to London next Month but have not booked yet a discount of ten percent would be great as flight are like $1 Millllliiiiooon dollars

  141. Ernesto says:

    You’ve probably saved me over $500 this year alone, last flight deal booked was MIA-JFK, prior to that MIA-GIG…thanks!

  142. Will says:

    I used the site for a great value on Washington DC to Istanbul. Was only $524!

  143. K Harris says:

    Thanks. Because I found your deals I can see the world and I’m not rich.
    The 10% would allow my wife’s family the opportunity to attend her brother’s wedding without breakinga the bank.

  144. Clarice says:

    Would love a discount for upcoming wedding season. Too many to go, too!

  145. Ralph M says:

    Just starting it would help the pocketbook

  146. carol k says:

    Haven’t been able to take advantage of any deals yet but have been checking every day for the destinations I need!

  147. Ruth says:

    Just started following and reading this site! I agree with some of the other commenters – this would be a big help during this summer’s wedding season!

  148. Lorena says:

    Going to Miami!!! thanks to you guys!

  149. Alex says:

    Took advantage of the ANA NH1009 launch deal to visit Shanghai in Oct. ’12, then flew AA JFK-SFO for about $230. I also recommend flight deals to coworkers and friends whenever they need to travel. Tips like the DCC, visit Beijing/Shanghai 3 days without visa, Brazil’s ATM policies, etc. are also great!

  150. Celia says:

    More AA miles please!

  151. Dan says:

    Just discovered your website via Twitter less than a month ago, and thanks to you, I just took advantage of the AA/LAN Easter Island via business class for about $1000. Going next month! Looking forward to more… Waiting for some GIG alerts in August!

  152. Karin Melick-Barthelmess says:

    We took advantage of you mentioning the deal
    MIA-Curacao, DNA and flew on Feb 11, returning Feb. 16. This was a nice winter break. Thanks to you.
    I am continuing to look for other deals. preferably one to Kona, HI late in the year. Who knows.
    Your explanatory entires on various deals are also helpful

  153. KFM says:

    I haven’t yet, but I check your site every day hoping for a deal that fits in my schedule. Thanks.

  154. Rowena says:

    I only found out about this website 3 months ago, but have been checking it almost daily for trip deals. Recently used it to book the lowest flight fare to Mexico City.

  155. Dan says:

    Recently took advantage of the AA deal to LGA from ORD and will be taking me and my girlfriend for a getaway to NYC

  156. Matt B says:

    Haven’t taken advantage of any deals yet, but check them out every day! Need the code to fly my inlaws to DC. Thanks

  157. Tracy S says:

    I haven’t yet been able to take advantage of anything you’ve posted, but I keep trying! Your’e a daily stop for me.

  158. caroline says:

    10% off would be great for my upcoming college tour with my daughter!

  159. moses says:

    i like your website i got a lot of info that i shared with my friends 10% would be a great idea

  160. Rob says:

    I follow TFD on Twitter and constantly jump on some of the South Florida deals. Ya’ll know who I am! Hook me up 😉

  161. Stephen Thomas says:

    A 10% discount would be great. In the past I have leveraged multiple AA deals from IAD to LAX. I would likely use this discount for a spring Europe trip.

  162. txtjames says:

    I could really use one of these on my planned DFW-LHR trip to see my special man in 4 weeks!! Always looking for a great deal

  163. globetrotter says:

    The best site to find super bargain deals . This 10% off promo will greatly help us to plan a trip from LAX to Argentina for four people later this year. Hopefully, we will have enough miles and points to fly business for all, if we can find four award seats on same flight.

  164. leon says:

    I need it for a trip back from Rome in July.

  165. Brett says:

    I’ve traveled on an American transcon between NY / LA on a good deal shown on your site. Hoping to win 10% promo!

  166. Colleen says:

    I recently used a deal to Orlando…Thanks!

  167. J says:

    Could definitely use one need to see my family

  168. Linda Nguyen says:

    I want to travel to Honolulu, HI, New York City, Seattle, Washington, and anywhere ELSE if I got the chance to win! 😀 😀 😀

  169. Jesse says:

    I would love to book a flight but a 10% off coupon would help!

  170. Prakhar Panwaria says:

    Not yet, but would like to take use of it now. Thanks!

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