Easy way to keep US Airways miles from expiring

Audience Rewards is a loyalty program for Broadway shows! Basically you get points for buying tickets to Broadway shows, but they also run a semi-monthly trivia game where you get 2 US Airways miles for every correct answers and there are 5 or 6 questions.

Since any activity for US Airways will extend expiration for 18 months, this is an easy way to keep those US Airways miles from expiring. While US Airways has a mediocre reputation as a domestic carrier, its reward program — Dividend Miles is actually very good for premium class international redemption with other Star Alliance carriers. As we detailed a few weeks ago, US Airways miles is an inexpensive way to go to Europe, North Asia and South America in Business Class for under $1,500. If you have US Airways miles, they are valuable if used correctly and if they are about to expire, just follow the link and use the answers below for the trivia questions to extend your expiration for another 18 months.

Link to Audience Rewards’ US Airways Trivia


  • How many characters are in the play Relatively Speaking? 4
  • Terrence McNally is from what state? Flordia
  • Which song from Godspell reached #13 on the Billboard charts in 1972? Day by Day
  • What was the original name of the character of Christine in The Phantom of the Opera? Kristin
  • Porgy and Bess is considered what kind of show? An Opera
  • What movie studio was a producer of Wicked? Universal

These questions will be up for about two weeks. There are also similar miles/points for trivia games for Delta & Starwood.

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