Free & Easy US Airways Dividend Miles to Keep Your Miles from Expiring

Audience Rewards, which we wrote about 2 weeks ago, has a new set of trivia for free US Airways Dividend Miles.

Trivia Questions – (opens a new window)

Here are the answers:

  1. The playwright of Relatively Speaking is what nationality? English
  2. The revival of Porgy and Bess will be performed at a theatre named for which of the following composers? Richard Rodgers
  3. What song does Dyanne sing in Million Dollar Quartet? Fever
  4. True or False? The actors never leave the stage in Godspell. True
  5. True or False? Jonathan Larson died of HIV/AIDS complications. False
  6. Bonnie and Clyde, The Musical, had it’s regional premiere at what theatre? La Jolla Playhouse

This will give you 12 miles, but these 12 miles will increase your miles expiration calendar for another 18 months.


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