[FARE GONE] Etihad Airways – $187 – $700: New York / Chicago / Dallas / Washington D.C. / Los Angeles / San Francisco – Middle East / India / Africa / Asia. Roundtrip, including all Taxes

Happy Holidays!

Etihad has some holiday specials for you folks in New York / Dallas / Chicago / Washington D.C. / Los Angeles / San Francisco to the Middle East, India and Africa. We did some primary checks for the following:

  • Johannesburg [JNB] – Under $700 from San Francisco
  • Mumbai [BOM] – Under $600 from San Francisco
  • Abu Dhahi [AUH] – $187 – $465 for all the listed cities.
  • Seychelles [SEZ] $588 from JFK [2/11 – 18]

We did a bunch of dates in February and availability was easy to find. These are not searchable on ITA, so let’s crowd source this.

Remember to enter our giveaway for $100 LoungeBuddy credit good for free lounge access.

Update 12/25/2014 @ 1:00AM Eastern – Availability so far: Late January – May, September – November. Stick to Monday – Thursday departures for best price.

Update 12/25/2015 @ 2:05AM Eastern – Availability to cities like Hong Kong, Manila etc per the comments starting around $270 from New York. Availability for Hong Kong seems to be available in the Fall. We did not find anything in the Spring.

Update 12/25/2015 @ 5:25PM Eastern – while we haven’t tried every city pair, JFK – Abu Dhabi is still bookable for about $250 on Priceline. Sample date 2/10 – 17.

Update 12/25/2015 @ 7:00PM Eastern – while there might still be some scattered dates available, this is mostly gone.

General advice for low price tickets like these: wait for the ticket number for booking anything that requires a pre-payment. In this instance, the ticket number will be in the form of 60XXXXXXXXXXX. There is also a risk free 24 hour cancellation period — buy then plan. If you can’t firm up your plans within those 24 hours, cancel risk free!

Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Photo: lam_chihang via Flickr, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Photo: lam_chihang via Flickr, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Sample Travel Date:

  • Sample from San Francisco
  • February 10th – 17th, 2015

Fare Availability:

  • We found dates from late January – May // September – November. There could be others.
  • Please note that while this fare is valid at time of posting, if this post is more than two days old, the fare is likely gone.

How to Search for Availability:

  • Not searchable on ITA. In general, stick to Monday through Thursday departures for best pricing.

Fare Class:

  • E Class. Etihad flights across the Atlantic will not earn AA miles, but flights from Abu Dhabi to rest of the World (excluding North America) will earn AA miles — REDEEMABLE AA miles. So for those who want to use this for status qualifying, NO, that’s not how it works. We are unsure how Jet Airways operated flights will be credited.


  • SFO – ORD (Chicago) – AUH (Abu Dhabi) – ORD – SFO



  • 18,196 miles or 2.5 cents per mile. These fares will unlikely earn miles.

How to Book:

  • Support us by using our Priceline link to book. Make sure you enter “Etihad Airways” on the Airline textbox in the Advanced Flight Options section.





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184 Responses to "[FARE GONE] Etihad Airways – $187 – $700: New York / Chicago / Dallas / Washington D.C. / Los Angeles / San Francisco – Middle East / India / Africa / Asia. Roundtrip, including all Taxes"

  1. JDH says:

    This is a great Christmas present. Thanks! Is there any reason why these fares wouldn’t earn mileage?

  2. ana says:

    I’ve gotten into the first half of April departing on M-Th starting at $220 from ORD. May be later availability too!

  3. gilby says:

    Google flights has them now…Merry Xmas

  4. TB says:

    Also dates in October. 10/05-10/15 NYC – AUH $187

  5. Diamond says:

    ORD-AUH $208 RT booked 3/11-3/30. I can’t thank you enough, I actually needed this exact ticket.

  6. Neil says:

    JFK to JNB in February for $286!

    • Star says:

      Hey Neil,

      How did you go about booking that because I ran it through google and got the fare but when I clicked over, it jumped from 377 to 918 … thanks in advance.

  7. Mark says:

    returns good up to 4/30, then first weekend of May jumps a little. nothing after 5/3 for me. all nyc-auh searches.

  8. Matt says:

    ord-auh $208 2/10-2/17

  9. gilby says:

    Washington – Abu Dhabi $218
    Tue, May 5
    Tue, May 12

  10. Matt says:

    I see MNL for $285 out of JFK as well.

  11. Megan says:

    I also booked WAS-Abu Dhabi for $218 RT in feb on Google flights!

  12. rob in cape says:

    it would be *really* nice if the reverse flights were also these prices.

    but alas, they’re not.

    i got washington to johannesburg for the dates i wanted for these low prices, but the reverse [which is the flight that i really need to take? three times as much. blah.

    blah. just blah.

  13. Assata says:

    Just booked from JFK to AUH in February. $221 (including insurance)! Amazing. Merry Christmas.

  14. Jacob says:

    I see JFK-HKG for $272

  15. Stacy says:

    I just got sfo to abu dhabi from oct 26 to nov 2 for 528

  16. Jimmy says:

    These flights say non-refundable, does this mean after a 24-hour grace period? Or does that only apply to US airlines? I cannot seem to locate am answer to that on the Etihad website

  17. jetsetr says:

    Snagged JFK-JNB outbound 06MAY, return 12MAY for $293.10 Don’t plan on staying in JNB, but CPT is only a short flight away…Thanks, TFD! Merry Christmas to all, indeed!

  18. Daniel says:

    Tons from SFO to AUH for $488 mid-week. Or to BOM for $535. Seeing lots of availability in May, and October (though those are the only months I’m checking)

  19. akash says:

    JFK to MUM Aug 1 to 31 for 422$.
    The flight deal is amazing !

  20. Faisal says:

    SFO to KHI 753$ March 20th to April 3rd , found via google flights and booked via orbitz with 24 hours cancelation policy, book now, decide later

  21. Rob says:

    Are these flights refundable? Or is there a deadline for cancellation?

    • The Flight Deal says:

      @Rob – these tickets are non-refundable. but you have a risk free 24 hour cancellation period to cancel penalty free.

      • wm says:

        Are you sure about the risk free 24 hour cancellation period? Priceline seems to have pulled any discussion from that on their website.

        • Kimmi says:

          It’s the law in the US. All airlines have to let you cancel within 24 hrs!

          I’ve been told otherwise by other non-US airlines, but when they check, they always come back and say – ok yes, but only for US customers.

  22. Angie W says:

    Booked SFO to BOM for Nov 2 to Nov 11 for $535.

    Thanks, TFD!

  23. jetsetr says:

    also snagged JFK-HKG outbound 01SEP, return 08SEP for $280.75

  24. Andy says:

    Booked JFK to JNB for $291

  25. Andy says:

    Merry Christmas all!

  26. matt s says:

    My work dates are so crazy this year I almost decided to just close the laptop and not think about this one, but after some reflection and digging I couldn’t pass it up! Thanks for the heads up.

    I booked JFK-AUH non stop both ways Feb 12-16… Just enough time to have all of Friday in Dubai then Abu Dhabi + a possible side trip on Saturday and Sunday.

    Long trip for 3 full days, but I survived an Australia coach flight so I’m willing to go for a new country.

  27. Matt says:

    JFK-SEZ limited availability $566

  28. Andy says:

    JFK – AUH – PER fairly wide-open availability $953

  29. DD says:

    what dates work for sfo-jnb? can’t find anything.

  30. Joymarie says:

    Booked from New York City to Abu Dhabi (JFK > AUH) 4/16-4/28 for $187! THANK YOU!

  31. Shaina Drouillard says:

    Booked!!!!……Thank you guys so much, can’t wait to celebrate my birthday in AUH

  32. Kevin says:

    I wonder if it would be a problem (immigration-wise, particularly upon exit) if I booked one of these AUH flights, and throw away the return.

    Thinking of only using the ticket one way to AUH and continue on elsewhere.

  33. Chang says:

    Booked JFK-MNL for $295!! 🙂

  34. peter says:

    What are hotel prices like in Abu Dhabi and any recommendations for a clean basic hotel?
    Any advise on what to do while in Abu Dhabi?
    Thanks so much.

  35. Rob says:

    So no cancellation, but can the dates be changed?

  36. Karin says:

    Thanks @TFD! Booked JFK-JNB in Feb for $291.70.

  37. Chang says:

    There’s nothing really much to do in Abu Dhabi to be honest. You can take a cab to visit the impressive Sheikh Zayed Mosque (6th largest in the world) and stroll along the Corniche in the evening.
    The other attractions like The Lourve and the Guggenheim are not ready yet I think.

    If you want more excitement, you can catch a cab (or a bus) to nearby Dubai which has more tourist attractions to occupy your time.

  38. Michael says:

    Booked JFK-AUH Feb 11-16 ai $187, thanks Priceline!!

  39. db says:

    just booked $290 jfk-hkg on priceline, date was 10/15-10/22, all the september dates are gone it seems. plenty of november available on priceline. For example 11/3-11/10, just do depart on tues or thurs for a week. Google/orbitz is dead to me, failed me so hard tonight even tho it’s cheaper

  40. Karin says:

    Thanks @TFD! Also booked JFK-HKG in Nov for $290.40.

  41. Craig says:

    Wow. JFK to Abu Dhabi (9/21), Abu Dhabi to Johannesburg(9/30), Johannesburg to JFK (via Abu Dhabi, 10/7) for $297.

    Wow! Thanks!!

  42. Michael Wu says:

    Fall to HKG seems to be gone on Orbitz, Expedia. Getting $328 on Priceline

  43. Spinster says:

    EWR —> AUH round-trip in February for $201.60. Amazing.

  44. Andrew says:

    WAS-MNL (Manila) for $300 in March.

  45. Mary says:

    Would anyone who has been to AUH care to share if they think it is a good place for a honeymoon? Most likely will just take the bus to Dubai that Etihad offers and spend the whole time there (7-10days with a couple day trips to Abu Dhabi). Appreciate your time!

  46. Alex says:

    Has anyone figured out how to force a longer stopover on google flights and get that to book on at of the OTA’s?

    • ricky says:

      With stopover this is no pricing out for me. Booked NYC-DEL which stops in BRU on return leg. Would like to stop for few days but lower fares disappear with multi city.

  47. Julius says:

    Just booked using Google flights / Orbitz. ORD to Abu Dhabi. 3/5 – 3/12 for $208.

  48. E says:

    @Mary – I see Abu Dhabi as a “base” for a day or two. There are several sights to see but more in Dubai. If you are thinking about going for a honeymoon I would recommend going to a desert resort such as Qasr Al Sarab for a nice getaway. It is about a 1.5-2hr drive from Abu Dhabi. It is a very charming isolated resort that provides many different activities such as camel riding, dune bashing, archery, etc. I spent two days there and had an absolutely amazing and relaxing time.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you so much E for your time and your reply, I appreciate it! I will look into a desert resort and will more than likely use AUH as a base (if I can even convince the fiance to go). Happy holidays!

  49. peter says:

    I got the confirmation for my booking made on Priceline.com. Is there a way to select seats?

    I signed on to Etihad.com manage my booking section. It does not seem to let me to select seats.


  50. Ashley says:

    NYC – HKG (Hong Kong)

    Sample dates to get a good rate? I can’t find anything.

  51. Jess says:

    Booked JFK-AUH March 9 – March 23 for $177 (plan to get to Thailand), plus JFK-JNB Sept 16-28 for $277. This was about 6-7am EST. Thanks TFD!

  52. Jarold says:

    Booked and confirmed! Dallas to New Delhi in March wohoo!!
    Taj Mahal over Spring Break!

  53. RC says:

    JFK-JNB 3/25-4/6 for $380.70 (+trip protection). I took so long, price jumped about $50 and I lost a shorter layover while I was deciding.

  54. @gabeshep says:

    LAX > AUH
    05/20 – 05/28

  55. Connor says:

    LAX-EVN for $190 in the fall.
    ORD or DFW-DUB or CDG (viewable on kayak/vayama) for $200-250 in the fall.

  56. Charles McCool says:

    Still there I guess? Just found $335 JFK-AUH-MNL-AUH-MNL in March (via Google Flights).

  57. Jonathan Khoo says:

    quite a bit of $190 LAX-EVN showing on google — booked on orbitz; hope it tickets.

  58. Deanna says:

    Has anyone found any deals leaving from Abu Dhabi? Maybe I misread the top which I think implies the same deals from Abu Dhabi.

  59. Rochelle says:

    Booked JFK > AUH on October 27 – Nov. 2nd for $177.80 RT through Expedia.

  60. Lesleigh says:

    Anyone find any Dallas deals? No suck luck with under $300 for me….

  61. Joe Joe says:

    Just booked 10/15 – 10/29 JFK to Hong Kong, layover in Abu Dhabi, for $400.

    Thanks Flight Deal!

  62. Keith says:

    Amazing find, thank you! Already booked something else, otherwise, I’d be spendin that $$$ in the UAE!

  63. weever says:

    JFK-HKG Sep 10
    HKG-AUH Sep 22
    AUH-JFK SEP 25


  64. TravelMore says:

    Wow. Just booked 2 tickets to India for sub-300!!

  65. Rohit says:

    Are these fare available from Toronto,Canada to New Delhi?. Let me know please

  66. mr. d says:

    Got 2 tickets for LAX to Abu Dhabi for $457 on October. My friend and I will pray we will what the heck we’ve gotten ourselves into!

  67. Adam says:

    $178 for jfk to auh Columbus day weekend!

  68. tom watson says:

    339 from JFK to New Delhi which out of the three destinations(auh, mumbai) seems more my style

  69. Sam says:

    HKG and MNL no longer work for me

  70. MFK says:

    Great deal! Thanks!

    FWIW, Google Flights showed $190 RT LAX-EVN but it priced out at $240 on Orbitz for the dates I chose in Feb.

  71. Harmeet says:

    Trying to find a good deal from Seattle to Mumbai. Of course Seattle isn’t on this deal, trying to fly out from Portland or Vancouver or the closest airport.. nothing good yet.

    Can anyone please help?

  72. mr. d says:

    Is there anywhere else you can go once you get to Yerevan Armenia? Like, any trains or flights to other destinations? Good thing there is a courtesy cancellation, I didn’t think this through very well.

  73. Pedro says:

    I was able to book earlier. Thanks!!! I checked again just now and fare is gone.

  74. Pedro says:

    Hi… Still available on kayak or expedia but not in orbitz nor priceline

  75. dev says:

    Are there any deals for SFO or NYC to Nairobi?

  76. Edie Feinstein says:

    I booked JFK – HKG Oct 22-Nov 5th, Oct 22-Oct 29th was available too.

    Also seeing JFK – MUM May 7th-May 14th

  77. Alero says:

    Awesome Christmas present to myself! Thanks!

  78. eSQape Artist says:

    Ahhh, I think the deal is dead. I was able to purchase a ticket from JFK to JNB March 4-12 for $325 (was $277 earlier today but I sat on it too long) but my friends booking the same time as me didn’t make it through 🙁 Now all we’re seeing is $800-1400 fares. Bummer.

  79. Salika says:

    Hi there
    I can’t seem to find any decent flights, leaving from LAX, my spring break is Mar 28-Apr 6, can someone help me find a good price, willing to go anywhere fun and exotic! thanks!

  80. Sheena says:

    Any good fares left to BOM from SFO? Any dates work for us

  81. Angela says:

    Two tickets from JFK to Hong Kong in October for $360 a piece on Expedia. Not as great as some of the earlier deals but still fantastic. Merry Christmas!!! And thank you Flight Deal.

  82. neel says:

    looks like mostly dead now…keep getting “fare updates” from orbitz when I go to book. anyone booked anything in last 20 minutes?

  83. daphne says:

    In the last 2 hrs I booked 3 flights from priceline. I got ord to auh for 220, jfk to hong kong for 347 and jfk to johanessburg for 323. Try searching the fall months 🙂

  84. John says:

    Got 2 tix from ORD to JNB for $440 each a couple hours ago. Haven’t been able to find another deal at all, it looks like its all closed up

  85. Jon P says:

    I know that the TATL flights from North America to AUH don’t earn RDM on AA – but would JFK-MAN and CDG-JFK earn? They are on AA metal and E fare class.

  86. Jessica says:

    Seems like the deal is dead now 🙁

  87. KR says:

    Is anyone finding anything still available, pretty much to anywhere? I’m looking at Google, which shows flights, but when I go to Orbitz or Priceline from the Google site, the flights seem unbookable. I’m looking to go JNB, HKG, SGN, anywhere in Australia (never saw anything there, but maybe others did) in the fall for 10-14 days. Just wondering if anyone has had success this afternoon. 🙁

    • phatnesz says:

      Try these on Priceline…just saw this now:

      Per Person

      Etihad Airways
      Flight 3064
      Flight 32
      Flight 602
      New York City, NY (JFK)Wed Feb 11, 20155:10 pm
      — Connects in Paris, France (CDG) — 4h 10m layover
      — Connects in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (AUH) — 5h 40m layover
      — Overnight Layover —
      ARRIVING 2 days later
      South Africa (JNB)Fri Feb 13, 20158:40 am
      Flight 3064 operated by American Airlines

    • phatnesz says:

      Oh sorry didn’t realize you wanted something in the fall :-/

  88. Elizabeth H says:

    Still trying but Orbitz isn’t working -Suggestions Please !!

  89. ff says:

    Is this dead officially? Cant find anything for SFO to India any time

  90. TravelDive says:

    JFK-MNL in September with two stops coming in around $358RT. Everything else seems to be dead.

  91. phatnesz says:

    Found JFK – DEL for $425 in February on Priceline just now…

  92. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Booked a JFK-AUH flight early this morning. Has anyone been able to select seats online for Priceline bookings? I’m unable to do so on Etihad’s site.

    • TravelDive says:

      Ryan to choose your seats call Etihad airlines. If you booked on priceline. If you booked on orbitz you should have gotten the option to choose seats, at screen just before paying.

  93. John says:

    There is still some availability as of 15:43 EST, at least from JFK. The problem is most E class fares have sold out on the way to AUH, but connecting through Manchester works on some dates.

  94. april says:

    any dates still available in october for jfk-auh?
    I keep getting this message:
    “As flight availability can change rapidly based on traveler demand, the flight that you have selected is no longer available. Please make another selection.”

  95. Geoff says:

    Many of the JFK-AUH flights are on Jet Airways. Reputation? Reliability?

  96. Bruce says:

    Not finding much of any great value out of SFO….to make it worse, flights to Asia route through Abu Dhabi, in some cases adding 24 hours or more to travel time

  97. matt says:

    Mostly dead, some dates and detentions still available.

  98. Bobby says:

    Just booked JFK-MNL 1/28-2/18 $412 R/T via Orbitz
    Stops in AUH for 13hrs on the way there and CDG for 10hrs on the way back.
    A night on the town in AbuDhabi and a day hanging with friends in Paris, nice little bonus!
    Now I need to decide where to go from Manila!

    It took ALOT of tries to find a set of days where the price didn’t update to something closer to normal.
    Use the +/- 3 day fare matrix, open each combination in a new tab, select your flight, cross your fingers, hope it says available!

    • Jarold says:

      I suggest to escape Manila asap and explore the islands. Palawan is very exotic and popular. Make Puerto Princesa your starting point from there you can check out El Nido, Coron. Happy travels. Philippines got thousands of islands to choose from.

  99. Curt says:

    I got excited when I saw Etihad credits at 100% mileage to American, until I saw that comes with caveats that mean no elite qualifying. Does anyone know of a way this trip could benefit my AA/US elite qualification for next year?

  100. S.D says:

    Just got JFK-AUH 10/5-10/12 for $263!

  101. Trav says:

    Some deals are still there.

    Just got JFK-CDG-AUH-JNB on 9/10, and the reverse on 9/30, for $368.

    That’s the only date I could get to price out for JFK-JNB in the fall, but maybe more.

    Suggestion- Try Priceline!

    Can’t get Orbitz to price out, but Priceline still seems to be working for some dates.

  102. weever says:

    The point is I have to fly to JFK to take this deal, not from my city

  103. Kimmi says:

    At 10:25pm I got JFK-CDG (stopover)-AUH then return for $259 incl tax! Apr 21-28

    Earlier today at 5pm I got a labor day safari trip — 9/2-9 JFK-CDG (stopover) – AUH – JNB and return for $368!

    I’m kicking myself for not jumping on this when I saw it around noon today. I just figured everything would be gone. Dumb dumb dumb. Never again. Next time I’ll at least try.

  104. Sej says:

    Is this still available? Anyone lead me to any of these – – – want to plan a getaway of some sort for 2015. Can’t find anything from JFK on any site.

  105. tom watson says:

    Its dead, even google flights are reflecting the higher prices.

  106. Karin says:

    How certain are we that these tickets will be honored? When will it be safe to book connecting flights and make hotel reservations?

  107. DJ says:

    Is it true that there maybe some more discounted flights after 10p.m. tonight to these various locations? It just maybe a rumor that was started, but I wanted to check and be sure. I canceled my South Africa trip because I wasn’t sure of my dates and now I am regretting it. 🙁

    I did get Abu Dhabi 🙂


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