Giveaway: Two United Airlines Travel Discount Certificates. $20 – $100 in Value.

Thanks to the generosity of our reader, Geraldine, we have two United Airlines Travel Discount Certificates to give away. The terms of the travel certificate are:

  • Valid for travel until April 30th, 2013
  • Valid for travel from the 48 contiguous United States to 48 contiguous United States, Canada, Latin America or Caribbean
  • $25 off for tickets up to $274, $50 off for tickets up to $399 or $100 for tickets $400 or more
  • For itineraries departing or going to Houston, Cleveland, and Newark, the maximum discount is $20 irrespective of ticket price
  • 14 day advanced purchase required
  • Saturday night stay required
  • Not valid for fare classes W/S/T/L/K or G (or the cheapest ticket classes)


If you have last minute travel at the end of this month, these travel discount certificates can be valuable.

We like simple giveaways. To enter, just comment on this post. Please enter a valid email address (we won’t use it for anything other than contacting you if you win). Please only one entry per person. Comments must be submitted by April 11th, 2013 at 11:59PM Eastern. We will use to select the winners and announce the winners on April 12th at 2:50PM Eastern.

Good luck!


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123 Responses to "Giveaway: Two United Airlines Travel Discount Certificates. $20 – $100 in Value."

  1. Chris says:

    Kinda stinks to be in Cleveland…..

  2. Pernell says:

    I hope I can win one!

  3. Tobias Kaplan says:

    I am planning some travel very soon and I would love to win those!

  4. joseph mansour says:

    would love one!

  5. Leigh says:

    Thanks Geraldine!

  6. Damon says:

    I would love a discount certificate!

  7. greg w says:

    would love the certificates! thanks! i love the flight deal and forward it on to my friends regularly.

  8. Di says:

    I would like the coupon for a short flight. Thanks.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Wow! This looks awesome! Will definitely help me advance my travel plans faster 🙂

  10. Ben says:

    Yes, please!

  11. Eric Sterner says:

    Would love to use it

  12. Matt Rahn says:

    Would definitely like one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. Ivan Minkov says:

    same here

  14. alex says:

    Will go to SFO this month, would be happy to have it.

  15. Janice says:

    A great perk for last minute travel especially as fares are usually no bargain when bought in less than 21 days !!

  16. Glenn says:

    Mmmm…fresh airfare discounts! Just like Mom used to bake!

  17. Michelle says:

    How generous – thank you Geraldine! My fingers are crossed 🙂

  18. norm says:

    Great discount.

  19. Stephanie says:

    Oh if I got one I could go to my cousin’s bridal shower and hike the Catskills! Wow!

  20. Rachel says:

    Highlight of my day is dreaming of far away places via your e-mail list, and highlight of my month would be to pop down to visit my family with one of these 🙂 thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Zi says:

    How nice! I indeed plan for a travel with united at the end of this month!

  22. Christophe says:


  23. Janet says:

    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  24. CW says:

    Wa! This will be really greatl for my summer travel!

  25. Eric S says:

    Count me in!

  26. Tiffany says:

    I’m claiming my win now!

  27. Graysea says:

    love getting daily emails from you!

  28. Ben Williams says:

    Cant say no to discount travel!

  29. Jason Walker says:

    Lots of last minute travel coming up, would love to win!

  30. John says:

    Because it’s hard out here for a piyimp… *off tune singing*

  31. Nathan says:

    who doesnt love discounts

  32. Adam says:


  33. George says:

    Good show!

  34. Carol says:

    I like to win one!

  35. Jonathan says:

    Every little bit helps to reduce CPM. 🙂

  36. Cheryl Max says:

    Awesome, great opportunity to save for FF

  37. Brad says:

    would be great…thanks!

  38. Ruben says:

    These coupons would really come in handy! Thank you so much for your generosity and bounteousness Geraldine.

  39. Adam Mussell says:

    Hope to win!

  40. Kevin Lucas says:

    Would love to win this!!

  41. Edan Shekar says:

    I’d love to win these certs. I am a college student and would use them to cover part of tickets to head home from Boston to visit my family in Florida. I’ve plenty of points, but the cost of the tickets is just on the edge of a wash value wise (about $0.01/each) and the ticket cost is well over $500. Not affordable, and discouraging. Being from Florida is a blessing and a curse. The weather is great all year round, but everyone wants to vacation where I am from. Can make it ridiculously expensive to travel home, especially during school breaks. Spring, Summer, and Winter Breaks are all high season and have me stuck in Boston. This is obviously unpleasant, especially in winter. HELP! 😉

  42. Ashleigh says:

    Need to go back home after a relo. This would help!

  43. Juan says:

    Would love to win it!

  44. Magda says:

    Let’s try this 🙂

  45. Michael says:

    This would be fantastic!

  46. Jeff says:

    Thanks for this!

  47. Ann says:


  48. Matthew Hirsch says:

    Thanks for running the giveaway!

  49. Emily says:

    Airfare discounts?! Yes, please!

  50. Beatriz says:

    Sounds great!

  51. J says:

    Yay! Would love to win.

  52. steve says:

    Cool !

  53. marcus says:


  54. Kristen says:


  55. Tina says:

    Yay! Good luck to everyone!

  56. Aristotle says:

    Hook me up

  57. Ofir says:

    So nice of you! that’s awesome!

  58. Stephen says:

    Lets see what this one’s all about!

  59. peg says:

    im planning a trip! would love one thanks

  60. Gordon P says:

    come on, pick me! 🙂

  61. Shehryar says:

    I would love to win a certificate and use it for an upcoming volunteering trip to Africa.


  62. David says:

    oh yeah!

  63. Tommy says:

    I could use it!

  64. caitlinfinnegan says:

    Yay–would love to win one of these…

  65. John Sykes says:

    Would love the cert!

  66. Alicia says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

  67. Michelle says:

    Wow, that’s pretty nice!

  68. phil says:

    i do not need them, but I did want to say this is so sweet of both Geraldine and you. Bless you both and good luck to the winner.

  69. Tim Medas says:

    Woohoo Discounts.

  70. Aaron says:

    Hope i win!

  71. Ryan says:

    Would be perfect for the flight I am trying to book for my status match 🙂

  72. Manuel says:

    I have nothing to lose!

  73. jen says:


  74. Andre says:

    Count me in

  75. Shayla says:

    I hope to win!

  76. Nirav Shah says:

    Fingers crossed!

  77. Dan says:

    Perfect for flights to a family graduation!

  78. Ameen Aziz says:

    It is a nice service i am enjoying it

  79. Jay says:

    Hope I get it!

  80. Julia says:

    Thank for the drawing opportunity! Hoping for luck on my side!

  81. Jen says:

    Me me me!!

  82. Wendell says:


  83. Brigitte says:

    Hope to win

  84. albert says:

    hope i win

  85. Clem says:

    Yes please!

  86. Don says:

    Thanks Geraldine and TFD, for whomever is selected!

  87. kar says:

    Fun time!

  88. Andrew says:

    Would love one. Thanks FlightDeal!

  89. AR says:

    Here voucher voucher….

  90. Ray says:


  91. Toni says:

    Yes please!

  92. Yiming says:


  93. Sam says:

    Thanks for all of the fare deals.

  94. Jennifer Quan says:

    Woww… thank you Geraldine for your generosity!! I would love to win!!!

  95. Caitlin Pow says:

    This would be exciting!

  96. Sazzy says:

    This would be great! Thank you!

  97. m says:


  98. AJR says:

    Thank goodness I prefer LGA and JFK to EWR!

  99. AC says:

    oh hope i get one!

  100. Blake Gansborg says:

    For the win!

  101. RAHEEL says:


  102. John says:

    Would like to use these for my travel in April.

  103. Tiffany says:

    Am looking to book a short but pricey domestic trip this month so this would be perfect!

  104. Sarah says:

    Yes, please!

  105. Anthony says:

    Pick me!

  106. Lan says:

    That’s very nice. Thank you Geraldine and TFD! Would love to win it. 🙂

  107. Dave says:

    In it to win it!

  108. Vy says:

    Yes, please!

  109. jodie says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  110. Craig says:

    Please enter me into the drawing. Thank you

  111. Ruben says:

    let’s see how this goes 😀

  112. DJ says:

    Thanks so much for all of your work! You guys rule!

  113. Katherine Lee says:


  114. Chris Scoor says:

    winning these would get me home to Seattle!

  115. Sakina says:

    That’s so generous of her! Thanks for this!

  116. Jim F. says:

    Woud LOVE to be able to benefit from these certificates!

  117. Keith says:

    Damn this would be awesome for my trip next week!

  118. R Sonny says:

    I wish I can have two certs. Thanks

  119. Matthew says:

    I could use this out of LAX on the 28th. Still need to book!

  120. Daniel says:

    I could really use two United Airlines Travel Discount Certificates. Hope to win!


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