Practical Travel Tips: Newfoundland’s Towns, Canada.

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We have various parts of Canada, but we have not been to Newfoundland yet. Its on our list.

Sarah-Jessica of the blog The World at Your Feet & Fingertips provides insight into part of her home country.

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Newfoundland’s Towns: For a Sense of Heart-warming Community

From July 10th to August 2nd, 2018, I was lucky enough to see more of my native country: something I haven’t done properly in the past few years. During those three summer weeks, I volunteered as a host/housekeeper at the HI Skerwink Hostel, in Trinity East, Newfoundland, Canada. 

Newfoundland is the first destination I discovered as a solo-traveler. In Trinity East, I braved through many experiences for the first time: I went square dancing, ate tons of cod coming fresh out of the fishing boat, and undoubtedly hiked my life here. All for the first time. All in Newfoundland.

What’s more, here I learned not to be afraid of solitary moments with the nature and solo adventures into the wild. For a city girl like myself, it was a shock to stay so long so far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But, the truth is, Newfoundland’s off-the-grid destinations have so much to offer, there’s no place for homesickness to reign or stay in the picture. For this part of the trip, I’m introducing you to the highlight towns and villages in the East Region of Newfoundland. So, pack your BEST HIKING SHOES, a great daypack, an amazing camera and your Canadian accent! Here it is for you: Newfoundland’s Towns 101.

Trinity East and Port Rexton: Small Gems of Expertise

There isn’t too much in Trinity East and Port Rexton, but just enough to make you fall in love. Your first stop is a touristy one: the Skerwink Trail, a 5km hiking-path, free of access (just like every trail proposed in this guide), located in Trinity East (3-minute walk from the Skerwink Hostel), following the coast and overlooking the ocean. After your hike, you most likely will be hungry. My suggestion: walk another 2.5km to the nearest café, Two Whales Coffee Shop, where you’ll find a nice selection of snacks, lunch options and drinks. The vegetarian, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free friendly café is not the most affordable one, but bear in mind that they grow their own vegetables, swear by an ecologically-friendly mission statement and serve local and absolute-quality foods. Oh, and if you go, don’t be a rookie: close the door on your way out!

The view on the Skerwink Trail, with the Fox Island in the background – Photo: (c) 2018 – Sarah-Jessica of The World At Your Feet & Fingertips


The second-best hike around is in Port Rexton: the Fox Island Trail is 5km long and offers a much more involved hike, giving you access to many rock beaches; for this adventure, your best bet is to pack a picnic and enjoy it when the sun’s splittin’ the rocks (Newfie expression for very clement weather). For that, you’ll need to either go to the Convenience Store (gas station cornered by Highway 230 and Rocky Hill Road) or the Grocery Store (on Highway 230). Now, when you’re done with your hike, you might not feel gut-foundered (Newfie expression for famished), but the activity will certainly have emptied your stomach enough for my next recommendation: the Fishing Stage Take-Out, where you’ll find the best fish and chips of the region for 10$.

The third place I’m sending you to is the beach. Devil’s Cove is off on Halfway Hill in Trinity East. There, I enjoyed meditating, writing and snacking; and I think you will, too. While you’re at it, don’t miss out on a great meal and beer at the new Port Rexton Brewery and Oh My Cheeses Food Truck.

Findings on Devil’s Cove Beach – Photo: (c) 2018 – Sarah-Jessica of The World At Your Feet & Fingertips

Before you leave, make sure to check out the Souvenir Truck Shop outside the Convenience Store. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Trinity: The Cute Stop Along the Way

In Trinity, I didn’t have the chance to stay too long, but I still have a few highlights to point out. First, one of the main attractions in this little town is the historical sites and houses dating back to the 19th century. The Pageant Show is a play set within the streets of the village and guided by a team of actors at the Rising Tide Theatre. The entertainment is absolutely worth the $20 entry fee.

The actors featured in the Pageant Show organized by the Rising Tide Theatre – Photo: (c) 2018 – Sarah-Jessica of The World At Your Feet & Fingertips

While you’re in the neighborhood, visit the Hiscock House built in 1883 and typical of the aspect of 20th-century fishery villages. Next, you’ll want to have a look at Trinity Loop (located a few kilometers outside Trinity), an abandoned amusement park open to the public. After your many adventures, the best place to have a snack would be the Trinity Mercantile Café or, if you prefer refreshing and decadent sweets, Aunt Sarah’s Chocolate Shop and the Sweet Rock Ice Cream Shop. If you’re feeling energetic, I heard the Gun Hill Trail on West Street gives a gorgeous overview of the town. For a souvenir of this beautiful day you’ve had, head to Mirabella by Elizabeth Burry Studios and treat yourself to some local art, handmade jewellery, soaps, teas, craft works or everything in between. Now, that’s what I call a charm!

Food Scene: A Newfoundland Bucket List

It’s easy to fall into the trap: Newfoundland is in the Maritimes, but its food scene is not solely about fish and seafood. Before you go, make sure to have the following products, one way or another: they really make for Newfoundland’s food signature! Plus, if you get them in town, you might save yourself from having to pay the higher prices found in St. John’s.

  • Partridgeberries
  • Bake apples
  • Fries, Dressing and Gravy
  • Cod
  • Seaweed Gin
  • Screech Rum

The Takeaway

Newfoundland is a Canadian province that still hasn’t been overwhelmed by tourism, but for its fascinating nature and charming gentry, the destination won’t stay in the dark for very long. Newfoundlanders are very generous and connect easily with their humor. In return, all you need to be is open, good-humored and I promise you’ll have more than a laugh. You might just find yourself paying the utmost compliment I dies at you (your humor kills me) to your favorite local or scuffing (dancing) in several kitchen parties. If you spend just enough time in Newfoundland, you might even fall in love with the mauzy (drizzly/foggy) weather, the way the fog sets around the cliffs like nowhere else in this world and the sound of the horn ringing on not fit (bad weather) days. Finally, during your stay, you’ll appreciate a sense of liberty you’ll probably regret when you go back home. And that’s what Newfoundland does to you.

About The Author:

Hello globetrotters! I hope you enjoyed my travel guide on Newfoundland. If you haven’t satisfied your curiosity yet, I invite you to visit my blog, The World at Your Feet & Fingertips explores lifestyle, cultures, linguistics and travel. I strive to stay curious, be bolder and dream bigger! What about you?


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