DirecTV with FREE NFL Sunday Ticket sign-up = 12,500 Bonus AA Miles

The Flight Deal is very excited that the dispute between billionaires and millionaires is finally over and that there will be football again this year. If you are football fanatics like ourselves, then you know that the only way to watch every game on Sundays is with DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package.

Normally NFL Sunday Ticket is $335 a year. But DirecTV is now running a promotion for new customers – free NFL Sunday Ticket for the first year of a 2-year contract with DirecTV for as low as $29.95/month. And the best part? Free 12,500 American Airlines miles for signing up!

NFL Sunday Ticket & 12,500 AA Miles? Nice!

The simple analysis on whether or not this is a good deal or not:

DirecTV monthly subscription fee = even. It’s the same price with or without the promotion.

Normal NFL Sunday Ticket Price: $335 x 2 Year Commitment = $770 Total

Promotion Pricing: $335 / 2  = $167.50 Annually. Saving $167.50 annually.

Value of 12,500 American Airlines Miles: At least $125 or a 1-way domestic award ticket

You’ll save $335 & receive an equivalent of at least $125 of miles. I think if you are a sports fan, is a new customer, and live in an area that can receive DirecTV (basically, apartment dwellers are out of luck), this is a good deal.

To sign up or learn more: DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Promotion with 12,500 Free AA Miles


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