Priceline Risk Free 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

We’ve recently received a few questions regarding Priceline‘s risk free 24 hour cancellation policy. Priceline, unlike Orbitz and Expedia, does not explicitly cite a policy during the purchase process. While not noted, they do have a cancellation policy.

Priceline allows cancellations until 11:29PM Eastern the next business day. If you buy on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you actually have until MONDAY at 11:29PM Eastern to cancel. This cancellation policy does not apply to Priceline’s Name Your Own Price Airfares. We do not post any Name Your Own Price deals. So every deal we post will qualify for the 24 hour risk free cancellation policy.

Here are step by step instructions on how to cancel:

Step 1 – Login into your account or if you do not have an account, look in your confirmation email for the cancellation link.


Step 2 – Find you itinerary



Step 3 – Scroll down to find “Cancel Reservation” button


Step 4 – Cancellation Timing and Cancel

We bought this particular itinerary today, Friday, February 19th. As you can see with the next BUSINESS day policy, we actually have until Monday, February 22nd at 11:29PM Eastern to cancel.

Step 5 – Cancellation Confirmation


Do note that the risk free 24 hour cancellation policy does not apply to Spirit or Frontier. For those two, you have to call them after booking for the exact cancellation policy. There you have it—Priceline DOES have a risk free cancellation policy so do what we do—buy, and then plan!


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Comments (11)

  • Fatin 8 years ago Reply

    Does this apply to non-US carriers too and international flights? Also can this post be filed under “Travel Tips” to find it quickly if need be? Thanks so much.

    Fatin 8 years ago Reply

    Flying Tips* – if not where would we be able to find it?

    The Flight Deal 8 years ago Reply

    @Fatin – if the flight originate or returns to the US, US Department of Transportation regulations says 24 hour risk free cancellation regardless of carrier. So Non-US carriers have to abide by it if the flight departs or returns to the US.

    Ed 7 years ago

    That’s only part of the rule. The other part says that airlines are free to do what they want if you bought the ticket and the flight is within one week. A lot of airlines like American airlines say within 48 hours. It happened to me last week. I bought the ticket for a flight to Cancun the next day. Just one hour after I bought the ticket I was trying to cancel because I was invited somewhere else. American would not cancel for free because the flight was within 48 hours of the purchase. It was an international flight so their policy says the penalty could be up to $400 and my ticket was $368. So I ended up going and had a great time in Cancun but there you have it.

  • airell 8 years ago Reply

    a friend referred me to this site and i’m a bit confused as to how to book the deal

    The Flight Deal 8 years ago Reply

    @airell – welcome. every deal post includes the following key pieces of information:

    1) Fare Availability – this is the timeframe when the fare is availability. That does not mean that it is available every day during that timeframe.

    2) How to Search for Availability – this is instructions on how to use ITA Matrix to search for availability within that timeframe. We believe that ITA Matrix is the best fare search out there

    3) How to Buy. This is instructions on how to buy.

    Hope that helps.

  • Brittany Bailey 8 years ago Reply

    I actually had a positive experience cancelling with expedia. I booked my flight super last minute and was about to miss it..(clearly didnt give myself enough time to prepare) . I was on my way to the airport trying to see if I could get a different flight..which seemed too costly. Anyway I literally cancelled 15 mins before the plane was about to take off. That was a Thursday and I got a full refund on Monday , I was charged I believe a 6 or 7 booking fee.

  • Unhappy Customer 7 years ago Reply

    WARNING: Dishonest Advertising – Do not purchase unless absolutely certain about your trip!! WARNING

    My “worry free 24-hour cancellation policy” is not worry free.

    1. Following the steps outlined in the guide, I brought up my trip itinerary. Nowhere was the option to Cancel (and I am within my first 24-hours)
    2. Cancelling through chat would result in a cancellation fee.
    3. Calling customer service and cancelling would also result in a cancellation fee.
    4. Customer service is transferring us back and forth, through automated and non-automated phone systems.
    5. Finally charged $15 to cancel the trip.

    In summary: The 100% refund trip cancellation policy is false, led to hours of runaround, and resulted in a cancellation fee.

    The site explicitly states: “There you have it—Priceline DOES have a risk free cancellation policy so do what we do—buy, and then plan!”

    This is false. I have used Priceline multiple times in the past, but they have lost me as a customer.

    Beth Hintermeier 5 years ago Reply


    I am currently experiencing the EXACT same difficulty. I booked a flight…tried to cancel within an hour of booking (WELL within the 24 hr offer that they advertise) due to a conflict. I have called three times, used the chat, been transferred to’full voicemail boxes, an dam still on hold. It has been 2:59 minutes of my time…and I am still on hold….with no resolve. This is obscene and an absolute outrage, a complete violation of consumer rights…not to mention an apparent false advertisement on Pricelines behalf. They have lost my business for sure!!!.

  • mark 4 years ago Reply

    Itierrary numbers
    1. [redacted]
    2, [redacted]
    Due to Coron virus Pandemic. we can not travel. Please cancel them and your prompt response would be appreciated. Thanks.

    The Flight Deal 4 years ago Reply

    @mark – we are not priceline, you will have to reach out to priceline to get your tickets cancel.

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