LoungeBuddy Cathay Pacific Sweepstakes & $200 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

LoungeBuddy reached out to us last week informing us that they have launched an Android version of their app (there is already an iOS version). LoungeBuddy, as you probably can figure out, is an app that lets you know which airport lounge you have access to in over 400 airports based on the status you have with the airline, the credit card you own, etc.

Our favorite lounge amenity before or after a long flight is a good shower! After that it’s probably really reliable wifi. This app is really handy for us when we are not flying with Oneworld carriers and need to figure out whether or not credit cards we have or the airline we are flying grants access. For example, the free Priority Pass that comes with American Express Platinum Card allows access to a lot of lounges internationally and it can easily point you to a lounge. But, did you know that if you flew Bangkok Air, irrespective of class of service, you have access to their lounges?

With the launch of the Android app, LoungeBuddy has partnered with Cathay Pacific for an awesome sweepstake!


LoungeBuddy Cathay Pacific Sweepstakes

LoungeBuddy and Cathay Pacific is having a pretty incredible sweepstake to promote LoungeBuddy for Android (don’t worry iOS users, you can enter too). The prize:

  • Two (2) round-trip tickets in Premium Economy from any of their North American gateways (New York, Newark, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver) to Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific is our favorite airline to Asia and Hong Kong is our favorite city in Asia! If you don’t live in one of their gateways, you do have to get there yourself, but positioning flights to one of those gateways is reasonable.
  • Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Silver Status. The winner will receive one year of complimentary Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Silver Status! That entitles you to access any Cathay Pacific business class lounge when flying with them. Silver status also grants you Oneworld Ruby status so when you are flying with American in the States, while it doesn’t grant you lounge access, it would allow you to check in on the business class counter, priority boarding and all the benefits associated with Ruby status.

To enter this LoungeBuddy Cathay Pacific Sweepstakes, download the app and enter by May 31st using the LoungeBuddy Cathay Pacific Sweepstakes link. You have up to 4 entries – 1 by submitting your email address and 3 more if you share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so do it by May 31st, 2014! You can also enter if you already have the app.

Screenshots on how to enter the LoungeBuddy Cathay Pacific Sweepstakes:



iPhone / iPad:



This contest is only available to legal residents of fifty (50) United States (and the District of Columbia) and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry.


$200 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

As part of helping LoungeBuddy get the message out about their new Android app and partnership with Cathay Pacific, LoungeBuddy has given us one (1) $200 Visa gift card to give away to our readers. That’s basically $200 in cold hard CASH! Please read the rules carefully. To enter the giveaway, it’s easy:

  • Download the LoungeBuddy Android or iOS app using the LoungeBuddy Cathay Pacific Sweepstakes link and enter the contest above (yes, you can enter if you already have the app installed).
  • Leave a comment on this post with a valid email address in the email address field (entries via Facebook, Twitter, and email are not considered valid) about which feature you like most about LoungeBuddy or what LoungeBuddy could improve upon.
    • Entries without mention of what LoungeBuddy feature you like best or which aspect could be improved upon will considered not valid
    • If you are a first time commenter, your comment will go into moderation. We will approve it over the course of the contest, no need to resubmit your comment.
  • One entry per person — we will delete any duplicates
  • All entries must be submitted by Monday, May 26th at 11:59PM Eastern
  • We select one (1) winner using random.org by Tuesday May 27th at 3:00PM Eastern
  • Fulfillment of the $200 Visa gift card will be handled by LoungeBuddy — we will be sending the winner’s email address to them so that they can send the gift card

*Disclosure: The Flight Deal is not being compensated for this post beyond the $200 Visa Gift Card, which we are giving away to our readers and we do not have a financial relationship with LoungeBuddy.


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173 Responses to "LoungeBuddy Cathay Pacific Sweepstakes & $200 Visa Gift Card Giveaway"

  1. Nat C says:

    I like that LoungeBuddy has real photos!

  2. HP says:

    A great feature of lounge buddy is the photos and reviews from other travelers. That way I can see what I am paying for and also have the feedback of other travelers help me in my decision to pay for entry or not!

  3. Chris says:

    I love that you can check out the lounges in the airport(s) that you select, see which amenities are available and how they look based on user picture uploads. The one improvement I’d like to see is that when I click on a picture, it’d go into “slideshow” mode so I can swipe left/right to navigate through the photos. It’s not as user friendly to have to exit out of the picture to click on another thumbnail.

  4. Jerry c says:

    I think it’s better the app can support multiple trips and mix airlines in a trip.

  5. Cam says:

    I like that it’s fairly easy to see what your lounge access eligibility are, based on your status/ticket. However, I see them update every time I open the app but not mention what was updated. It’ll be more transparent if there was a list of what was updated.

  6. Jerry says:

    Shows you “accessible” lounges based on your status

    Hoping Lounge Buddy has OFFLINE access (like Priority Pass) for airports that have no free wi-fi

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      We fully support offline access minus photos, ratings, and reviews. Just be sure to open LoungeBuddy and use it once to allow it to initially update the data. 🙂

  7. Pat says:

    I like that the app tells the ways to gain access to a lounge without having to ask the front desk staff.

  8. joanna says:

    I love that I just learned of a lounge in my home airport that I wasn’t aware I had access to! I also like how clearly they indicate who can come with me.

  9. Liz says:

    Nice to easily see where my Amex card will get me. Often a challenge internationally. Thanks-

  10. Patrick S says:

    I downloaded this app when it first came out and have been using it ever since! The feature I like the most is that it will only list lounges accessible for the flights you have chosen and eliminate lounges that you would not be able to access based upon those flights or what fare class you are flying in.

  11. rPTs says:

    Love the app, it is very difficult to change airports if you select the wrong airport initially for your flight.

  12. Bryan M says:

    I just downloaded this app and Lounge Buddy is amazing! I have a platinum Amex, and it’s always unclear which lounges I can use, but this make it really easy! Anyone who has a Platinum Amex or Priority Pass should download this! The circles next to the lounge name with the price or “free” are the best… really clear and simple.

  13. world7777traveller says:

    I entered that I am an AA EXP and I already have the AA MC WorldElite card and I don’t think it does a good job showing the lounges. It asked me if I have an angel when I added my card, and I have no idea what an angel is, so that is not very helpful and is confusing. Also, I am unable to pinch (to zoom in) or un-pinch (to zoom out).

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Thanks for your feedback. We do have one glitch in regards to asking about Airport Angel with the AA Citi Executive Card. Some cards come with additional memberships (such as the Citi Prestige Card), so we use this feature to remind people of this.

      You mentioned that it doesn’t do a “good job showing the lounges”. Could you elaborate?

  14. Willy says:

    I like being able to find a lounge at whatever airport I happen to be in at that moment.

  15. Megan says:

    I love the fact that I can browse lounges based on amenities and traveler reviews, both of which are important to me. I am also fairly new to the lounge scene, and I truly value how clearly Lounge Buddy details whether or not I am eligible to access a lounge and/or how much it may cost me! I now travel constantly for work and will certainly use the app!!!

  16. danielle t says:

    I great feature with the Lounge Buddy app is that you can see fellow travelers feedback on the different lounges at each airport! That is pretty especially for people like me that like quality over quantity. I will definately refer my friends to this app.

  17. Jay says:

    the best thing about lounge buddy is how quickly I can check which lounges I have access to thru amex!

  18. Dizzy says:

    I think the amenities search is useful- really great to know when you’ve access to a shower or not!

  19. John F says:

    I like that you can compare amenities in different lounges at the same airport to find what you need!

  20. Uri says:

    Loungebuddy just helped me plan my next trip in style, so much knowledge!

  21. Eva says:

    Big plus that the app has user reviews. Before I travel, I check TripAdvisor, Yelp and other sites for reviews about airports and lounges I’ll come across during my trip. This is super handy to access on the go.

  22. Audrey says:

    I love that it shows real pictures.

    Would like to be able to access saved airport info when I don’t have internet connection (especially useful when I’m traveling out the US).

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Audrey, you can use LoungeBuddy today without an internet connection (minus the reviews and photos). You need to use it once with a connection in order to download all of the lounge information, and then you are good to go!

  23. Lauren says:

    A great feature of the LoungeBuddy app is the reviews and pictures posted by users. This feature is really useful as I like to see what the lounge looks like rather than just reading a list of amenities.

  24. Nabiha says:

    I love that there are reviews and photos from users, so that we can see the lounge exactly as is. However, I wish there were a feature to work on multiple trips at once, or to save trips so that you can go back and view it again.

  25. Daniel says:

    I like that there are photos of the lounges . A coming soon feature would be nice!

  26. Fobinator says:

    App is visually aesthetic

    Could use some more functionality..
    Integrating TripIT or BB Travel to scan and import your next trip automatically would be nice.
    You could then incorporate layover time of which you could calculate available “lounge” time with walk/train//shuttle time to next gate factored in. (assuming terminal maps with lounge and gate locations factored in =p)

  27. Carey says:

    The best part of LoungeBuddy are the user reviews. I heavily rely upon other people’s reviews for places that I haven’t been and their first hand account help paint a picture in my mind. Speaking of pictures, the photos in the app are great too!

  28. Potreroflyr says:

    Maybe I didn’t fill-out the profile correctly as some of the choices are vague (AMEX Platinum “charge” card? MB Platinum card wasn’t even listed) and the data base seems outdated — I have Priority Pass thru Amex and the app lists the Delta Club as a $50 charge. And it lists free access to AAdmirals clubs???

    It would also be helpful to have info like when a lounge is only accessible if you’re leaving the same terminal/pier, as that varies widely.

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Potreroflyr,

      We update our data on a daily basis, so if it is showing free access to Admirals Clubs, it is likely because either your App hasn’t updated in a long time or you have an access method in your profile that grants you access to the Admirals Club. Delta Sky Club access is $50 when you aren’t flying Delta, so be sure to “Create a Trip” and select Delta as your carrier to see access.

      To see what method is giving you Free access, tap on the particular lounge and in the middle of the page, the method granting you access will appear.

      If you have any further questions/issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support loungebuddy.com

  29. Carl says:

    I’ve been using it for awhile, the interface is easy to use and clean. I love just being able to put in your flight plans and memberships and status and it tells you easily if you have access to any lounges, and which lounges are available at those airports.

  30. Allison says:

    I like how the app allows you to see the cost of each lounge (for those without access methods) and the amenities available at each, plus real-life photos.

  31. TheBeerHunter says:

    I feel they can improve on their social media connections. For example I’m happy to link to my Facebook account but don’t want to give it access to post on my behalf, and it won’t link!

  32. Ed says:

    I love knowing exactly what lounges I have access to and their respective facilities without having to visit various websites!

  33. Emily says:

    I love the whole concept of lounge buddy, especially how you can filter by amenities so you can really get what you need out of the lounges.

  34. chao z says:

    would like to get this gift card!!!!!

    • TFD says:

      @Chao z — please follow the entry rules and provide feedback on what you like about the LoungeBuddy app or how it can be improved. Without such feedback, your comment will not be considered for the giveaway. thanks.

  35. Chris says:

    I really like that it stores my access methods (status/credit cards) and uses those to determine what lounges are available to me!

  36. Randy says:

    I like being able to see lounges near your location when at the airport.

  37. Elaine says:

    The app is easy to use and a great source of information. I like that you are able to find out what amenities are available, especially locating wifi.

  38. Jackson says:

    The +1 function is pretty useful.

  39. WhyAlwaysMe says:

    being able to put what credit card you have and seeing which lounges they get you into. i always forget which ones my cards do

  40. Dustin says:

    I really like the reviews and photos. There are some airports with multiple lounges for a single airline and I never know which one to visit.

  41. Cindy says:

    I like that it tells me which lounges I have access to based on status–and decide which one is best–since I fly out of major airports and have multiple options..
    Improvement: access to full features of app without data for international travel.

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Cindy,

      Thanks for your feedback. Regarding access to full features of app without data for international travel, can you provide us with some additional clarification on what you meant this? We would greatly appreciate it, and you can contact us at [email protected].

  42. yon says:

    I really like the detailed information of each lounge

  43. Mayur says:

    I really like that you can check out the lounges in the airport that you select, see which amenities are available and how they look based on user picture uploads. The one improvement I’d like to see is to have a tool to compare features of different features of 2 or more lounges at the same airport.

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Mayur,

      Thanks for your feedback. Can you provide us with some additional detail on the improvement that you would like to see in our app? We would greatly appreciate it, and you can reach us at [email protected].

  44. Lawrence says:

    When I enlarge a photo for a lounge, I would really like to be able to quickly swipe through it upon tapping it. Instead I have to return back to the photo scroll and tap on the next photo. It’s annoying.

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Lawrence,

      We want to let you know that we’re currently working on this for the Android version, and we hope to have this feature out soon.

  45. Jerry says:

    I really liked the aesthetics portion of it. For some of the initial usage of the app (The tutorial words that pop up to describe each feature), the words are cut off and you can only see half. The choices of pictures and choice of amenities are very useful!

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Jerry,

      Thanks for your feedback. Regarding the words being cut off in the tutorial, we hope to have this issue resolved very soon.

  46. danny says:

    I like the ability to see what the requirements for each lounge is

  47. Michele says:

    The two things I really appreciate about LoungeBuddy are the user reviews and user photos; both have proved to be very useful to me!

  48. Brian c says:

    I like the ability to filter by amenities and the prices for pay lounges.

  49. Sandeep Babu says:

    User contributed photos are great. But the best feature is without doubt that you can input in all your memberships and credit card info along with class of service and let it do the math. I find myself using the priority pass app less and less…

  50. Warren C says:

    I like that you see Accesible as well as All lounges.

  51. Chris says:

    The best feature is to be able to enter information and know all the lounges I have access to in a given airport no matter the brand or membership that I have.

    What could be improved is a way to modify existing reviews. I once accidentally entered information for the wrong lounge and couldn’t modify it.

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your feedback. We are aware that there is an issue with modifying reviews in our Android app, and we hope to have this issue resolved soon.

      We appreciate your contributions to the app, and as a temporary solution, we would be more than happy to help you modify the review. You can reach us at [email protected].

  52. Nancy says:

    App is interesting, but from a UX perspective, once you have selected the first airport, you should be able to double click on the “?” following the airport symbol and select the arrival destination from there instead of scrolling down. Currently when I double-click the “?” it asks you to reselect the airline, which isn’t very intuitive.

  53. Antonio says:

    Knowing the hours a lounge is open is super convenient, especially for international travel when flights often arrive at extreme hours.

  54. AR says:

    I love being able to filter lounges based on amenities.

    One feature I wish it had is a terminal map for getting to my selected lounge and on to the gate.

  55. Maddie says:

    I am so glad I found out about Lounge Buddy! I love how easy it is to use and how it explains how to use the app as soon as you download it! The layout of the app is really awesome too. I like that it shows you how much each lounge costs without having to click an individual lounge because it lets you compare them much easier. The option to include what elite status, lounge memberships, and credit cards you have is really awesome too because it shows you what perks you get for having these things and some you might not even realize you had!

    Really great overall. I will definitely be using this!

  56. Liz says:

    Seems like a great app, i’m excited to keep playing around with it and using it on my next trip. I particularly like that you can sort by the credit cards you have. I often have trouble tracking what I have and what each ones gives me, so this will be useful, especially as I assume it will by dynamic to any changes that may be announced in the future.

  57. Matt P says:

    Like the fact that the app gives your the price for the lounge you quality for. Wish the rating of the lounge is next to the price. That way I can quickly judge the lounge based on user input. Otherwise love it!

  58. Rick Peters says:

    I’ve never seen so many posts about an app on The Flight Deal.
    I’m wondering why.

    • TFD says:

      @Rick – this is actually isnt the most comments we have received for a giveaway. That said, if you would like to enter, you must provide us what you like about LoungeBuddy or what you would like to see improved upon. thanks for commenting.

  59. vanny says:

    love to super easy interface of loungebuddy!

  60. Julia says:

    I like the font and user friendly capabilities on Loungebuddy!

  61. Jenny says:

    I really like being able to see all the lounges available at an airport and their location, costs, etc. wish I had known about this before my last trip overseas!

  62. Kevin P says:

    The loungebuddy app has a wonderful user interface. Its so intuitive and also the photos give such a smooth feel to the entire atmosphere. Thank you!

  63. Eric Hochstein says:

    Thisnis a useful app whoch is easy to use. If I tell it where I am going and on what airline, it tells me what lounges I can use.

  64. Alice says:

    Love that Loungebuddy includes the prices of all the different lounge options. It would be great if I could have multiple trips and their connections saved, since adding all of the connections can be a bit time consuming.

    Keep up the great work!

  65. Nyrie McKenzie says:

    I love LoungeBuddy’s real photos and reviews!

  66. Elliot says:

    I like that I can narrow down the features I am looking for and that it includes club hours.

    I think it would be great if you could put your flight info in, this way you could narrow down which lounges you realistically will have time to go to and how long it will take to get to your gate from there.

    Also is this app available in different languages?

  67. Thomas says:

    My favorite thing about LoungeBuddy is simply being able to enter my itinerary, no matter how complex, and have presented to me, all the lounges available at every stop; it’s great.

  68. Natalie J says:

    I love that you can find lounges anywhere in the world and input your information and the amenities that you are looking for and it will screen for those inputs.

  69. GeoffB says:

    LoungeBuddy just makes searching for a viable lounge super-easy. Way better than asking an airport attendant 🙂

  70. Dale says:

    LoungeBuddy found me a lounge I didn’t know I had access to with my Amex Platinum! Thanks! And thanks to The Flight Deal for finding the fare that sent me and my family to Italy and Switzerland in March!

  71. Ali says:

    Love your posts and hope to win the chance to go to HK!! I have used many o ur links for ards and waiting to hear on the 60k bonus from Chase Ink.
    Thank you!!

    • TFD says:

      @Ali – thanks for using our links. that said, to be considered a valid entry for this giveaway, you have to provide feedback on what you like about the LoungeBuddy app or how it can improved upon. thanks.

  72. Terence says:

    I love how I can just open the app up and see which lounges I have free or cheaper access to. It would be nice if they added the Cathay Pacific credit card information since they just partnered with them, but I’m not sure if that makes a difference.

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Terence,

      Thanks for your feedback. We’ll make sure to add this to our list of credit cards to add.

  73. Andrew G says:

    The app looks good. Doesn’t recognize Delta reserve card as granting access to skyclubs? AA executive though shows some lounges I didn’t know are available like a joint AA, BA, IB lounge in MIA.


    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for your feedback. If you update the data on your app, the correct information regarding the Delta Reserve card should be reflected.

  74. TY says:

    BEST app for real pictures and reviews. I use the app frequently and it comes in handy for mileage runs on AA and UA.

  75. Sophia says:

    LoungeBuddy provides a service that I didn’t know I needed. I really like the clean look and feel of the app. Also, as someone who is new to the world of airline credit cards and elite statuses, it’s nice to know which lounges I have access to, without having to ask.

  76. Chris says:

    I’d like it if the airport auto populate field when selecting a trip brought up more airport options. (not just airports w/ lounges)

  77. Brandon says:

    I like how lounge buddy tells me what lounge to go to depending on my status

  78. Deeloveli says:

    I like that I can just add all my cards and it knows which additional perks are associated for lounge access. I’m a new comer for having my own lounge access (I’ve been riding my mother’s coattails for years) and this is awesome for keeping them straight. The lounge proximity feature is CLUTCH.

  79. Peter says:

    Definitely using Lounge Buddy for my next trip!

    • TFD says:

      @Peter – to be considered a valid entry for the $200 visa gift card giveaway, you have to let us know what you like about the LoungeBuddy app or how it can be improved. thanks.

  80. Lara says:

    This is a cool service, especially now that I’m planning a trip where a shower is needed, but a hotel is not. I think the app would be useful if users can actually avail of discounts or free passes, by having the app. For someone like me with not a lot of “elite” statuses, it would be great to get discounted access to lounges.

  81. Pooja says:

    I love that the prices for lounges are listed right next to the lounge name. Improvement: unfortunately the app crashes every time I select a lounge, so I can’t see any specific information, like amenities, reviews or photos

  82. Tess says:

    I don’t have any credit cards, I fly whatever is cheapest, etc…basically I have no real advantages that would allow me access to lounges. What I like about Lounge Buddy is that it tells me which lounges I CAN get into, with a fee or better yet, free! :-). Also like the photos and reviews so I can decide if the lounge is worth the fee or not.

  83. saulnyc says:

    Thanks for the app and the sweepstakes. I’d like the ability to enter a airline’s record locator rather than having to build each trip from scratch.

  84. Ray Lane says:

    LoungeBuddy helps me think and navigate, because sometimes when I hit the ground, I can’t do either.

  85. Kerry says:

    I like being able to find out what lounges are available to me with the cards I have.

  86. Angelina says:

    I like that LoungeBuddy has a FREE amenities/lounges tab.

  87. Jessica says:

    Should sync with Tripit so that I don’t have to enter my trip information twice (which I’m pretty much never going to bother with).

  88. stefan says:

    Loungebuddy will be on my phone so I get to make
    the most out of the lounges while traveling. Thank you
    guys for giving us a chance to win.

  89. John D says:

    The app is visually enticing and easy to use but especially like that it tells me whether a lounge is free or what it’ll cost me to get in based on my profile info. Sweet!

  90. David says:

    This is awesome. I like lounge access. I love LoungeBuddy!!

    • TFD says:

      @David – to be considered a valid entry, please let us know what you love about LoungeBuddy or what it can improve on. thanks.

  91. Umar says:

    I like the visual appearance of the app it is clean and simple. It would be nice to include a record locator function.

  92. Gabriel says:

    I like the photos so you know exactly what to expect when you get to the lounge

  93. Jackie says:

    Love the swiping features on LoungeBuddy!

  94. Bob says:

    I just love the premise of the app. After just recently traveling to SE Asia on business class and seeing what the fuss is regarding international lounges, I’m hooked. Now if loungebuddy can get me access to a few of these lounges, it would be awesome!

  95. Henry says:

    This app makes traveling with priority pass so much easier by showing me the lounges that I can access. I also like that it gives me the location of the lounges .

  96. S. Coleman says:

    I like the different features you can choose from such as wifi locations, lounges etc. it seems very resourceful.

  97. Peter says:

    I like the amenities search feature.

  98. Kim says:

    It’s great that lounge buddy tells you if the lounge is before or after security. I also like that you can see which lounges allow you to pay a fee (and how much that fee is) to access the lounge for the day.

  99. Polly says:

    I really enjoy the aesthetics of the app, but echo others who mentioned there’s no edit function yet. I haven’t yet had a chance to use the function but will be extra careful!

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Thanks for your great feedback. Could you tell us what you mean by “edit function”? If it is to change information for a lounge that you spot is incorrect, simply shake your device (if you are using iOS) and draw on the screen or type us a note. We’ll investigate and make the necessary changes. On Android, go to a lounge and tap “report a problem” at the bottom of the page to send your feedback.

  100. Jamie says:

    I like that you can save your credit card information and statuses right into the app!

  101. Steven says:

    Loungebuddy seems very useful for those who have elite memberships, or credit cards that are associated with lounges. As a user who does not qualify for any of the access methods, my usage of the app will be pretty low.

    If there was a feature that could have lounge giveaways periodically through the app, I would be incentivized to use it more.

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Steven, thanks for the feedback! We list hundreds of lounges that are available for a one time fee without the need to have a premium ticket, credit card, or elite status. Simply create a trip, tap on an airport, and view all lounges available for a one time fee.

      • Steven says:

        Hello Loungebuddy Team,

        I did notice that option when using the app. I also travel often, but on different airlines, and therefore no lounge access. While the information is helpful, like I previously stated, it limits the app usage to a minimum in my case. My suggestion is only to enhance routine activity by users who do not often use lounge access.

        • LoungeBuddy Team says:

          Hi Steven,

          Thanks for your suggestion. As mentioned, there are plenty of lounges out there that you can access for a one time fee regardless of the airline you are flying on. In addition, depending on the amount of travel that you do, it may be worth it to look into purchasing a lounge membership. If you would like any advice or assistance with this, we’d glad to help.

          We’re always looking for ways to enhance the value of our app, and if you have any ideas, please let us know. You can reach out to us at [email protected].

  102. Patrick says:

    I like how I can easily see what lounges are available with my prefered airline at various airports.

  103. Bob Smith says:

    I like how you can see and upload photos of the lounges.

  104. rick says:

    The pics are a great feature to go along with the reviews…Great work guys….

  105. Andrew L says:

    I love the slick interface and up-to-date info!

  106. Aaron primak says:

    I love that i can just quickly amd easily find out what lounges i have access to to right thier on my fingertips. Very well made !!!!!

  107. Daniel A. says:


    • TFD says:

      @Daniel A. — to be considered a valid entry, please provide feedback on what you like about the LoungeBuddy app or how it can be improved. thanks.

  108. Birdy says:

    I like that travelers can upload photos of each lounge.

  109. Gabriel says:

    I love the interface — very sleek and easy to use.

  110. Trent says:

    I really like the sleek look of the app, and the amenities info and photos are really helpful. Also, good work making it remember my profile across searches. I will rate this highly in App Store.

  111. Carolsue says:

    I already have the iOS version. I like being able to see what the ameneties are in each lounge and what I am eligible to be able to partake of baed on my credit cards, flight status and everything. It’s fun playing around with. It has hung up on me a couple times and crashed once, but otherwise, it’s a great app. I coudn’t tell you what led up to these crashes and hang-ups; seems like this happens with just about everything at one time or another.

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Carol Sue, thanks for your great feedback. We’re working hard on continuing to improve functionality, stability, and the overall member experience. From time to time, (with virtually every app), things don’t go as planned and there are hang ups. We try to minimize this as much as possible and appreciate your understanding!

  112. manjari g says:

    I like the social media/reviewing aspect of this Lounge buddy.

  113. Mike Pitchford says:

    This app looks awesome for frequent flyers. I’d love to see more partner card/reward program options. For example platinum with marriott get status with United iirc but there is boy an option to input Marriott status. Not an option to input the Marriott visa etc

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your suggestion. We are always looking for ways to optimize our app for a greater number of members, and we will keep this in mind as we continue to make upgrades to our app in the future.

  114. chrystine says:

    Love how seamless navigating the app is. It’s definitely one of the more aesthetically appealing travel apps. The only problem I have with it is that it stalls a bit and crashed once when I was using it on my ipad. I don’t know if it’s an ipad friendly app or strictly for a phone, but in anycase it’s still a really useful.

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Chrystine,

      Thanks for your kind words. Our iOS app is currently optimized for iPhone 5 devices, so there may be some very minor issues when using it on other devices. We’re constantly working on optimizing the app and improving functionality, stability, and the overall member experience, and while issues do pop up (as with any app), we will continue to do our best to keep the crashing and stalling to a minimum.

  115. Lauren says:

    The Loungebuddy app is very well developed aesthetically. Additionally, I liked the way the tutorial is integrated unobtrusively into your first use of each feature. I would appreciate a section of the app with info about other unique features about each airport outside of the lounges

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll keep this in mind as we continue to make upgrades in the future.

  116. Dan says:

    I love the frequency of updates on LoungeBuddy, but I would improve the directions and maps to lounges, especially in PHX.

  117. Max says:

    I really like that lb shows you the prices and amenities of the lounges, really handy if you don’t have status yet.

  118. Ryan K says:

    I like that I can find the location of each lounge fast.

  119. Tristan says:

    Along with the ability to have multiple trips, I’d also like to see the ability to add multiple airlines in a single trip.

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Tristan,

      Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll certainly explore this option as we continue to make upgrades in the future.

  120. quoc n says:

    LoungeBuddy allows me to filter amenities without having to call. adding multiple airlines would also be a nice feature to have.

  121. Jessica says:

    LoungeBuddy Likes: specific location, hours, and pricing for each lounge; Traveller pictures and reviews. Improvements: finding a way to connect solo travellers via trip itineraries would be a plus! Also, as mentioned by others before, ability to enter multiple airlines would be an improvement.

  122. perryplatypus says:

    Love how it shows all the terminals, cost and access of lounges

  123. Mario Bourque says:

    I like how LoungeBuddy lists the price of entry. Had no idea there were other options too.

  124. Karen says:

    Like having the photos of the lounge so you know what to expect.

  125. Abidjan says:

    I love the LoungeBuddy app – – photos, entry fees, amenities, trip builder (or direct airport search) and overall app functionality make it a winner. Well done.

  126. Pam S says:

    I love that they show all of the lounge amenities.

  127. Brent says:

    The overall layout of the app is quite nice. It would be nice if TripIt data could be incorporated so you could see your trips and then select the lounges for that particular trip.

    Another feature that was lacking was that all airport data hasn’t been input yet. I put in a destination that had no data, but it was nice that the app said the details would be verified for the airport soon. =)

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi Brent,

      Thanks for your feedback. We’re constantly working to include data for more airports and lounges, and if you have any specific requests, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or through the app.

  128. Edward says:

    I love the ability to add specific trip details, makes retrieving airport lounge information very easy indeed!

  129. Naveen Selladurai says:

    Great app!

    • TFD says:

      @Naveen – to be considered a valid entry, please let us know what feature you like about LoungeBuddy or how it can be improved upon. thanks.

  130. jackal says:

    Stunningly beautiful app–the UI is what every app should aspire to.

    Big feature it needs: integration with something like AwardWallet and/or TripIt (although TripIt has its own shortcomings) so you don’t need to manually enter upcoming trips.

  131. aiya says:

    My app was lagging a lot. Hopefully this is fixed or it may have just been a lot of users on at the moment?

  132. ZZ says:

    It would be better if LoungeBuddy has the option to show only the lounges in the specific terminal where your airline is located based on the entered trip details.

    • LoungeBuddy Team says:

      Hi ZZ,

      Thanks for your suggestion. This can be a tricky issue, as there are airports where you can access lounges in other terminals, as well; we’ll look into ways to potentially reflect this in our app.

  133. Lily C says:

    I like it that it is easy to use. Also, the information are so clear that even the first timer to the app can find out which lounge/airport to use so easily!

  134. Eric says:

    Helps me make sense of all my loyalty cards. Letting me know when and where I can use them.

  135. Zach says:

    The first-time user process was incredibly simple and informative. I really enjoyed how easy it was to start using the app. I also liked the simple way to tell the app what type of access you may already have to an airline lounge.

  136. Kyle P says:

    The user interface is spectacular. I love the layout of the icons and the ability to select any airport, any destination, and any airline while maintaining my preferences and needs.

    I would like the ability to see tripadvisor ratings and even information about what airlines have the best loyalty cards. An all-in-one travel app would be helpful – and this certainly has the potential to be just that.

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