Where Are the Summer Flight Deals to Europe from New York?

We are not big fans of Europe during the Summer. There are too many tourists and all the hotels are way overpriced. That said, we have received numerous questions on whether or not there are deals to Europe for travel between June and August. As always, if you have miles, check to see if there’s award availability. Assuming you are not redeeming for flights with fuel surcharges in coach, award tickets are the cheapest way to fly.
Map generated with GCMAP by Karl L. Swartz. (www.gcmap.com)

Map generated with GCMAP by Karl L. Swartz. (www.gcmap.com)

Under our criterion of 6 cents per mile, there aren’t any deals on paid tickets. But here are some tips on finding somewhat acceptable fares (under $1,000 roundtrip).

Milan is a good starting point

Emirates launched nonstop service between Milan and JFK last year. With a new competitor, Alitalia, American, Delta and United have matched Emirates’ fares. Non-peak travel (January – May, September – November) have pretty much been in the low to mid $600s. Prior to Emirates launching service, this route was about $1,000 roundtrip. At the moment, it is about $880 for June travel, $900 for July and $880 for August travel. As a reminder, Emirates is not searchable on Google Flights but is on ITA Matrix. American, Alitalia, Delta and United are on both Google Flights and ITA.

Norwegian Air Shuttle is your friend

While we probably will never fly Norwegian Air Shuttle because their miles/points are useless to us, it is our best friend right now. Thanks to them, the sales that we had this month to Scandinavia would not have existed. We did a quick check for June travel from New York to Copenhagen and saw a bunch of $800ish roundtrip fares. Norwegian is not searchable on ITA Matrix or Google Flights

Consider XL Airways if you are going to France

XL Airways is a low cost carrier from France. Take a look if you are going to France. We priced a June travel date for around 650 Euros or about $900 US Dollars. XL is not searchable on ITA Matrix or Google Flights and XL has no rewards program that we know of.

Icelandair is another option

And all their fares pretty much allow for free stopovers in Iceland on the way to Europe. Icelandair is searchable both on ITA and Google Flights.

Check Business Class Fares

During the Summer months, Business Class fares are sometimes not much more than a coach fare to Europe. If you are going to pay a lot, might as well fly in comfort.

Use SkyScanner to search for intra-Europe flights

Not everyone wants to go to Milan, Scandinavia or France. Use them as a gateway to Europe and then use SkyScanner to find low cost carrier fares within Europe. If you do use a low cost carrier in Europe, please read their policies carefully to avoid being hit with potentially significant fees. This is not exhaustive, just some quick tips. Let us know if you have any questions or comments. If there’s enough interest, we can put together something similar and more specific to our other coverage cities. Happy hunting! ===== To make sure you receive our latest deals, LIKE our  The Flight Deal Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter @TheFlightDeal, or subscribe to The Flight Deal RSS Feed or Subscribe via Email (Once a Day) The Flight Deal does not sell travel products or services. We provide you with information about third-party travel suppliers’ offers, and link you to their sites. The information posted by The Flight Deal is valid at the time of publication. However, we have no control over the suppliers, and we therefore do not warrant or guarantee that their offers will not change or become unavailable. Nor are we responsible for their products, services or site content. Please see their sites for their most up-to-date offer information and all applicable terms and conditions.
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Comments (7)

  • Bryan M 10 years ago Reply

    Great List… I’d include that flights to Kiev and Istanbul are always insanely cheap and a great way to rack up miles/ get over to Europe. From there you can just hop on a discount airline.

    TFD 10 years ago Reply

    @Bryan M – under normal circumstances, Kiev would’ve been an okay transit point to Eastern Europe. At the moment, the situation is so fluid that we would avoid. As for Istanbul, there are spotty availability for sub-$1,000 Summer fares, but we think its better suited for transit to Middle East than say rest of Europe.

  • Laila Atallah 10 years ago Reply

    Thanks for this fantastic post! I was wondering this very thing, and had no idea how to go about finding this info. These are great starting points & resources. Iceland Air works particularly well for those of us in Seattle.

  • Alex 10 years ago Reply

    How about from NY to Spain

    TFD 10 years ago Reply

    there’s nothing under $1000 to Spain Summer travel.. that’s why we didn’t list it.

  • Aaron 10 years ago Reply

    It’d be great if you could send a list of cheap business and first class airfares. Sometimes they are not more than coach fares and because of the extra miles for the fare, brings the cost down to under 6 cents/mile.

  • Alex 10 years ago Reply

    I will be backpacking all throughout Europe for most of this summer. What country would it be best to find a cheap flight one way to NY in August?

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