US Airways: 12 Free US Airways Dividend Miles from Audience Rewards to Extend Mileage Expiration

Audience Rewards is making it easy to keep your US Airways Dividend Miles mileage expiration extended. Answer these questions and you will receive 12 miles — enough to extend expiration another 18 months or potentially be a “hit” for the US Airways Grand Slam promotion that we wrote about yesterday.

Go here to answer for the trivia questions

  • How many Tony Awards was Memphis nominated for? 8
  • True or False? Andrew Lloyd Webber does not come from a musical family. False
  • In the story of Bonnie and Clyde, what was Bonnie’s last name? Parker
  • Lysistrata Jones is scheduled to play in what theatre? Walter Kerr Theatre
  • Where did Victoria Clark get her undergraduate degree? Yale
  • True or False? In the original Broadway Rent, the names of the characters at the Life Support meetings changed nightly to reflect friends of the cast and crew who were suffering from HIV/AIDS. True


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