United/Continental/Delta: Los Angeles/San Francisco – Singapore. $954 – $986. Roundtrip. All in.

Singapore, we really like it. Contrary to a lot of reports that says it is sterile, Singapore can actually be a lot of fun! It has some great casinos, world class malls, but we really go for the food. It has some of the best street food (hawker stands) in the world that fuses the various cultures that have adopted Singapore as their home — not too many places in the world can you get Chinese food in one stall (and it’s national dish, Chicken and Rice, aka Hainanese Chicken & Rice in America), Indian, Malay and Thai. If street food is not your thing, it also has some very refined food from world class chefs.


Rooftop Infinity Pool @ the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore


Sample Date:

  • October 6th – October 13th. Valid until November 15th for Monday through Thursday. Please use http://matrix.itasoftware.com and flexible month search to find exact dates.


  • LAX – NRT (Tokyo) – SIN – NRT – LAX. (Delta is only available for LAX)
  • SFO – HKG (Hong Kong) – SIN – HKG – SFO


  • LAX: 17,528 miles or 5.6 cents per mile
  • SFO: 17,008 miles or 5.6 cents per mile


Bookable on United.com, Continental and Delta.  Delta, United, Continental’s risk free cancellation policy here


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