Giveaway: United Global + Regional Upgrades.

Thanks to the generosity of five of our fans, we have a few United upgrades to give away:

  • Eight (8) Global Premier Upgrades
  • Six (6) Regional Upgrade

Please read the terms of the entry conditions before entering.

United Airlines' Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner - Photo: InSapphoWeTrust, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

United Airlines’ Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner – Photo: InSapphoWeTrust, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Terms of the upgrades:

  • Valid for travel until January 31st, 2015
  • If it is an international route to Asia, Europe or deep South America, the booking class needs to be W or above for the Global Premier Upgrades

If you meet the conditions above, leave a comment with your routing.

  • Leave a comment on the bottom of this post with your United routing and booking class (please DO NOT email us, leave a Facebook comment or Tweet us that you would like to enter – those are not valid entries) by Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 11:59PM Eastern.
    • Your must provide your FULL routing in the format of airport codes (e.g., JFK – LAX – PVG) and your booking class.
  • One entry per person — if you have never left a comment before, it will go into moderation, so no need to leave multiple entries. We will approve them over the course of the giveaway.
  • Make sure you leave a valid email so we can get in touch with you should you win.
  • You DON’T need to leave your full name on the NAME field in the comments.
  • We will select fourteen (14) winners by Wednesday, January, 2015 at 2:50PM Eastern. Each winner will receive ONE upgrade. We will select winners based on:
    • Flight duration
    • Product (lie-flat will win over a domestic First Class for example)

The Flight Deal is not responsible for the upgrades being processed and being selected in this giveaway is not a guarantee.  There is a possibility that United will not immediately clear the upgrade and wait-list you instead.  Last thing – if you win, you will need to share your last name and booking confirmation with our generous fans so that they can upgrade you. Thanks again to the generosity of our fans for the upgrades!


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Comments (153)

  • Jacob 9 years ago Reply

    Just a trans-con, SFO-BOS-SFO in K

  • Michael 9 years ago Reply

    Hi folks — I’ve got an upcoming MCO-EWR-BOS that would appreciate an RPU. Half of that is on a lie-flat 752!

  • Jun Lu 9 years ago Reply

    SFO-IAH on Dreamliner in N

  • Stan 9 years ago Reply

    Roundtrip transcon LAX-JFK. Could use an RPU for the PS service 🙂 Thanks!

  • Janice 9 years ago Reply


    I have a flight from LAX to HK to LAX K class

    Haley 9 years ago Reply

    I’m 99.9% positive you can’t use a GPU on a K fare ticket.

  • Milan K 9 years ago Reply

    On layover of CLE-LAS-LAX outbound. Have SFO-CLE back Friday. Thanks for the generosity. I’m sure whoever gets it will be appreciative!

  • robert 9 years ago Reply

    United Economy (G)

  • Sanjeet 9 years ago Reply



  • Cassie 9 years ago Reply

    Hi there, I am making a quick trip from NYC to Seattle in economy with 1 stop on January 19th:

    LGA – DEN – SEA (Economy, both T class flights, 8 hr 31 mn travel time)

    And then back again on January 21st!

    SEA – DEN – LGA (Economy, both L class flights, 7 hr 17 mn travel time)

    I have a MileagePlus Explorer card as I am trying to rack up points for a trip abroad in May; I don’t know if that matters or not?

    Thanks very much for setting up this generous giveaway!

  • Helene 9 years ago Reply

    Wow. My groom and I will be OGG-lax-jfk. We r in coach and would really aporeciTe an upgrade to end our honeymoon on a high note. Thank you.

  • Travis 9 years ago Reply


    2 total legs on 752 domestic lie flat.

  • Nicole 9 years ago Reply

    Hi 🙂

    IAH-SFO-RNO & back
    Fare Class: United Economy (K)



  • Donald 9 years ago Reply

    SFO TO LAS Class B

  • Andreas 9 years ago Reply

    RDU-SFO-SAN in N

  • Lan 9 years ago Reply

    MCO-EWR in N

  • Shanshan 9 years ago Reply

    LGA to ORD in K

  • Ben 9 years ago Reply

    1/21-1/26 JFK-LAX-JFK in K – would love the RPU! 🙂 Thanks generous people.

  • Stephen 9 years ago Reply

    EWR-MUC-EWR in U

    Would love lie-flat on my way to Germany!

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Stephen – travel date?

  • Catherine 9 years ago Reply

    EWR to CUN (Class: United Economy (X)), 4h 30m

  • Nik 9 years ago Reply

    Rtb-IAh-sfo in x


  • Dave 9 years ago Reply

    United Economy K, routing EWR – HKG – SIN – DPS – SIN – HKG – EWR (two-class int’l booked for $832 r/t using your sale back in December)

    United Economy G, routing SFO – JFK (lie-flat seats)


  • George 9 years ago Reply

    I have an upcoming 13,000-mile multi-city international loop in economy class:

    Jan 19 PWM-EWR-SEA Economy Q

    Jan 23 SEA-ORD-FRA Economy T

    Jan 31 FRA-BRU-EWR-PWM Economy T

    An upgrade would be greatly appreciated, but particularly on Jan 23rd! 🙂

  • Daniel 9 years ago Reply

    Day, Date Flight Class Departure City and Time Arrival City and Time
    Fri, 09JAN15 UA1225 W SAN DIEGO, CA
    (SAN) 6:15 AM NEWARK, NJ
    (EWR – LIBERTY) 2:36 PM

  • Ceres 9 years ago Reply

    SFO – JFK – SFO in Y. Upgrades one or both ways are most definitely appreciated!

  • Shawn 9 years ago Reply

    IAD – LAX – IAD
    Class G

  • Tuck 9 years ago Reply

    Great giveaway! Not sure if I qualify (I booked everything on my itinerary through United but am flying on other airlines for some legs) but here goes nothing:

    Jan 5: LAX – SYD (Q, United)
    Jan 7: SYD – MEL (Q, Qantas)
    Jan 13: MEL – BKK (K, Qantas/Jetstar)
    Jan 16: BKK – HND (W, ANA)
    Jan 20: NRT – LAX (W, United)

    First big international trip in a long time!

  • Eddie 9 years ago Reply

    1/23 IAH-SFO on 787-8 Thanks!

  • Jeff 9 years ago Reply

    IAD-FRA-ABV S Class

    Thank you!

  • Bailey 9 years ago Reply

    ORD – DEN – ORD in United Economy (K)! Happy new year 🙂

    Bailey 9 years ago Reply

    United Economy (V) on the DEN – ORD leg!

  • Lucas 9 years ago Reply

    Start Mar-14 & End Mar-15 return leg of trip PNH-ICN-SFO-EWR FareClass W,V,V

  • Jeffrey Oneill 9 years ago Reply


  • Marilyn 9 years ago Reply

    BOS-MUC-BOS roundtrip in Economy (U)

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Marilyn – date of travel?

  • Lauren 9 years ago Reply

    ORD – TPA – ORD in N. Not that exciting product-wise but an upgrade consideration is always appreciated! 😉

  • Allyson 9 years ago Reply

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!!!

    Jan 10 – EWR – DEN – RENO
    class T – 7 hr 30 min trip

    Jan 17 – SFO – EWR
    class T – 5 hr 25 min trip

  • Scott 9 years ago Reply

    I have a GPU expiry 1/31/2015 I can’t use. If someone can tell me how to transfer or redeem for 3rd party I’ll be happy to donate as additional prize.

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Scott – sending you an email. thanks.

  • Robert Perreten 9 years ago Reply

    Jan. 29, 2015 MNL-GUM-HNL-DEN-GEG in Y I could certainly use an upgrade on this little trip!!

  • Lucas 9 years ago Reply

    Please disregard my last post I missed the part of 2015 JAn 31st.

  • CRE 9 years ago Reply


    1/9: EWR – SFO – PEK (T)

    1/19: SFO – EWR (W)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Sabita 9 years ago Reply

    This would be make my next trip so much better! thanks!

  • Tom R. 9 years ago Reply

    SFO – NRT – SIN – DPS – SIN – HKG – SFO
    booking class = k

    Thanks for the opportunity. Love your site.

  • Erica 9 years ago Reply

    1/15: IAD- DXB (K)
    1/19: DXB-IAD (K)


  • David N 9 years ago Reply

    IAH-LAX (X) Economy
    LAX-TPE-PHN (I) Business

  • Anthony 9 years ago Reply

    EWR – SIN – DPS or DPS – Tokyo – EWR

    United Economy (K)

  • Tate 9 years ago Reply

    JFK – LAX in G
    LAX – JFK in L


  • Mike H 9 years ago Reply

    LAX-IAD-DXB-MCT in K. (Jan 15) *IAD-DXB is 13h. 13 lie-flat business-first class are currently available.
    MCT-DXB- IAD (in K) IAD-LAX (in R). (Jan 25) *DXB-IAD is 14h 30 min. 13 lie-flat business-first seats are currently available.

    Thank you donors for your generosity!

  • shiva 9 years ago Reply

    EWR-SFo-EWR in K class on Jan 9 2015

  • Susan R 9 years ago Reply

    Den – HNL in United Economy (T)

  • RH 9 years ago Reply

    EWR – NRT – SIN – NRT – EWR in W.

  • Megan 9 years ago Reply

    Hello! I’ve never flown internationally in First before, so this upgrade would mean the world to me! FRA-IAD on Jan 18, Fare Class S. Thanks so much!!

  • Mia 9 years ago Reply


    MIA – PTY – MVD (W) Jan 22
    MVD – PTY – MIA (W) Jan 29

    My husband and I would love the upgrade 🙂 and of course we love your site and the flight specials.

    Thank you!!!

  • Kenneth 9 years ago Reply

    Leave a comment on the bottom of this post with your United routing and booking class:

    IAD-DEN Roundtrip on United Airlines on K Class.

  • Marco Duarte 9 years ago Reply

    BDL-EWR-FRA and FRA-EWR-BDL, Class U – having an upgrade for either one would be sweet!

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @marco – date of travel?

  • Toni 9 years ago Reply

    SNA-SFO-PHL in economy

  • Randall 9 years ago Reply


  • Brandon 9 years ago Reply

    Flight: New York/Newark, NJ (EWR – Liberty) to Las Vegas, NV (LAS) Fare Class: United Economy (XN) (and back)

  • Al 9 years ago Reply

    This would be a dream come true!

    ORD-IAH-HNL in economy class T 1/7/15
    HNL-LAX-ORD in economy class K 1/12/15

  • Efren 9 years ago Reply

    LAX-SEA Economy

  • elaine 9 years ago Reply

    1/8: ORD – YYZ – IST (Class L)
    1/18: IST – FRA – ORD (Class L)

    having an upgrade on either direction would be lovely.

  • Samir 9 years ago Reply


    Class S

  • Kathy 9 years ago Reply

    dca-bru economy

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @kathy – what is your full routing, date and booking class (e.g., K, S, T, W etc?)

  • Michael 9 years ago Reply

    Jan 11: PVR – DEN – SFO (class T). Coming back from officiating my best friend’s wedding!

  • Marissa 9 years ago Reply

    MCO-EWR (on a lie-flat 757!) in N class

  • Sean 9 years ago Reply

    SMF-HOU-FLL class L
    FLL-HOU-SMF class S

  • Eric 9 years ago Reply

    Jan 28th SFO-SEA G Fare class

  • keith 9 years ago Reply

    Jan 14
    LAX-NRT-BKK in K
    Jan 29
    NRT-LAX in K

    Never been upgraded before!

  • Gui 9 years ago Reply

    Jan 30: BOS-SFO (G)

    Jan 10: BOS-DCA (G, stopping at EWR en route… ugh…)
    Jan 12: DCA-EWR-BOS (G)

  • Joe 9 years ago Reply



  • Julia 9 years ago Reply

    1/29 – SFO – IAH – IAD – DXB in K. There are currently 22 lie-flat BusinessFirst seats available on the IAD -DXB segment.

    I will be flying back on 2/1 for another 19,788 miles of economy so an upgrade on any segment would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

  • Jill O. 9 years ago Reply

    My United itinerary for Jan:

    Jan 12: RDU to EWR fare U
    Jan 15: EWR to RDU fare L
    Jan 20: ORD to EWR fare K
    Jan 23: EWR to RDU fare H
    Jan 26: RDU to EWR fare L
    Jan 29: EWR to RDU fare L

  • James 9 years ago Reply

    Redeye LAX-IAD on 1/25 in T. An RPU would make this much easier!

  • Mike H 9 years ago Reply

    1/26: LAX-IAD-PTY-SCL (Class K/L).
    Thanks again!

  • Jeff 9 years ago Reply

    (2 travelers, all on the same ticket)
    January 18th – LAX – NRT – BKK (K class – United/ANA)
    January 22nd – BKK – HND (K Class – ANA)
    January 25th – NRT – LAX (K Class – United)

    Thank you for your consideration!

  • Steven 9 years ago Reply

    BKK-ARN-MUC-BOS (Class: I)

    Thanks for consideration!

  • Anne 9 years ago Reply

    SJC – NRT – TPE booking class K

    Please love me I’m desperate

  • Jonathan M 9 years ago Reply

    Would love an upgrade!! Have the following itinerary on 13 Jan: IAD-FRA on united and on 21 Jan have another United leg from DXB-IAD. Both flights in Q class. Thanks!

  • Songyun 9 years ago Reply

    1/17 EWR-IAH-CUN in K

  • Jon 9 years ago Reply

    ICN-SFO-PHL (K-United)
    PHL-SFO-ICN (K-United)

    Don’t believe K can upgrade, but mind as well join the party.

  • Bill B. 9 years ago Reply


    Fare Class: United Economy (G)


  • Haley 9 years ago Reply

    Hi!! I would love to win the regional upgrade for my upcoming flight!

    1/22 – IAD – LAX – G class
    1/25 – LAX – IAD – K class

    Thanks for the consideration!! You guys are great!! 🙂

  • Michelle 9 years ago Reply

    January 9th ::: EWR > HKG > BKK (United code K round trip). We will also be flying to Ko Samui but on Bangkok airlines. 😉

  • Michelle 9 years ago Reply

    Booking code W not K !!!

  • Mike G 9 years ago Reply

    Jan 20 – DXB – IAD – SFO – DEN – GEG

    Would love to win the regional upgrade for the IAD – GEG flights!

    DXB – IAD is unfortunately not in an eligible booking class for a GPU.

    Thanks for doing this…really appreciate it!

  • ivk5 9 years ago Reply

    1/13-21 EWR-ZRH-EWR in UA C

  • Chris C 9 years ago Reply

    1/19 SEA-LAX-MEL 1730; 2230 (Fare Class W)
    1/26 MEL-LAX-SEA 1115; 840 (Fare Class W)

    Thank you for the generosity!!! Would really appreciate the Global premier upgrade on 1/19 from LAX to Melbourne on a Dreamliner over a 15 h 45 min flight!!!

  • Chonlawit 9 years ago Reply

    One way trip back to the states from New Zealand.
    CHC-MEL is U class
    MEL – LAX is U class (Dreamliner )
    LAX-IAD is L class

    Happy New Year !

  • Bruce 9 years ago Reply


  • Mark 9 years ago Reply

    SAN-LAX-EWR-BWI K class 757-200 flat-bed LAX-EWR
    IAD-IAH-SAN S class 777 flat-bed to IAH


  • Feroze 9 years ago Reply

    Go United, here I come !!

  • Alvin 9 years ago Reply

    Fare Classes: K,K,Q
    Total Travel Time: 22 hrs 51 min!

  • Stewart Gardner 9 years ago Reply

    Help me, I’m poor…

    Jan 16 – CAI – FRA – IAD (S) class

  • David 9 years ago Reply

    V Class

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @David – travel date?

  • Meg 9 years ago Reply

    Taking my daughter to Amsterdam for college graduation gift. Thanks for the giveaway.
    United, May 3-11. WAS-AMS and AMS-WAS

  • Phillips 9 years ago Reply

    EWR-PVG K class

  • Yichuan 9 years ago Reply

    Regional Upgrade entry

    LAX-ORD, Jan 18 red eye

    K fare


  • A 9 years ago Reply

    Happy New Year! I’m traveling SIN->ORD->LGA on 1/15/15 in class K. Would love you forever!

  • Alek 9 years ago Reply

    Just about as likely to get these upgrades as I am to get one straight from united, but I’ll try anyway.

    Jan 16
    AUS – IAH – DCA
    Both legs in (L)

    Jan 18
    DCA – EWR – AUS
    First leg in (L), second leg in (G)

    Absolutly not worth a GPU, but an RPU would be very appreciated, at least for that EWR – AUS leg. Thanks, and keep up the deal posting. It’s made my mileage accural so much easier.

  • Adam K 9 years ago Reply

    EWR-SFO booking class L

    For my 7 month pregnant wife. Would love to make her work trip a tiny bit easier

  • Yael K. (7 mo pregnant wife of Adam K) 9 years ago Reply

    SFO to EWR – Booking Class Q

    7 mo. pregnant and hoping for a more comfortable cross country flight!

  • I’d love to win an upgrade

    Heading to see our microfinance operations in India where we serve 1.5 million people working their way out of poverty

    Jan 23. Den-Del.
    Jan 31. Del-Den
    Booking class W

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago Reply

    @Steve – can you provide full routing?

  • Meghan 9 years ago Reply

    I’m flying IST-YYZ-DCA on 1/19 and would LOVE an upgrade. 11 hours is a long time to sit in coach. The booking is K class.

  • Alex N 9 years ago Reply

    I’ve got JFK – SFO – TPE in K on May 6. TPE – SFO – JFK in K on May 13. Not sure the GPU works on K for the international part but wouldn’t mind a RPU for the JFK-SFO & return legs (and of course a GPU if it works)! 🙂

  • Daniel 9 years ago Reply

    1/26 DCA – IAH – SJO (Class L)
    Thank you!

  • Jaime 9 years ago Reply

    Anyway around W being the class minimum?

    Jan 24
    EWR – NRT – BKK
    Class K
    Feb 6
    BKK– NRT – EWR
    Class K

    Read more:

  • Larry 9 years ago Reply

    EWR to SFO – Class X

    SFO to EWR – Class X

    Thank you!

  • ola 9 years ago Reply

    Jan 7th LHR to IAD to LAX booking class L

  • Justin 9 years ago Reply

    Hey TFD Team!

    Nothing is worse than having be inside at a work conference on a holiday-

    EWR-MIA G-Class

    MIA-EWR G-Class

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Jessica 9 years ago Reply

    Happy New Year!

    EWR-SAN, W-Class, 739

    SAN-SFO, G-Class, 739

    A regional on the EWR-SAN would be amazing!

    Thank so much!

  • Jordan 9 years ago Reply

    DEN-IAD on Jan 20. Class X

  • Orlando 9 years ago Reply

    OGG-DEN-MIA class K on January 7

  • Corey 9 years ago Reply

    ORD – DEN – ELP on 1/21/15 G Class

  • roberto 9 years ago Reply

    JFK – LAS JETBLUE 7 jan
    LAS – JFK JETBLUE 10 jan

  • Alex 9 years ago Reply

    So sad I can’t participate. Unfortunately I have no flights booked yet for 2015. :-/ That will change soon!

  • dilini 9 years ago Reply

    trying to get my disabled mother to Sri Lanka for treatment for a condition Western docs can’t find a remedy for, this would be amazingly generous.

    AUS – IAD – DXB – MAA – CMB Class X

    dilini 9 years ago Reply

    if not eligible class, will convert to eligible if granted the upgrade. ~d

  • vinitha 9 years ago Reply

    I am the disabled mother of dilini who is flying home to Austin to accompany me on my journey for treatment. thank you for making my journey more comforting. blessings.

    AUS – IAD – DXB – MAA – CMB Class X

    dilini 9 years ago Reply

    if not eligible class, will convert to eligible if granted the upgrade. ~d

    The Flight Deal 9 years ago

    @dilini – you are on an international award ticket. not upgradeable regardless.

    Dilini 9 years ago

    Meant I would purchase a flight for my mom instead and return the miles if awarded the upgrade. Thanks very much for the consideration. ~d

  • Michael 9 years ago Reply

    MCO-EWR-BOS in N class
    (MCO-EWR on an intl configured 757)

  • Yoo Jin Jeon 9 years ago Reply

    MSP-SFO-MSP class T

  • Mark Woodward 9 years ago Reply

    MSP-SFO-MSP class T

  • Sabrina 9 years ago Reply

    (SFO-LAS: class N
    LAS-IAH-EZE-IAH-SFO: class T)

  • Trudy 9 years ago Reply

    Not sure if the GPU would work on an X fare class ticket (saver award, so probably not) but if so I would really appreciate it!

    HKG – SFO – EWR on January 17th
    so 12 hours on a lie-flat!

    Thank you donors for your generosity!

  • Aaron 9 years ago Reply

    I am a long-time follower and fan of your blog. Very impressed with how it has evolved and thank you and your donors for generously facilitating this!

    Jan 10:
    N class
    (8 hour trip, oddly offered on mainline)

    Jan 19: EWR-LAX
    K class

    Happy new year!

  • Fred 9 years ago Reply

    Jan.16 SFO-HKG K
    Jan.20 HKG-NRT L
    Jan.26 NRT-SFO L

  • ahila 9 years ago Reply

    LGA-DEN-EWR in K/T class respectively on Jan 14/Jan 16

  • David Nudell 9 years ago Reply

    Flight: Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Singapore, Singapore (SIN)
    Forgot the date: 1/20/2015

  • Shivani 9 years ago Reply

    Jan 16 EWR – SFO (Class L)
    Jan 22 SFO- EWR (Class K)

  • Alex 9 years ago Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    I am traveling :
    Itinerary 1 (L class. all segments)

    Jan 29 YYZ-WAS-MSY
    Feb 1 MSY-IAH-YYZ –
    Itinerary 2 (K-class all segments)

    March 12 BUF-ORD-HKG-SIN
    March 16 SIN-HND
    March 23 NRT-ORD-BUF

  • neel 9 years ago Reply

    EWR-SFO class L

  • MissMagpieFGS 9 years ago Reply

    BTV-EWR-CUN – Class XN
    CUN-EWR-BTV – Class YN

  • Chris 9 years ago Reply

    all RPU’able:

    HNL-ORD redeye (K)
    CLD-LAX-BOS redeye (N)
    BOS-IAH-IAD, second leg on 3-class IPTE 772 (K)
    HKG-GUM// HNL-LAX (K, so a GPU can’t be applied to GUM-HNL segment)

    thanks for the opportunity!

  • Clara 9 years ago Reply

    EWR – MIA

    Roundtrip Jan 14 – 19

    Economy Class

    I know this is for one but I am traveling two, if that is all possible to accommodate. Otherwise, i’ll ditch my friend in economy. Hehe. No! Just kidding. If there’s anyway the generous fans can accommodate two than please pick us!

  • Payal 9 years ago Reply

    Husband and I are heading to Budapest and Prague to celebrate his 40th!

    March 17- ORD – MUC – BUD

    March 31 – PRG – FRA – ORD

    Thanks for the chance! Good luck to all!

    Payal 9 years ago Reply

    Forgot classes-

    March 17: class k
    March 31- class s

  • William 9 years ago Reply

    1/15 EWR-PBI (Class K)

  • Eric 9 years ago Reply

    LAX to ORD
    Class K

    It’s a red-eye flight, so I would love to get upgraded for a better sleep. TY so much!!!!

  • Matt 9 years ago Reply

    i am flying DCA-ORDon Jan 12 and ORD-DCA on Jan 14 both in H economy. Not long, but a 6 am flight is never easy. This might make it slightly barable.

  • Shandon 9 years ago Reply

    1/11 SFO-LAX-PVG (V Class)
    1/18 TPE-SFO (W class)

  • Karen 9 years ago Reply

    RDU-EWR-PVG 1/26, class W, W

  • yasumo 9 years ago Reply

    got a hnl-bkk-nrt-hnl coming up on 1/19-1/28! all booked in B! good luck to everyone for sure!

  • jason 9 years ago Reply

    Hi! all united airlines mutitrip. SFO-NRT-SIN-NRT-SFO all in class K on jan 27.

  • Angie 9 years ago Reply

    Ewr – cun class K. 2/22-27!

  • Gordon 9 years ago Reply

    Hi The Flight Deal!,

    Just following up on the post and i actually dont see my post on here anymore. It was listed as in moderation or something. Was it not approved? In case it didnt go through, here it is again.

    One way JFK-SFO-TPE W Class Flying 31JAN

    I would hate not to be eligible for the giveaway for a small error!


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