Original Routing Credit for Irregular Operations

One of our team members was recently on a Delta flight that was cancelled. Delta rebooked her on American. Logic dictates that you would only get credited for the flight flown — which was the American flight. But that isn’t the case when there’s irregular operations, such as your flight being cancelled and you are rebooked with another carrier. In that case, it’s possible to get credit with both.

Here’s how:

  • Call or email your original carrier (in this case, Delta) and ask them for Original Routing Credit. Remind them that you chose them because you like flying with them and were counting on the flight to make elite status.
  • And then claim credit with the carrier flown (in this instance, American).

Obviously, if they put you on a flight with the same carrier, it won’t work. But in that case, you should email them asking compensation miles. This is one of the few cases where double dipping is acceptable.

Acceptable Double Dipping!


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