Giveaway: One 20% Off United Discount Code

Thanks to an anonymous fan, we have one 20% off United discount code to give away. Entering is really simple — leave a comment about your summer travel plans on this post. Please read the terms of the discount code before entering!

(Don’t worry AA flyers, we have a giveaway for you guys next week for AA discount codes)

United Airlines' Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner - Photo: InSapphoWeTrust, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

United Airlines’ Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner – Photo: InSapphoWeTrust, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

The terms and conditions of the discount certificate are:

  • Must book by April 13th, 2014
  • Travel by date: March, 2015
  • For one passenger
  • Only on United marketed and operated flights (this means no codeshares — e.g., a Lufthansa operated flight under United flight number)
  • 20% off is only for the base fare and not taxes — in actuality, it can be as little as 1% off the total ticket to at max of maybe 17% off (e.g., a $300 nonstop flight from New York to San Francisco would save about $50). The discount does not include taxes or carrier imposed surcharges like fuel.
    • The best bang for the buck will be Domestic, Carribbean, Central and South America and Asia. Europe and Africa would have small discounts as fuel surcharges to those markets are high.
  • This discount may be used on following published fares: United First(R) (F,A) class, United Business(R) (J,C,D,Z) class and United Economy(R) (Y, B, M, E, U, H, Q, V, W, S, T, L, K) class fares.
    • The economy restriction only really affects super discounted domestic tickets — since there are two fare classes – G and N which would not work this discount code.

Now that you’ve read the terms and conditions of the discount certificate, and you still want to win this certificate, to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post (not twitter or Facebook) by Friday, April 11th at 11:59PM Eastern
  • Make sure you include a valid e-mail on the e-mail field so that we can contact you should you win.
  • On the name field, please just leave your first name. No need to put your full name.
  • We will choose a winner using by Saturday, April 12th at 2:50PM Eastern.

Thanks again to our anonymous fan for your generosity.


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343 Responses to "Giveaway: One 20% Off United Discount Code"

  1. Zi says:

    I hope to visit Japan!

  2. Olivia says:

    Going to Vancouver this summer

  3. Adriana says:

    Would like to join my family reunion on summer Mediterranean cruise through Italy, Greece & Turkey, I live in USA & they live in Australia.

  4. Bill says:

    Planning to visit Greece this summer!

  5. Kendall says:

    Can’t wait to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico with my bestie!

  6. Cesar b says:

    I gong to Cancún

  7. Sam says:


  8. Amy says:

    I would like to go to Vegas this summer to celebrate my 40th Birthday!

  9. Payal says:

    Would love to use towards a ticket to India in the fall to visit my family that I haven’t seen in five years 🙂

  10. Michelle says:

    Planning for Yellowstone in August!

  11. JC says:

    Need to visit the parents in Colorado !

  12. Thadeus says:

    I’m going to Aruba for a family vacation in July!

  13. Neer says:

    Taking my brother for his graduation to japan and hong kong!

  14. Cynthia says:

    This summer will be epic! Starting off local, NYC to Miami for the unofficial start of the summer aka Memorial day. Then jetting to St Lucia mid July for their carnival celebration. Then Croatia for my first European country in August! Will try to squeeze in either Greece or Italy at the end of Croatia. So excited!!

  15. Kevin says:

    Hoping to book a ticket to Brazil!

  16. Allison says:

    Planning to visit Vancouver and La, hoping to add a trip to Goa!

  17. Kristan says:

    Great Giveawah!

  18. Bryan H says:

    Hoping to take my wife to Europe for the first time before we have our first baby!

  19. Hunter says:

    I’d like one please so I can go see my parents!

  20. Shawn says:

    I have a summer of weddings to attend: Vegas, Seattle, and Minneapolis so far!

  21. Mario Bourque says:

    Zurich. Hiltl. #ohyeah

  22. Meredith says:

    Going on my first safari at Kruger National Park!

  23. Kent says:

    Planning for Punta Cana in July!

  24. PV_Premier says:

    Lots of domestic transcons for me this summer!

  25. Tim says:

    Due to visit my sister and baby nephew in Houston, with a detour to Austin or course.

  26. Lauren @ La Dolce Pita says:

    I’d love to visit Paris this summer… last time I was there it was FREEZING!!!!!

  27. Liza says:

    Hmmm…maybe would go to Europe somewhere!

  28. Kim says:

    Would love to get out to The Cape to visit my family!

  29. Dmitri says:

    Take me to the best coast!

  30. Michael says:

    Denmark and Sweden or bust!

  31. Gyimil says:

    NYC here I come!!

  32. Ben says:

    Planning a trip to Bangkok and would love to stick with United for the flight!

  33. Colin says:

    Looking to book a flight to Croatia for Hideout festival

  34. Lam says:

    Going to Athens and Asia

  35. Cam says:

    *crosses fingers* win win win.

  36. Kevin W. says:

    Just starting to make plans for Xmas in NY.

  37. Matt says:

    I am planning a trip to Vancouver with my girlfriend so she can get to her conference and cross another city off of our travel wish list.

  38. Jeff says:

    Going with my girlfriend to santa fe to celebrate her mom’s 70th!

  39. CJANDERSUSC says:

    To visit my sister and brother-in-law in Dublin, Ireland!

  40. AZ says:

    Visiting Europe to see my newborn niece!!

  41. Jonathan says:


  42. Theresa says:

    Going to South America

  43. Leigh says:

    I would love to go to Switzerland!

  44. Lauren says:

    I’d love to use this for my summer London flight!

  45. Rach says:

    Finally going to do the Spanish coast!

  46. Arnold says:

    Planning on a trip out to SF

  47. TED says:

    I wanna visit MCO. thanks

  48. Aaron says:


  49. Willy says:

    Vegas baby!

  50. Karan says:

    Will finally visit home and meet my parents.

  51. Nicholas Lordo says:

    Winning this would greatly help me on my next trip .. Hope hope…

  52. Caroline says:

    Hoping to go to brazil for the World Cup

  53. Lesley says:

    Would love for this to help for my flight back home to Boston this Fall

  54. J. Spears says:

    World Cup for two weeks (on United!) and a week in Tanzania and Istanbul!

  55. Clay says:


  56. Ashley Gregory says:

    Want to visit San Diego!

  57. Eli says:

    I am going to LA

  58. Nick says:

    Here’s hoping

  59. Ben says:


  60. Scott McMurren says:

    Iceland, Sicily and all around Alaska….here comes summer! Keep up the great work!

  61. Krystyna says:

    I would love to take a weekend trip to Santa Barbara or Nashville!

  62. Kenneth Lee says:

    I am looking forward to spending Memorial Day, the start of the summer vacation season, in an exotic place via United Airlines.

  63. Ally says:

    LA, Greece & Nova Scotia!

  64. Gabriel says:

    Thanks for offering this!

  65. Jonathan says:

    viva barcelona! can’t wait for summer!

  66. Brian says:

    Hilton Head Island to spend some time with my family!

  67. Bruce says:

    I would use it to go to Chile – thanks!

  68. Kyle says:

    Want to visit the Rocky Mountains

  69. James Miller says:

    Visiting my best friend in Panama!

  70. Michael M says:


  71. Tyre D says:

    Crazy summer includes Running of the Bulls in Spain, Istanbul, Alaska, New York, Orlando and Los Angeles.

  72. Benjamin Lopez says:

    I’m hoping to celebrate turning 30 in the Southern Hemisphere!

  73. Scott M. says:

    Going to Jamaica in August. United flies direct from NYC so this code would be amazing!

  74. Jack says:

    Rate to Asia is crazy in June and this will help a lot…Thanks!

  75. Kelsey says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. Pat says:

    Rome and Dubrovnik for me. 🙂

  77. Steve says:

    Love to see the skyscrapers in HKG

  78. Blake says:

    San Francisco!

  79. hawaiilov says:

    Hoping to be traveling somewhere in South America…

  80. Phillip says:

    Hopefully traveling to Buenos Aires!

  81. Tom M. says:

    Planning a trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

  82. Nicholas says:

    Visiting grandma in Hawaii.

  83. Matt says:

    I’m going to MXP on the <$1500 AC biz Z deal a couple weeks ago!

  84. Julia says:

    I am going to Santorini! Woot!

  85. Nilesh says:

    I wanna go to the maldives

  86. Eric says:

    This summer we plan on visiting a lot of domestic cities we’ve never been to and then once it cools down a bit try a Caribbean trip.

  87. Lauren says:

    I would love to use this for a trip to Casablanca that I am planning for this fall!

  88. Angie says:

    Would take 2 months off to travel around Africa if I could win.

  89. Antonio says:

    I have a friend’s wedding on the other side of the country to go to in August, this would really help!

  90. Chao says:

    Plan to fly from den -NYC

  91. Christopher says:

    I’ll be visiting family in New York. Been in San Francisco for the past few months and would love to see them!

  92. Alex says:

    Would like to take a trip to South America this summer

  93. Alex says:

    Headed overseas this year – I could definitely use this!

  94. Peter says:


  95. Alex says:

    Oh man, this would put me over the top on my savings for trip to South America this winter….

  96. Maria Sangria says:

    In need of a beach trip. Bad. Choosing a destination now…

  97. Thomas says:

    I would use the discount to go to Hong Kong!

  98. Randy says:

    Off to Paris!

  99. andres says:

    NYC….I will be a volunteer @ golf tournament for the Special Olympics USA Games to take place on West Windsor Township, NJ on Monday, June 16 – Wednesday, June 18

  100. Kris says:

    Going to Hawaii later this year, 20% off would be nice.

  101. Kerry says:

    Thailand for winter! Going home for the holidays!

  102. Anastasia says:

    I want to visit my parents in New Mexico 🙂

  103. ML says:

    Hoping to see my favorite band perform in NYC!

  104. Andy C says:

    I’m going to Roanoke to meet my new nephew! SEA-ROA is looking pretty expensive as usual.

  105. Olivia says:

    I need a vacation!

  106. jd says:

    would use the discounted ticket to visit family in Asia

  107. Harrison says:

    Because sometimes a photograph won’t suffice.

  108. Emy Barsley says:

    I have tickets to the world cup and need any discount on airfare! Thanks !!!

  109. Karen says:

    Pick me!!

  110. jiffy says:

    Running of the Bulls, July, Pamplona…. epic!

  111. Nabiha says:

    I wish I could be in Brazil for the world cup! More realistically, I hope to travel to San Francisco this summer.

  112. Emma says:

    I hope to visit my family in Sydney, Australia!

  113. Myrna says:

    Good luck everyone!

  114. Michael says:

    headed to vegas!

  115. Michael says:

    Going to California – Wine Country!!
    and then Europe, i snagged a great deal.
    Rep: Flight Deal!

  116. Greg says:

    Costa Rica!

  117. Eric says:

    Will be flying my daughter from Quito to SF to attend her twin sister’s wedding!

  118. Jessica says:

    Jackson Hole! <3

  119. Kushal says:

    Hoping for a discount on DEL trip.

  120. Krista says:

    Heading to Florence in July… I’d love to visit Hong Kong this year too!

  121. Maciek says:

    going to Japan

  122. Kimberly says:

    Running a 1/2 marathon in Cali – a transcontinental discount would be a big help.

  123. Szilard says:

    Paris, Paris, Paris in June… here I come!

  124. Sami says:

    Japan next weekend.

  125. Nyrie says:

    Booking a mother’s day getaway with mom!

  126. Lara says:

    I’m running for the leukemia and lymphoma society at the nike women’s half marathon in dc! I still haven’t booked my flight yet! 🙁

  127. GChen says:

    I’m going to Europe and visit as many countries as I can!!
    Can’t wait it to come!!

  128. Avi says:

    I would like to fly from Los Angeles to New York for my triplet brothers college graduation!

  129. Sarah says:

    Need to get to the expensive rural midwest for weddings

  130. John says:

    Looking at Portland or Seattle

  131. Nan says:

    Hoping to get to multiple countries in Africa, India, Peru and the Faroe Islands!

  132. ramesh says:

    need United discount code…

  133. Joey Kudish says:

    This would be awesome!

  134. Matthew says:

    I plan on a Bahamas cruise.

  135. Henry says:

    Thanks guys. Planning on visiting Asia.

  136. Kimberly says:

    Kicking off summer with Memorial Day trip to Miami. Going to Boston, Minneapolis, and Des Moines in July and August. Finishing summer with trip to Niagara Falls.

  137. Catherine says:

    Visiting Santa Cruz , California !

  138. Catherine says:

    Trip to Maine to gorge on lobster in the many lobster pounds / shacks, attend the annual lobster festival, and drive around the thousand lakes.

  139. ivan says:

    brazil for the fifa world cup!

  140. R says:

    I’m planning on flying home to California to visit family!

  141. Eunice says:

    Would love to go to Hong Kong !!! <3

  142. AJR says:

    Heading to Calgary to see a dear friend as she becomes an official member of the Alberta Bar!

  143. Poonam says:

    After three years without a vacation thanks to being a broke student in law school, I’m hoping to spend august in Vietnam, after I take the bar exam!

  144. Justin says:

    I’ll be traveling to Alaska!

  145. James says:

    Trip to Southern California in August for my grandmother’s 90th birthday.

  146. Rachel says:

    Headed to Seattle for an Alaskan cruise with the family to celebrate my grandparent’s 60th anniversary, which is coincidentally today!

  147. Orlando says:

    cant wait

  148. Julie says:

    Surprising my husband for his 60th and making his dream trip of golfing the courses of the British Open a reality by having contacted the golf courses, securing tee times, and booking B&Bs…. Scotland– here we come!

  149. Erica says:

    Family wedding in Texas.

  150. Joe says:

    wedding season

  151. Jonathan Turrisi says:

    Plan to visit Montreal & Charleston, SC

  152. Lori says:

    Celebrating hubby’s 50th bday in Hawaii!

  153. Howard says:

    Hoping to make a trip from New York to Denver!

  154. Shayla says:

    Looking forward to the Cayman Islands with my husband this summer.

  155. Bob says:

    I am certifiably crazy….I bought four of the United P fares for $1475 so will visit Paris and Amsterdam two times each over July/august, albeit for quick one day turnarounds but those are fun as I don’t get jet lag on such a quick trip! Then….I’m taking my wife on a 7 day garden tour in Ireland and then a week on London and Paris the end of June. My vacation will be staying home in Vegas the last part of August!

  156. Cecily says:

    Visiting my mom in Walla Walla, Washington!

  157. Gloria says:

    Planning trip to Panama and family visit in Dallas!

  158. Sam says:

    Seoul! to celebrate dad’s 80th birthday!

  159. Hoiieng says:

    I am planning my trip to Yellow Stone this summer!! <3

  160. Josh L says:

    Post-graduation trip to Brazil for a mix of beach, trekking and three World Cup games (go USA!)

  161. Emily says:

    Would love to go home to visit family in Toronto this summer!

  162. Sheri says:

    Touring trappist ale breweries in Belgium.

  163. Misha says:

    I’d love to go to DC!

  164. Daniel says:

    Backpacking Europe (Denmark, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Netherlands).

  165. Jas says:

    Thanks for the offer !!!! Would love to take a holiday 🙂

  166. Michele F says:

    Going to Las Vegas, New Orleans, Jamaica (Negril) and Paris this summer! And I’m still trying to squeeze in a few weekend trips. If I could win the discount, then I’d definitely be using it for my flight to SXM for Thanksgiving!

  167. Shannon says:

    Hopefully visiting Brazil!

  168. Ravi says:

    I can use it to book tickets to South Korea. Doing my first ironman triathlon there.

  169. Allison says:

    The world’s cutest nephew in Hawaii is expecting a visit from his childless aunt in New York! Would love to spend the 20% on presents!

  170. Jenny says:

    New York, Dubai, Japan to celebrate a promotion, my birthday and blessings!

  171. vvn says:

    Hoping to fly to Vancouver or Seattle this summer. Thanks for offering this giveaway! Love this site!

  172. Janice says:

    Have to travel to London for my daughter’s graduation this summer.
    Would be a great help to get a discount as prices are way up there.

  173. A W says:

    My family is planning to do a long drive to South Carolina to visit my husband’s brother and his family , whom we have not seen for many years. I am sure my 3- and 5- yr old will appreciate flying instead.

  174. Frank says:

    Going to Milan and Montego Bay and want to bring my SO

  175. Peter says:

    Phx to London! W/Madrid, Barcelona, Nice and maybe a few more places!

  176. Christin says:

    dreaming of ireland to see our family!

  177. Jen says:

    Weddings in ATL, SF, & Philly (I’m NYC based), bach party in Mexico, and World Cup… I need all the discount help I can get!!!!!

  178. Hilton says:

    I plan going to New York City for Summer.

  179. Greg says:

    Hoping to visit San Francisco and then to Utah for a drive down to Bryce Canyon and onto the Grand Canyon.

  180. Marcia says:

    Would love going to Disney World

  181. Rand says:

    Will be very helpful to me with a trip to LA later this year.

  182. jpc says:

    Gotta fly to London to see the gf

  183. S.J. says:

    Got tickets to see Kate Bush in London this summer.

  184. Michael says:

    I hope to visit Japan or China!

  185. Mike says:

    Would love to have the 20% discount

  186. Mark the Shark says:

    I’d love to fly back to Sydney!

  187. Staci says:

    My teen son was asked to accompany a friend to Maui this summer. The friend and his family are already booked on United, so I need to book the same. Have you seen the prices to Maui in the summer? I need a discount!

  188. LUCHEX says:


  189. Susan H says:

    I want to visit a childhood friend in Sweden. I finally located her after 30 years.

  190. Therese says:

    I have never to Vietnam where my parents are from could totally use the 20% discount!!

  191. Adam says:

    Going to Brazil for the World Cup!

  192. shiva says:

    I’d love the 20% discount for a trip to San Diego in the summer with family – yet to book tickets. Thanks in advance

  193. Sri Santhanam says:

    Trying my best to get a vacation arranged to Oahu and stay at the Aulani (DIsney) where my kids want to go & play for a few days…

  194. Jill says:

    Hoping to get to Albania in June

  195. Jeff says:

    A flight to somewhere sunny would cure these blues.

  196. Laura says:

    Traveling to Hawaii in the fall and Europe in the winter. Would love to have this to help me reduce either of those fares! Thanks!!

  197. Edgar says:

    I’m going to Colombia!

  198. Christina says:

    I would love to use the discount to shave the cost of going to Hawaii this summer…non-stop from ORD to HNL via United!

  199. Ketiwe says:

    Heading home to Zimbabwe- where I haven’t been in nearly 20 years!

  200. Justin says:

    Beer, schnitzel, and pretzels in Berlin and Vienna. What’s better than a cold beer on a hot summer day!?

    Thanks so much!

  201. Jason says:

    I’m wanting to go to Amsterdam.

  202. Jacob says:

    Post-graduation trip to Europe with friends!

  203. Hunter says:

    My partner is in the military and deployed to Abu Dhabi. My summer plan is to save up enough to go visit. Even though he won’t have a lot of off-time, at least it is a nice spot to visit despite the heat. A 20% off discount with United would be hugely supportive of this!

  204. Stephanie says:

    I would love to go see my boyfriend in Colorado!

  205. Glenn says:

    Going to visit my very dear friends in Seoul, where I lived for a year back in 2005.

  206. Kira says:

    Barcelona for 10 days in May…. San Fran in Aug… Cincinnati in July and Bald Head Beach , NC in September

  207. Gene says:

    Hi, I would love to utilize the 20% off code! I’m going g to AMS on the discounted UA biz class fares three times this summer! I can’t wait to get some Dutch coffee. 😉

  208. Barrett says:

    I would love to fly somewhere warm to get out of this cold.

  209. ahila says:

    Thanks for the offer – would be lucky to get this for a trip to Honolulu 🙂

  210. Nadia says:

    Would love to go to Mexico!

  211. Isabella says:

    Plans to go to Europe.

  212. Samantha says:

    Love your website!

  213. Brandon says:


  214. Garrett Bluhm says:

    Planning a backpacking trip to Zion National Park this summer with my dad and 3 brothers. Haven’t been together for a long while, and really looking forward to the experience.

  215. Chris says:

    Visiting Italy in May!

  216. Brian M says:

    I am headed to Hawaii. Aloha

  217. Matt says:

    I would use the discount coupon to visit my girlfriend in San Francisco.

  218. Heather says:

    Visiting San Diego this summer. Hoping to plan a Labor Day getaway as well to somewhere beachy!

  219. Louis says:

    Already booked a flight to SF. Waiting on a deal for Paris!

  220. Elliott says:

    I will literally shave “TFD” into the back of my head for a promo code, so I can afford to fly out to Copenhagen in June.

  221. Alice says:

    Love your website! Would love to take a campervan trip through Oregon.

  222. Chris E says:

    Going to Abu Dhabi for my sister’s graduation!

  223. Jessica W says:

    Twist: I’ll be taking Amtrak cross country! And then Europe 🙂 – not by train this time.

  224. Dennis says:

    I’m visiting the Big Island for a week this summer!

  225. Peter says:

    Hawaii for some well desrved R&R!

  226. Yiwei Feng says:

    a trip to seoul-japan and taiwan!

  227. richard says:

    Paris in June

    Florence in August

  228. Tenchi says:

    i wanna win and win big!

  229. Krystle says:

    Trying to go to South America!

  230. Joseph says:

    i’m planning a trip to hawaii so this would be great!

  231. John says:

    Looking to return to PI

  232. Jean says:

    NY maybe

  233. Franz says:

    Going to Argentina and Kauai!

  234. luchex says:

    Thanks in advance. I really needed this discount to go to Mexico.

  235. christina says:

    This will help me in going to China or Southeast Asia!

  236. Anina says:

    I am planning a girls’ getaway to Europe in August. Would love the discount!

  237. Kerry says:

    Trying to get my family all out to Montana this summer.

  238. Rod says:

    Would love this to go to Mexico in August for a wedding!

  239. charlie says:


  240. Tim says:

    Plan to travel to Thailand and Cambodia to teach deaf children during summer and make a difference in their lives

  241. Yang says:

    Will go to Chicago in the summer!

  242. John says:

    Going to Amsterdam and Barcelona

  243. Alicia says:

    Machu Picchu with my best friend. We’re both turning 30! 🙂

  244. Lc says:


  245. Evan N. says:

    Paris in the summer! How grand!

  246. Holly says:

    I’m in a wedding in Wyoming this summer!

  247. Ceres says:

    A trip to NYC would be a great way to start the summer!

  248. Michelle says:

    4 out of 9 godchildren live in San Francisco so I would love to surprise them during summer vacation.

  249. Mark M says:

    Looking to get to Texas!

  250. petetsai says:

    needing to book some flights next week!

  251. deepak says:

    need to visit india

  252. Kim says:

    I’m planning several trips right now: one to visit friends in Los Angeles as a future move destination, another to Peru to explore Lima and hike to Machu Picchu, and a third to visit Rio de Janeiro. Also I need to somehow find the money to visit my parents back in the Midwest this summer, so a coupon would definitely help with one of these flights!

  253. Kristen says:

    Looking forward to traveling to Edinburgh!!

  254. david says:

    India, hopefully in early summer.

  255. Dan says:

    A trip to Canada!

  256. Jacob says:

    Going to Eastern Europe this summer!

  257. Jocelyn says:


  258. Huang Y says:

    Would like to use it to visit family in HK!

  259. Yasir P says:

    I hope to go to Versailles this summer 🙂

  260. Danielle says:

    C’mon baby Mama needs a ticket to Rio!

  261. Justin says:

    Portland, Seattle and Vancouver!

  262. Thanh says:

    I hope to visit Singapore this summer!

  263. Stephanie says:

    My husband and I are going to the Dominican Republic to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary!

  264. Hung says:

    I hope to go home in Vietnam from the USA to visit my parents

  265. Kevin says:

    I will be visiting Rome!! My first time.

  266. grace says:

    Southeast Asia binge: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

  267. Elaine says:

    I want to visit Chicago!

  268. linda says:

    Headed to the world cup! Help me get there with a super Sweet discount?? 😉

  269. Geoff says:

    going to Portland!

  270. Nicole says:

    Amsterdam me!

  271. Jin says:

    It’s a rip off that going to Brazil in June, help please 🙂

  272. Mike says:

    I never win anything. Maybe today?

  273. Shawn says:

    My summer travel now includes a fabulous BusinessFirst trip to Rome and Maui thanks to a fantastic fare sale

  274. Brian scott says:

    I am looking to visit madrid and Barcelona this summer!

  275. Rajeev says:

    Going to London on an escorted tour. Flight tickets need to be booked this week.

  276. Xingyuan says:

    Looking forward to Asia and maybe even Seattle later this year!

  277. Siobhan says:

    I plan to visit Berlin, Napels, and the italian coast this summer to eat delicious food and take in the World Cup games with a crowd.

  278. Jessica says:

    Going to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro!

  279. Mike says:


  280. Abhinav G. says:

    For Mexico!

  281. Sou says:

    Milan in Summer. This giveaway would be great for me. Thank you.

  282. Alejandro says:

    Im planning on visiting family back in Honduras.

  283. doris says:

    Amsterdam is calling!

  284. alice kwok says:

    hoping to go to Cancun before I turn 30.

  285. Christopher says:

    Headed to Germany!

  286. Nicole says:

    Visiting my boyfriend who lives over 2,000 miles away from me in San Francisco. Also hoping to meet him in Dallas for a few days.

  287. Mark Suwannakom says:

    Thailand and Vietnam.

  288. Kevin says:

    It’s that time… After meeting in West Africa during a fellowship program, and 3.5 years together ever since, I’ve been putting together a surprise for her “birthday trip” to where we met (Senegal).

    Now, she would never in her wildest dreams think that I would plan this or propose to her here, so it’s all the better! She was living/working in Dakar, and I was Peace Corps Volunteer in SE Senegal. While we led separate live there, since we met nearly 4 years ago, I’ve been wanting to share my village and family in Senegal with her. It’s perhaps the happiest time of my life and reason I never left and continued to live/work in West Africa in different roles. We’ve since moved back (2011), but have been eager to get back together ever since. Of course, we still speak with our friends and “families” on a near weekly basis, so I can pretty much guarantee that our arrival will make for one heck of a story and a lifetime of great memories. The village will certainly throw a huge fête.

    I’ve been watching the United fares for quite some time, but they’re miserable. With 50k points to burn and some work travel coming up, I can get to 80k to cover a “saver award fare”, but will still need to purchase the other ticket.

    So there it is. A proposal in the making.

  289. Alison says:

    I’m visiting London, Paris, and various cities in Italy this summer!

  290. Chris says:

    I wanna visit Europe finally!

  291. Nikdro says:

    I’ve got lots of summer plans , mostly in Colorado.

  292. Ariana Atwater says:

    Going to the Bahamas this summer! Would love to win this code!

  293. Chan says:

    Southeast Asia

  294. Ed says:

    Going to tokyo this summer!

  295. Jonathan says:

    To visit my girlfriend in Denmark!

  296. Nicola Ferguson says:

    Planning a trip to Amsterdam or Paris in early summer, Tokyo is scheduled for the fall.

  297. Eddy says:

    My mom always complains I don’t visit her enough so this code would definitely come in handy!

  298. Peter says:

    first class to Beijing would be amazing if I won this.

  299. Jaden says:

    Heading to California for my college reunion!

  300. Danielle says:

    A visit to my grandbaby!

  301. ARB says:

    I would like to book a trip to Brazil to celebrate taking my bar exam!

  302. Jackson says:

    Thanks anonymous poster!

  303. Nancy says:

    I would go to Australia if I won.

  304. MattyS says:

    I want to discover India

  305. Genni says:

    I’m heading to Guam at the end of June for a wedding! I’m so excited to be in 80° Island weather!

  306. Jason says:

    Southeast Asia

  307. Mario says:

    Still looking at different options

  308. Robi Johnson says:

    I would love this discount to fly my son to Diabetes camp (he has a Type 1 diabetes) in Dallas this summer!!!

  309. Anthony says:

    Maybe Alaska!

  310. Fan says:

    Male in September

  311. Akilah Daniels says:

    Just came back from the Bahamas last week, on my way to Mexico next week, New York in June, Dubai in July for 10 days, and last (but surely not least) Chicago end of July!

  312. Wes says:

    I am traveling to see friends

  313. Brad says:

    Summer: what I’m calling the rivers and bridges tour: Lisbon, Berlin, & Portland, Oregon.

  314. Maria says:

    I’d love to go to Argentina and/or Spain!!

  315. JDH says:

    Would be great to use it to visit friends!

  316. Winter says:

    Hoping to see China!

  317. Dan says:

    A wedding in Houston. A wedding in Houston. And if I’m lucky, some downtime in the rockies.

  318. Mike says:

    Costa rica

  319. Penny says:

    Going to Italy in May!!!

  320. KT says:

    *~Goin to Cali~ Cali~~*

  321. Bhavya says:

    Going to NewYork soon

  322. TheresaM says:

    I would love to fly to visit the Holy Land to visit the most sacred and religious places that serve as the history of my faith. Once in a lifetime trip!

  323. Brian says:


  324. Molly says:

    This summer all I want to do is fly to Vegas to see Britney Spears. No shame. She has been my favorite since I was nine and I just want to see her perform lol

  325. Fankai says:

    I’d love to visit Hawaii

  326. jetsetr says:

    Looking to go to Paris!

  327. Jim says:

    Trip to HKG!

  328. Liz says:

    Back to Singapore!

  329. Grace says:

    Hoping to squeeze in Vancouver, Washington DC, Boston, Seoul and Toronto.

  330. Cathy H. says:

    Australia! But during the Australian summer. 🙂

  331. Ying says:

    I want to go to France!

  332. acheng0370 says:

    We live in east coast, plan to visit family member in SanFrancisco and San Diego.

  333. Julia says:

    Eyeing Europe for the summer!

  334. Andrew says:

    Visiting family

  335. Pam Santatikul says:

    France and Germany! Thanks for posting that amazing Business Class Deal last week!

  336. Pat says:

    I’m taking my parents to Ireland in July (on United!)

  337. keith says:

    mmm another south america trip would be nice 🙂

  338. Brian Geller says:

    I would love to use this to go to EZE!

  339. Sam says:

    Would love to visit Japan this summer!

  340. Steve says:

    I’m a geek and want to see castles in the UK

  341. Meredith says:

    Would absolutely love to use the coupon for visiting Thailand !

  342. Josh says:

    Turkey here I come!

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