Giveaway: One American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade

Another simple giveaway. Through the generosity of our fan, M, we have one extra American Systemwide Upgrade that will expire on February 28th to give away.

The Systemwide Upgrade is good for:

  • American Airlines operated and marketed flights
  • Up to 3 segments
  • Flights by February 28th, 2014.
Image from AA.COM

Image from AA.COM

To enter and have a chance to win, simply comment on this post (not on Twitter, Facebook etc) with the following:

  • Your flights (no need to give us flight numbers, but city pairs — e.g., LGA-ORD-PVG)
  • Leave your First Name and Last Initial in the comment (no need for a full name)
  • Date of travel
  • Leave a comment by Tuesday, February 11th at 11:59PM Eastern

Remember only American operated and marketed flights and travel must be by February 28th. If you have an American coded flight operated by its partner or an American operated flight marketed by is partners, these upgrades will not work (e.g., LAX – SYD on Qantas or LAX-LHR operated by American but under British Airways code).

We will select a winner based on your comments by Wednesday, February 12th. Decisions are final. The winner will receive one Systemwide Upgrade. We cannot guarantee the upgrade will clear.


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101 Responses to "Giveaway: One American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade"

  1. Daniel says:

    2/21 SFO-MIA
    2/25 MIA-SFO

  2. R says:

    Nice job M! Joining the SWU giveaway party!

  3. Joey says:

    Would love one! JFK-LAS

  4. saulnyc says:

    February 14, 2014

  5. shiva says:

    I’d love to get the upgrade on EWR-HNL-EWR travel for my Feb 25 trip. Thanks in advance

  6. Carl says:

    Just like last time — I am going LAX -PVG the last week in February. It would be nice to step off the plane ready to go.

  7. WORLD says:

    TUE-18-FEB DFW – LAX – HNL on AA metal. Would certainly appreciate your generosity. Will think of you and thank you the entire trip and after the trip as well. I will always remember fan M. I gave away 4 SWU’s two years ago.

  8. Jeff S says:

    Thanks for the offer!!!

    EYW-MIA-DFW-MAD-RAK on 2/13
    RAK-MAD-MIA-EYW on 2/17-2/18


  9. ahila says:

    Thanks in advance. Will be great to win for EWR-LAX-EWR trip on Feb 24-26

  10. Di says:

    2/22 ORD-PEK. I am flying this on my birthday!

  11. Simon says:

    LAX-ORD 2/18

  12. DEANNA says:

    SFO- JFK 2/14
    JFK- SFO 2/17

  13. Allison says:

    This is great! I’m traveling from LAX-LIH on Feb. 27, or LIH-HON-LAX on March 3.

  14. Alison says:

    AA: SFO – DFW ¤ Feb 25, 26th ¸.•*´ Thank you!!

  15. SFO Sam says:

    13 FEB 14: SFO-DFW-MIA-SJU

    17 FEB 14: SJU-DFW-SFO

  16. Brett says:

    2/14 – JFK-MXP
    2/17 – MXP-JFK

  17. Sarah says:

    Hello! I’m flying PHL-SEA on 2/27, to meet my future sister-in-law for some wedding planning. It would be such a nice treat to have the upgrade for the cross-country flight.

  18. DAVID says:

    FLL-CLT then CLT-BUF 2/14/2014 6:30AM
    For my sister’s baby’s kiddush

  19. Carl says:

    on AA, would love since i have to fly back for some personal family health issues:
    2/18 JFK – LAX – SJC
    2/28 SJC – DFW – LGA

  20. Hans N says:

    Love to go in style.
    AA BWI-ORD-PVG Feb 26th

  21. Manuel S says:

    02/17: SFO –> ORD –> DCA
    An upgrade on my red eye would be amazing and greatly appreciated! *fingers crossed*

  22. Shane says:


  23. Alex R says:

    Feb. 22: JFK – EGE
    Feb. 26: EGE – JFK

  24. Scott W says:

    02/21 – BCN – JFK – SFO

  25. Robert says:

    1st Class Gesture to fellow travelers “M” Would feel lucky to win. Traveling YUL>MIA with my fiancee to visit her retired Mother. Well at least I know who will get upgraded if I win. She will ! Thanks

  26. Donna Z says:

    2/16 DFW-ICN

  27. Craig B says:

    Thanks for the offer!


    All on American except CMN flights

  28. Brett C says:

    PVG-ORD-BOS, 2/23, traveling with the finacee – obviously she’ll receive the upgrade

  29. Liane O. says:

    Liane O.

  30. Evan says:

    DCA-MIA-BDA on 2-11 and BDA-MIA-DCA on 2-17

  31. Susan says:

    2/25 DEN/SEA/SFO
    2/26 SFO/LAX/JFK/SJU
    2/27 SJU/JFK/LAX/SFO
    2/28 SFO/JFK/SJU
    3/01 SJU/JFK/LAX/SFO/CLT (3/02) DEN

    My 1st MR of the year.

  32. Ginny says:

    Ginny M.

  33. Mark says:

    2/25 SFO-LAX-MIA-SJU
    2/26 SJU-MIA-SFO
    Mark H.

  34. Liz S says:

    2/13 PDX_DFW_PVR
    2/17 PVR_DFW_PDX

    Treating my mom for Valentine’s day, but she’s on a different flight, so this is just me.

    Thanks for your consideration.


  35. Alex says:

    MIA-LHR in the New AA 77W plane 🙂
    Alex G

  36. Camille says:

    Camille Y.

    2/21/14 SFO – MIA
    2/24/14 MIA – SFO

    Thanks for the offer!!

  37. Jon C says:


  38. Ofir D says:

    2/20 MIA-LAX 777

    Thank You!

  39. Bryan F says:

    IAH-MIA-LHR (77W to LHR) on 2/13.
    Paid upgrade on return trip already.

    Bryan F


  40. Nick says:

    Nick C-


    Flying my mother in law out to visit her first granddaughter on 25 FEB

  41. Andrew Muller says:

    Lax-jfk-dub jan 13
    Dub-jfk-lax jan 17


    Andrew M.

  42. Evan L says:

    Shiny 77Ws on both trips…

    2/18 SFO-DFW-LHR
    2/25 LHR-LAX-SFO

    Thanks M and TFD for offering!

  43. Lucas says:

    Would love to have it for EWR-DFW-RNO!

  44. Scott says:

    Starting Feb 13:
    PHL-MIA-LPB, CJC-SCL-PUQ-SCL-MIA-PHL (3 legs on American, 4 on LAN)

    Would love the upgrade to deal with the stress of (hopefully) leaving during this crazy snow storm on Thursday!

  45. Art R. says:

    Art R.

    LAX-EWR Friday 2/14
    EWR-LAX Tuesday 2/18

    Traveling with Wife who just flew from LAX-LIM, LIM-LAX 2/3 then on same day 2/3 LAX-BNA. I think it would be nice for her.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  46. Andy F says:

    IAD – LAX – LAS Sunday 2/23


  47. Julia says:

    Dear Flight Deal,

    Believe it or not, I am flying to end my 4-year long distance relationship.. by getting engaged that weekend (V-Day weekend, also the weekend before my bday)!! This upgrade would sure be the cherry on top. 🙂

    LGA-> ORD -> SNA (2/14)
    SNA -> DFW -> LGA (2/19)

    – JL

  48. Sara Y says:

    2/15 JFK-LAX

    Flying out to visit my grandmother. Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. Tim C says:

    CUN-JFK-BOS 2/16, traveling with my girlfriend to cancun, already have business/first going to CUN

  50. Andy B says:

    JFK-MXP Feb 13
    MXP-JFK Feb 18
    Many thanks.

  51. Wendell C says:

    2/15. LGA-MIA-GYE
    2/23. MIA-LGA

    I would love to have a SWU to kick off my vacation!

  52. Nathaniel H says:

    YYZ-JFK-LHR – Feb 19th
    LHR-JFK-YYZ – Feb 24th

    Appreciate it!

  53. Debbie F says:

    It would great for my trip!

    EWR-MIA-LIR. 2/20

    LIR-MIA-EWR. 2/26

  54. Dcp says:


  55. Josh Y says:

    Josh Y.
    Headed to China for the first time and very excited about this once-in-a-lifetime trip. An upgrade on the 14 hour flight would be awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  56. Daniel S says:

    SPS-DFW-NRT-HAN Feb 18 (DFW-NRT on AA)
    HAN-NRT-DFW-SPS Feb 26 (NRT-DFW on AA) using my last SWU for this leg


  57. Art R. says:

    2/14/14 LAX-EWR
    2/18/14 EWR-LAX

  58. Marisa R says:

    Also traveling from LAX to EWR on Valentine’s day. Returning Tuesday 2/18/14 EWR to LAX

  59. Trevor P says:

    I’m flying LAX-ORD-PVG on Feb 22-23 and would love to experience an upgrade! Thank you!

  60. Alvin C. says:

    Alvin C.

    JFK – MXP on Feb. 12

    MXP – JFK on Feb. 19

  61. Levi J says:

    JFK – MIA – MGA in 2/13/14. Can’t wait.

  62. Hye J says:

    DFW – LGA
    Hye J
    Feb 17

  63. Martin B says:

    DFW-LHR-GVA (the LHR to GVA is on BA, the long segment is AA)

    Martin B

    Feb 20

    Would love to experience the upgrade- going to meet my brother for some skiing! Would be great to get there in style!!

  64. Rom says:

    Feb 12 (11:30 p.m.) SFO – ORD – MIA – PLS.
    Feb 17 PLS – MIA – SFO

    Thanks, Rom B.

  65. Jill O. says:

    ORD to SJU on Feb. 27 to dethaw from the polar vortex snowpocolypse. Goodbye frozen toes, hello frozen drinks. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

    Jill O.

  66. Alessandro P says:

    February 17
    AA metal

  67. TONY says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Ben W says:

    My AA flights and dates:
    Feb 20:LAX-DFW-MAD
    Feb 24: MAD-JFK-LAX (JFK-LAX on the new A321T transcon service!)

    Name: Ben W.

    Would love this upgrade! Thanks to you and M for the generosity!

  69. Charlene, I says:

    Taking a lovely Valentine’s weekend trip! Thank you for sharing this chance with us!


    2/13/14 SFO-DFW-DCA
    2/17/14 DCA-DFW-SFO

  70. Eric says:

    LHR-LAX 77W! Thanks, M!

  71. Eric says:

    Sorry, forgot the date

    2/18 LHR-LAX!!

    Coming up from bcn-mad on 2/17 =]

  72. Craig says:

    BDL – LAX
    LAX – BDL
    Craig A

  73. Susan S says:

    In my excitement of possibly getting an SWU, I didn’t follow or read all the requirements. My AA flights are as follows!
    2/26 SFO/LAX/JFK/SJU
    2/27 SJU/JFK/LAX/SFO
    2/28 SFO/JFK/SJU
    2/29 SJU/JFK/LAX/SFO

    No hotels will be used during this MR so an upgrade would be most appreciated!!! Thank you

  74. Dayniel D says:

    New York (LGA) (2/28/2014) to Charlotte (CLT) (2/28/2014) to Miami (MIA) (2/28/2014)
    Miami (MIA) to Liberia (LIR) (3/3/2014)

    thank you for the opportunity to participate

  75. Jianghui Cai says:

    JFK – SEA 2/13
    SEA – ORD – JFK 2/19

  76. OW says:



    Thanks to M for his generosity

  77. Matt P says:

    2/20 CVG-ORD-EWR
    2/25 EWR-ORD-CVG

    Matt P.

  78. Patrick M says:



  79. Howie says:

    Howie R
    Feb 26

    Thank you!

  80. Seth J says:

    MIA-CDG Feb 18

  81. Glenn S says:

    Thanks for all the tips! AA JFK-EZE Feb-21

  82. Alisa Holzer says:

    Alisa Holzer
    Feb 13 (2/13/14)

  83. Laura says:

    2/12 JFK-GIG
    2/17 EZE-GIG

    Thank you for the generosity! Laura

  84. Laura S says:

    2/12 JFK-GIG
    2/17 EZE-JFK

    Thank you for the generosity! Laura

  85. Rich says:

    JFK -las
    Fed 17

  86. Parker B. says:

    Please, please, please 😀

    Feb 18; JFK-LAX

  87. txtjames says:

    4/18 DFW-LHR
    4/27 LHR-DFW
    Todd J.

  88. Penny says:

    PHX – LAX
    Feb 12

  89. Kelly E. says:

    Date of travel is
    Feb 27: DFW – LHR

    (And then LHR – ZRH – BDS. However these flights are operated by Partners so I understand would not be eligible for the upgrade)

    This is my first overseas flight with my 11 month old…an upgrade would be both merciful for the rest of the passengers and monstrously appreciated by the little one and her anxious mother.

    Regardless of who wins your generosity is incredibly kind, M!

    Kelly E.

  90. Ann B says:

    Regardless of who wins, thank you M for your generous spirit.

    My upcoming AA TATL in Feb:
    departs 2-13-14 SFO-DFW-MAD-RAK (MAD-RAK thru IB) arrives 2-14-14
    returns 2-16-14 RAK-MAD-DFW-SFO (RAK-MAD thru IB) arrives 2-17-14

    (so SWU would cover the 6410 miles of SFO-DFW-MAD or MAD-DFW-SFO)

    ~Ann B.

    P.S. TFD, your tweets have rocked my world.

  91. Viv C says:

    FEB 21, LAX – ORD – PVG
    FEB 27, PVG – ORD – LAX
    Thank you,
    Viv C

  92. Alex N says:

    Thanks for the chance to win
    JFK-LAX Feb 19
    LAX-JFK feb 28

  93. Neer says:

    PHL-DFW-LAX! on the 777 from DFW-LAX! Would love the help =) Feb 25

  94. FEV77 says:

    IAD-LAX Monday, Feb 19

    Thank you for this opportunity!
    Great website!
    Fran V.

  95. Scott P says:

    Thank you so much for your kind generosity, M!

    Wednesday 2/26 – SJU-JFK-LAX

    I’ll be on the tail end of roughly 15,000 miles of flying alone and would love to see my two children in a semi-lucid state when I finally get home. I’ve never had a SWU before and would be thrilled to get to fly in style (especially on the new A321!)

    Regardless of your decision (looks like a ton of worthy people), thank you so much for your consideration!

  96. Bob says:


  97. Feroze says:

    Thanks for the offer!!!

    I can use it on TPA-MIA-SFO -MIA on February 25

  98. Bryan M says:

    Feb 26th SFO-MIA!

    Bryan M

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